21 thoughts on “MTC fraud,moneytrade coin,amit lakhanpal fled,crypto currency,investment,MLM,illegal,exchange”

  1. Mtc toh 17 September 2017 ko nova exhange pr aa gya tha or ab mtcx b aa gya tumne toh 100%kha tha ni ayega or b aa gya or ab mtc bitcoin or etherium me b convert kr skte hain

  2. Aapko knowledge bahut kam hai sirji, galat kaam kya phele nahi hote the, bitcoin is just one coin, blockchain and smart contracts are the things which can change the world in the future, Passport and Aadhar is for KYC for banks and exchanges to convert your coin into money….

  3. All people who are praising mtcx or money trade coin are gonna get bankrupt soon n u wont get a single penny. Mtcx is scam n fraud amit lakhanpal chutya banara tumko haha aur tum sab chutye ho..

  4. Abe yede …humane 1 lakh daala hai MT coin mai start mai …sab pan card se leke sab proof lete hai..ek bhi chij nahi choda hai..

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