Mr. Robot predicts JPM Coin!

Look with Ecoin equal to 1 Dollar, it’ll free
up the economy. The only reason why you’re here first is because
you don’t want to get slapped with regulations. But if you are indeed asking then I am saying
no. It’s unconstitutional – you can’t make your
own currency. That is the Federal Government’s job. The problem here is hard cash is fading
rapidly. That’s just the way of the world right now. And Bitcoin is spreading. And if Bitcoin takes over, we are all in a
world of hell. With Ecoin, we control the ledger, and the
mining servers. We are the authority. I will make sure you have visibility into
every single wallet that’s open, every loan, every transaction, which means, we can start
making new assets, which means we can start rebuilding the banking sector, without your
having to inject even more politically unpalatable Federal funds into it. This is going to be controlled by a good old-fashioned
American company. You want to regulate it? Be my guest. Regulate the shit out of it. I’ll give you backdoors, sidedoors, tracers,
whatever you want. Just don’t shut it down. How long have you been pressing this pedal? How long have you been plotting against me. Oh c’mon Jack, we’ve known each other for
years. You know full well I don’t give a shit about
you. Defeat can still be profitable.

7 thoughts on “Mr. Robot predicts JPM Coin!”

  1. It's time for people to wake up and put their money where true Nakamoto consensus is alive and growing. Otherwise there are two possibilities and both end badly.

  2. Hahaha “ECoin” is the future. If you know how the Universe works then you know which coin is “Ecoin”

  3. BSV is already here. Visibility, accountability, law abiding. Make business more honest, make government more honest.


    Full stop.

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