Motivation for the Crypto Newbs (Con subtítulos en español)

Aloha you too to Sheboygan alack Satoshi the blockchain hustler Crypt Obama ready Nakamoto you know I’m saying just just spitting crypto game today is more of a like a mode motivational kind of video I want to spit you know I’m saying this is for the crypto noobs this is for the people who have decided that they’re actually really interested in crypto currency and that they’re they’re really intrigued they want to learn more about it but they just don’t know where to begin there’s so much information what’s a hash but really is a blockchain what’s a decentralized application what is advanced cryptography you sha-256 litecoin what are these light coins what are these ripples I understand like it is so much new information especially if you’ve never dealt in the world of computer science because I believe me I was that I was that I was in that position I was intrigued but I didn’t know where to begin like where do I begin and so what’s gonna happen is you’re gonna you’re going to start to be in this new phase in society you’re going to start to fit in this new mission society where no one that you know really is at all knows anything about cryptocurrency or ant or not interested that’s the world you’re going to be living in where people around you or just don’t know either don’t know that much about it and or not at all interested and other half of the people the people you’re probably usually gonna find online such as myself or whatnot that just know a lot about it and they just talk so much and give so many words and it’s just you know so it you’re gonna you’re gonna be dealing with people who just know way more about it and they can’t really talk down not down on to you but like on put things and simple it’s called layman’s terms put things in layman’s terms as another term and computer science called he left he li v which is explain it like I’m five it’s just a way to explain it like I’m five so you need you need to start with those baby steps so you’re gonna have people talking to advance or people not talking anything at all and you still want you’re hungry for the knowledge you know I’m saying and you may be more hungry for the money than the actual knowledge and that’s gonna screw you up to begin with so I’m here to let you know that I’m doing the best I can to really look out for you in my videos I have I have an audience a smaller audience that knows a lot about crypto and who’s pretty advanced in fact maybe a few people who more advanced than me even you got to understand just because you are a computer programmer doesn’t mean you really even know that much about cryptocurrency that’s what I come to find out just because you’re good at computers doesn’t really even mean you know anything about crypto so don’t get that twisted don’t get that twisted because there’s a lot of computer scientists who don’t touch cryptocurrency who are not into it just don’t understand how it really works so that was another trip like you know that’s another trip so take it slow I got some good resources for you you know I’m saying you obviously obviously want to Google every question you have but still not don’t Google every question you have duck duck go every question you have duck duck go the new privacy search engine from now on make that your default search engine don’t use Google you’ll feed into the Google AI and their search results are heavily manipulated by how much you pay them so you want honest search results so DuckDuckGo now some quick resources there’s Bitcoin Stack Exchange there’s aetherium Stock Exchange those are probably still too advanced but you still asked beginner question I said I think there’s a beginner Bitcoin Stack Exchange so you also want to subscribe to Reddit and when you subscribe to ready you want to subscribe to all the big crypto beginner sub reddits okay any any form any platform especially discord you wanna you want to be in beginner groups because you’re going to get less less less barked at when you you ask questions in these forums you know because if you ask questions as a noob and other crypto advanced forms people are going to bark at you or explain it and you’re still not going to get it you’re still going to be in the same position okay so and also holler at crypto roots you know I’m saying how let me check my course is out the mentorship I got you but this is not just about promoting me it’s about letting you letting you guys keep staying motivated keep learning about it even if it’s all brand new even if you don’t get it just keep pushing trust me because I had to and I didn’t have anyone there it was just my own curiosity and you know willingness willingness to learn you know so I just want to I want to have your back however I can you know I’m saying I want to have your back and I wish I you know when I’m ready to enable the chat I will you know so I can answer more of your questions in you know and help you assist you in your learning but this is more specifically for the crypto noobs who decided that this is this is the route they want to take and I’ll let you know you’re not alone there’s a lot of people out there and there’s a lot of information just take your time start a journal start a journal start a journal a monthly journal and write down every week what something new you learn write down the definitions of things literally write it down immutability okay write that down what is the definition of that what is the data structure you know I’m saying what is the hashing algorithm what is the consensus algorithm what write it all down write the definitions down go back to school because this you will have to go back to school in your own kind of school YouTube University okay these are just little pointers but come up with the journal every now and then send me some questions I’ll probably do

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