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The crypto trading world is full of insider terminology that is interesting, if not necessary when following crypto conversations on Telegram, Twitter or elsewhere. These are some of the most curious terms you can find. Visit the blog entry linked in this post to see them all! Any coin that is not Bitcoin is referred to as an “Altcoin”. An acronym that stands for “Fear Of Missing Out”. Cryptocurrency is very volatile and heavily affected by news and this is one of the reasons people feel that they have missed an opportunity all the time. It started when someone mistyped “HOLD” in a drunk state. But this current acronym got adopted by the cryptocurrency world and now often means “Hold On for Dear Life”. You went into a position but it’s not going the direction you want, and you feel it’s too late to stop the loss. Then the common crypto advice is: HODL If it’s a good project, it will go up eventually. In crypto this means that the price goes up astronomically resulting in you owning a new Lambo. Well, you might have guessed this one already: Lamborghini. Stands also exemplary for all the amazing, life-changing things crypto traders want to buy with their crypto profits. A person “shilling” a certain token would mean that he is most likely holding such token and trying to make more people buy the token by giving positive news about it, whether true or not. A whale is an investor holding big amounts of a certain coin or token. This means that if he pumps (that is, buys and pushes the price up) or dumps (meaning selling the coin), it will go up by huge amounts. This results in people getting affected by FOMO. Are we forgetting any funny one? comment below and it will be featured in the next video list!

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