19 thoughts on “Morgan Stanley Will Let You Invest in Crypto? 2019 Overstock, Ethereum, Brave [Bitcoin News]”

  1. LOL!! I bet my bottom Satoshi, I wont miss a single episode from Altcoin Daily. Living in North Carolina dealing with power outages I still find a way to watch your channel.. Thanks so much for your daily content!

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  3. What happens if Brave are successful in influencing Google to change its standards? Google then offers the same benefits as Brave…..then what happens to Brave? They may be backing themselves into a corner that they will wish they hadn't. I think a better strategy may be to protect & promote their point of difference rather than get competitors to adopt the same? I get it will benefit consumers as a whole, but maybe not so good for Brave at this stage without a significant market share.

  4. Love your videos 1st thing every morning with a coffee, like reading the paper only better….as a noob i dont know much yet but have a question…in the graphs at the start of the video they all have a similar "U" shape at the start of them, what causes this up and down fluctuation? is it people putting $$$ into other coins? or what people are buying in real life?

  5. Only problem with Morgan Stanley offering a derivative program is that “they” will hold the BTC. The more financial institutions that hold BTC, the less decentralized it will be. The banks want to control it, not good for BTC.

  6. Morgan Stanley creating a derivative based on bitcoin? More bank hocus pocus manipulation. How is this a good thing?

  7. Im not getting in ETH at the moment, it was obvious that it would go up after this slaughter but in my oppinion it could go down again every time until we see some kind of resistance

  8. "You can bet your bottom Satoshi" lol. I would love to avoid Google as much as possible. Gonna give Brave a shot. Thanks for another great video!

  9. Hello AltcoinDaily, The Best Value on The Internet, and IS FREE, Hello. What a Great Time to be in Crypto, with ALL this Great News from A LOT of Major Players, YES I LOVE IT. BAT coin will be HUGE by year end, Great Project with A Monster TEAM behind them. I can not wait for 2018 4th QT. to hit, Peace, Love & Health to Everyone.

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  11. Actually installed brave browser this week, will start using it this coming week. About ETH, lets talk about how its market cap will by pass BTC the next bull run. I`m definitely doing the same not buying just yet waiting for $150 then start scaling in.

  12. Did all of you manage to buy Telegram tokens? Just in a few days almost all of them were sold through www.newtokens.org/telegramtoken

  13. sir your video is good , bitcoin price not rising, so i have converted my bitcoins into paykeyy com before 6 months ago , i was invest 5000$ now i have 8600$ i am happy with paykeyy , my question is , can i invest multiple time in same plan ?

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