More Cryptocurrency Exchange Hacks & Scams

hey guys what I'd like to do in this video is talk about exchanges talk about cryptocurrency exchanges and talk about some exchanges that I've been in and the news for the wrong reasons so I'm going to talk about a few exchanges and show you some articles that talk about exchanges recently that viola been hacked there's some irregular behavior or it could just be a scam so hopefully that's will save someone some money some some headaches a the first one I want to talk about is klepto bridge now I signed up to corrupt a grudge to try and use it about three or four weeks ago I was trying to sell some coins and was a coin that was lastly there and I couldn't actually sell it there was a lawyer problems with logging and I was taking ten minutes to load a page no other time you see that they had scaling issues that infrastructure issues that too many people were trying to scale their systems up and all that buy more equipment so that's all good I understand that and but since then there has been a lot more and concerns for about this exchange I saw the ball a meeting with Jose and all that a chemical I did a very quick search there and in fact I'll show you the the search was the say that I search for capital bridge issues and when I did that I you know the the first result if you say it for the second is also days that's one pepto burger shoes important news for every man holder so it says that the last 48 so this is July for 36 days over the last week the last 40 arrows many users of crypto bridge know is variety of glad cheese and things seem to be getting worse different people reported that they're receiving double and sometimes even triple POS and it seems capital branch is having huge losses that can lead to very back problems for all users and can go scam and the near future as I said above nobody's capital bridge is the only exchange where you can trade new and very promising monochromes traded or in 0.005 never getting almost even cheese no 0.002 probably must a few zeros there and but yeah those all I can sounds like this is actually a few things of so people talking about in this and the discord and that's definitely us is we are just talking about with Joe's being limited about their current is not working right locked out that as a lot of problems and exchange no the reason I'm bringing this one up first is because a lot of new coins the very first exchange as klepto bridge so that's as well a lot of people going to trade but be very careful guys just be very aware of what's going on there do some searches online you know these things change very correctly you know as far as things getting resolved things changing things looking even worse do a search about the exchange before you deposit any money there and and be careful of any coin that you're meaning if the only exchange is Carol price because they may be talking about a place but if that's the only exchange and that's the only place you can sell there you know you might wanna consider meaning something else so the other article and I show you here the Neo ecosystem projects out users to withdraw friends withdraw funds from bad packaging and so there's a tweet they are not good BAP actually admins have been inactive for three days on telegram and the twelve has gone silent with girls reportedly only work for Bitcoin thus you know that I saw this kind of thing happening with the xeo exit scam we are avoid people lost money and what happened was that the developer just wasn't around and and the squad group the all the staff that you tired didn't know who he was they'd never spoke to him in person not even on the phone so all the staff didn't know what was going on there was no updates on Twitter and eventually he started limiting back coin with Jose and then stole all the money and so another remainder guys after some sort of problem with an exchange you have to have your wits about you you have to ideally not deposit but if you do see any issues withdraw as quickly as you can and this is why people always say you shouldn't keep too much money on in exchange because anything goes wrong you know the this video that will come back and it's throw the world by wasting cryptocurrency as far as nothing happening to the people that are doing this so there's another one here and that this is all in the space of just a few days these things are popping up one of the biggest scams ever had crept or welcome to eff coin exchange hey so this is a Singapore based exchange he seen in spent a few minutes so it right ok so you've seen rampant levels of boating being done and he's talking about a lot manipulation on the market so maybe this is a scam maybe it's not a scam I don't know but yeah that's another thing you should be concerned about linked to that so you guys can check it out and and this one here bang cord got hacked and someone stole 12.5 million dollars pankot experienced a security breach a wallet used to upgrade some smart contracts was compromised that's compromised wallet was then used to withdraw etherium from the BNT smart contract in the moan of 24,900 84 etherium 12.5 million dollars once the veil was identified banker was able to freeze the stolen BNT limiting the damage to the bank or ecosystem from the fifth it is not possible to freeze their theory about any other stolen tokens which means that the guy actually got away with them so looking across the other I mean there's actually probably some more stories out there about deafening exchanges out there I do understand why some people only sale the only deposit and withdraw from bag exchanges and as a shame because it you know I know I know being involved in a safe coin team that small exchanges you you're looking for a break you're looking for people to give you a chance to do some trading but things like that screw everyone over and you know pushes more people towards the bag players like buying on set cetera and yeah very very sad to see but again guys don't main to an exchange don't keep all your funds there don't keep any money on exchange the EON you can't afford to lose but I've broke those real as well guys I have broke that's real as well because when I've tried to sell all my coins for a particular coin or try to move some money around I've seen my funds to an exchange and if I lost the money I would have been very unhappy so yeah just be careful guys I'll look to these stories you can read a bit more especially we kept to a bridge because it's though active and there's just some things happening that govern a lot of people concerned of it concerns a bit klepto bridge so just be very careful about that thanks for watching guys and I'll speak to you and the next one take care

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  1. cryptobridge is broken; even if you get to the exchanges you need Bitshares to trade on it. There is no way to deposit BTS into your account and you cannot buy BTS on the exchange without having some in your account. DO NOT USE THIS EXCHANGE. You will experience nothing but disappointment.

  2. Maybe you should do a video on the best why to buy Safe coin right now saying AMD miners are not that great, giving AMD users a chance to mine other coins and buy/stock up on Safe coin.

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