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come on guys so I wanted to start off by saying that I'm thankful at least that moon Berg is performing as well as it is right now and like at least the passive income earning space it's been kind of traumatized by what happened with novocaine because there was the longest running platform in the space and then you know that it was it was really you know deceptive what they did and it was really unfortunate and I just did a video on that there was some really interesting comments you know everything that had that happened with that so you know there's there's there was there was five that I was that I was supporting which was arbitrage eng nova chain drop all evo III and moon berg and right now moon berg is really the only one that's performing you know III guess you could say the drop will is is performing it's just not paying out the same type of passive income that you're getting with with moon berg moon berg is performing really well and has been for a while they're they're they're doing they're really moving forward with a lot of stuff that that is in the works but in in this sense like they're they're coming out now with it looks like you know they're gonna be the first two to launch the shadow creating shadow trading dot io so I encourage you guys to check this out this is gonna be something that's gonna be pretty big I mean right now they've got two traders so they have AI bgy crypto who's gonna be one of their shadow traders uh I know who the other guy is I'm not sure if I'm at liberty to say who he is so but I know they've got at least two very qualified traders they were gonna be better gonna be getting involved with a platform and I think that there's more plans you know with this I think one of the things you're seeing with moon berg is the community element and I think that that's that's very important because some of the other communities in this past income-earning space have become disenfranchised oh there's you've seen you know a lot of people that were we're big supporters of are but I mean I was one of them until they now have been kind of a baby they haven't been paying out anything for the last eight months and there doesn't really seem to be any kind of timeline on on anything that's going to be happening and I'm I'm getting in a word of some other unfortunate news you know with them I don't know what's gonna happen with them but they it's it's it's been it's been a real sore subject and their community has completely collapsed like there's there's no one really you know talking about ARB that's not in the ten dollar YouTube curve you know so everyone has really kind of you know accepted you know the reality of the situation and a lot of people have moved over into moon berg and there is also a lot of new communities that are forming so here in the Philippines there's a big there was a big conference that I was at I'm working on doing a published video and releasing that pretty soon there was some there was some really cool stuff that was going on at that at that meetup so I wanted to to kind of share some of that stuff with the with the community they have more plans to hold events I think you know with with some of the stuff that they're doing it's just like there's there's um there's there are some really cool plans in the works so this is this is the moon Berg media broadcast and there's some interesting information so this is you know there's going to be a reward for the shadow traders if you're looking to get involved and you want to be a shadow trader on bike fit if you have some experience they are implementing the assets it's you know the API is done I mean they they're they're about ready to launch this the next day or two so it's it's coming out they're going to be doing some more things with a bit depository so for those of you guys that aren't as familiar with that Tobias Graf the CEO of moon burg his prior company and the crypto space was a bit depository and I think that's going to be very integrated in to the moon coin once that gets ready to launch so there was a you know there was some cool stuff that was going on here there was I want to bring this up here there was I don't know if you got if you scroll back here a little bit there was I'll show you guys the the the Philippine community right here so this is this is Janelle he's a good friend of mine and they've got they've got a huge community here in the Philippines and they're all getting you know excited and they're the communities has grown very fast they're gonna be holding events here in the Philippines and I think there's been a couple people have been talking they want to go to them but I think that it's a great opportunity if you guys are you know look into to come to the Philippines this is you know there is this is a really cool country there's a lot of natural beauty here there's a lot of really interesting things that I feel may be incorporated into the moon Berg community I mean they've talked about you know get getting the community together and and doing something as a team and I think that's that's really cool I'm looking at also going out and maybe traveling along with Janelle to a few other communities here in Southeast Asia and networking with some of the people that we know so there's there's there's growth that's happening with this community and it's still very young there's only three or four thousand people or investors right now in membered and but I think it's it's it's growing and has a lot of potential there's a lot of money that's behind this this this platform they're coming out with the crypto moon phone which i think is first of its kind so they'll be the first to launch shadow trading they'll be the first to launch their crypto phone on they most likely will be the first to a passive income platform to launch some form of margin trading on their platform you know the the kind of the integration with a stable coin I feel like is is also important because it italy's protects your value if you're not a traitor or you're not you know speculating on that I mean we've seen with some of the other coins that are kind of tied into these passive income platforms they've they've been they've suffered when you know the markets taken a dip or or what nine so you're protected from that a little bit by by having everything kind of transacted and in the stable points that keeps the ecosystem a lot more stable so I think that's a you know I think that's I think that's good right now I think with the you know the state of the income these these these these types of platforms the stability and transparency is important so you've got a CEO that's that's very open that's in the community that's in Telegram groups answering questions that's engaged with his community so there's there's a lot of positive things going on with this platform which is which I'm very thankful for because every everything else seems to have crapped out and you know I'm getting I'm getting a lot of hate you know because of it and I you know some of that's you know was planned you know cuz like I I did this video and I got you know got a lot of views I'll just show you guys you know I mean you know I can take some of the criticism not everyone can my a lot of people you know delete comments or whatnot but this was my video on no chain and you know but there's a lot of people there basis saying no more platforms you know get get into you know just like every project I'm in is an exit scam you know get these crooks leave these platforms alone no easy money you know there's some interesting you know as this way you think crypto is all about scams and Ponzi schemes for a scam they sure did a lot of programmers website you know this 100% of these you know scam outs so there's there's a lot of negativity behind these because I think there was a lot of people that got they got into you know big connect in 2017 with that massive bull run that happened towards the end of the year and that was just like a huge sore on on the crypto space for sure and I think a lot of people were looking for you know other platforms to replace it and I was I didn't get into some of the other ones like de Boer and regal a lot of other people did they got burned on those there was other ones like extra few others I never got in there was a lot of them and I think that from that point on the only ones I really got into was where there was a little bit more transparency and so arbitrage me was the first one that I felt was doing things the right way and so I got in in May he had a CEO showing his face inviting me to was out it's very you know open and transparent but not necessarily when it came to the inner workings of the platform and everything collapsed in December and it's been it's been that way ever since then you've got a lot of other you know drop ins been around a long time it's just you know it's it's kind of you know slow slow and steady it's not um not something you're gonna earn a whole lot from and everything collapsed in November of last year so it's it's you know the price of the token has really tanks and evil way I still hasn't launched you know they're you know talking you know that's been going on for like a year there's been a lot of development behind that but right now it's moon bird moon berg has is is leading the charge so if you're looking to get into passive a passive income platform this is this is the one right now you know there's there they're showing the most promise of any of the other platforms and you know you shouldn't necessarily be going in with with you know a sizeable portion you know of your your capital that you're willing to risk I mean I've kind of talked about that a little bit at the meeting in the Philippines is that this you have to take these there's a little bit of risk when you're getting into these but one of the nice things about this is it does provide a little bit of a buffer for the crypto space as a whole and that's why I I still am you know I'm still getting involved with with some of these these these types of platforms but very carefully and I think that there's you know there's a lot of promise behind a platform like this that's that's showing as much innovation as they are and Pertino performing so a lot of good stuff let me check on the chat a little bit yeah I've been in some of the you know the DAP space a little bit I'm actually gonna be working on another video here pretty soon on a brand new project it's got some it's got some really cool stuff going on it's like this geo tracking on it's gonna be kind of like crypto kitties and and pokemons kind of rolled up into one on on a smart contract looks kind of interesting so I'm gonna do some videos on that a little bit yeah I don't know about the whole connection with a member to lex iam I didn't I didn't see a connection to Tobias like I don't really know you know I mean he was I know kinetic was doing some investigative work on that yeah I I don't know I mean that might be a question for Tobias maybe it can provide a little bit clarity on that but there's you know I I think that you know much like with businesses and whatnot you have you have people that are kind of getting into crypto that you know might you you don't you don't win at everything and there's a possibility that you know you you know that you might have had some failed projects in the past like I certainly have but if you have one home run it makes up for a lot of the losses that that you've had and so I've had that at certain times like you know for those you guys haven't follow me like I got into the the foam o3d contract you know ah so ale and in that because I was one of the earliest in that in that contract and didn't necessarily go as planned because that one the the contract got hacked kind of hacked like after like two or three months but that was the biggest phenomenon and the DAP space as you know as far as I can play it had a 14 million dollar jackpot that was tied into a smart contract you know that was that was massive it was it was really massive so there's there's potential and the smart contract space the the unfortunate part is a lot of those are like zero-sum so the one advantage that like you know that contract had was it was playing on human psychology it was kind of like the red button psychology element that was also they had a cook like I think was like 2011 or something on reddit where there was you know everyone was like hitting this red button and it went on for like a month and a half or something like that so I think that there might be another smart contract like that perhaps in the near future that that could really do well I think the space is certainly you know receptive of it right now because I think a lot of people be if you were in Nova chain and you lost money a lot of those people are very very upset I'm one of them and like a lot of people are like well what's the lesson we learned you know what can we take from this and a lot of people just are like I'm never getting into these platforms these types of platforms again and I don't think that's necessarily the best course of action like you can't tie something like Nova chain and make some of the same types of comparisons just because it's a passive income platform and and make the comparison to all of these other platforms and a lot of them have struggled for you know one reason or another and I think one of the ways that these these types of passive income earning platforms can can stay sustainable is to constantly innovate is to constantly bring new things to the table and that's what I'm seeing with with moon berg you know no arbitrage Inge has been kind of the other big one in the space that's kind of been promising that but arbitrage right now doesn't have a single working product you know the the vault because is is is not well I don't I don't feel like the vaults very very accurate and the numbers you know the obviously the a box not working people are making money with mbot apex you know hasn't launched you know there's there's there's nothing in the arbitrage ecosystem that's working right now you know I've had a pending withdrawal that's that's that was two months ago that was in May you know I haven't I haven't been able to withdraw ARB from the platform which tells me that that for one the token supply is completely screwed and you know a lot of people have lost trust you know in in that platform you know every single youtuber that was talking about it it wasn't talking about it anymore and like that now you have like le an is your main youtuber and it's just you know everyone that even tries to you know criticize or even ask questions gets banned from you know these these official communities and you know I think if they were planning to do this and start all this innovation they should have returned to people's phones or done something to that effect because the the crypto like you know Bitcoin was was almost three thousand dollars you know earlier this year and now it's it's been it's been consistently over ten thousand dollars the market as a whole has three to four times you know it has three to four X and I think that's one of the frustrating parts and there was you know recently uh you know a message from Ozzy the community manager basically saying that a lot of all these people that were questioning the platform are doing things like this should pay a twenty five percent fee like that's coming from the the community manager that these people should have to pay a penalty you know for like asking questions or or wanting you know you're wanting their money back you know that's you know that's been held hostage so I don't know it's it's been super frustrating it's been super frustrating I know a lot of people that are in this passive income earning space are are in that platform and aren't able to get out aren't able to to get into other opportunities like this so you know hopefully they do right by their their investors and their community but I think a lot of people are moving forward to some of the newer opportunities some of the the things that are that are that are doing well right now and right now moon berg is leading the charge moon berg is the evolution of these platforms I like to look at it like that like they're they because of the innovation things that they've been doing compared to so many other ones I would agree with that I think like the you know I think they're doing don't like I've kind of mentioned before like you know keeping things on the stable coin keeping a little bit of stability within the platform keeping you know like the moon phone I think it's gonna be huge I think I really like the moon moon phone idea so there's there's a lot of cool stuff that that I feel like is is in the works and I think one of the things that I'm gonna be doing and I'm gonna be working with them is helping to expand the community and to and to get more more awareness out there working on you know some of the marketing you know like like I have a lot of passion for the crypto space and I want to have a platform that I can really be involved with and really push forward and I don't have that confidence right now with with anything that with any of these other platforms like right now like moon berg is like the marketing element is is really really cool like the video that I'm working on right now is is awesome like I you guys you guys are gonna love it when when a I release it here pretty soon so I've been working pretty hard on that you know I really you know I've been working a lot on on just kind of the marketing like doing um you know doing kind of innovative things like I I've been doing marketing for crypto face crypto face has really really exploded you know having having you know interviews with large you know some of the biggest crypto youtubers in the space like crypto crow and and Ivan on tech and you know I'm helping him with with with his marketing and you know – the – of the shadow traders right now that are getting involved with that are getting involved with moon berg our have learned from from crypto face or are using his tools so there's seeing you know you you're seeing things kind of progress and so i'm just trying to stay in the forefront of that and and and using some of the stuff that I'm good at so like I'm getting better and better at doing these videos and I think you know I'm still working on you know my laptop's you know two two-and-a-half years old working on some older software and eventually I want to get into using some more high-end software Final Cut Pro Adobe Premiere the real the one I really want to get into is Adobe After Effects and doing some really cool you know animations and that sort of thing you know there's some really cool cool things you can do and you can learn everything on YouTube you know like I've improved my photoshop skills immensely over the last six months and all of its just been if I don't know how to do something I just google it or I just you know I watched a video on YouTube and you know it's you can learn that stuff really quickly if anyone knows After Effects really well like I'm really looking forward to working with that program and learning that more in depth because you know hopefully it just doesn't it's not you know not too time-consuming but there's I know there's some really cool stuff that you can do with it and I used to be really big into I don't know if any you guys know like AutoCAD which is like a 3d like architecture program I was really good with that back in high school you know I was like damn near an expert in that thing by the time I got out of high school I always thought I was gonna be like an architect or something but there was you know there's there's programs like that SolidWorks is another one I got into that a little bit that one's that one's a little bit harder but SolidWorks is really cool I was my stepdad had half-a-million-dollar CNC machine which it cuts things on five different accesses it's this massive massive machine he was working on like top-secret projects for like NASA like he was he they wouldn't tell him what he was building but he was one of the only people in the u.s. that had the the this size industrial CNC machine and had the knowledge to do SolidWorks and to be able to do this project and so he didn't know what he was building but you know he's looking at it's like it looks like some sort of cover or something for you know a space capsule of some sort I was kind of cool but you know so I learned a lot from him you know at different times there's uh you know that a lot of these programs man you put six months a year into it you can become a you know an expert and I think one of the things that a lot of people are also interested in getting into is is the trading element the leverage trading is where the opportunity is right now and there's some people that are that are crushing it and moon Berg is is is leading the charge to kind of integrate this into into a platform where you know the chief thing is as a whole can can benefit probably UFO what are your thoughts about our visit right now I just went on a rant about that you probably have to go back in the stream a little bit yeah CCB cut the cord on me when I was heading into the border into China I I think a lot of the stuff that they were telling me was was not truthful so it is what it is you know I just you know I'm trying to just find more reputable reputable people so associate with been following face for nine months on YouTube I think a lot of people are in agreement there's you know they're you know he's been doing really really well I feel like with our once they release APEC so it'll be too late you know I I've been given some information you know about some of that stuff I'm gonna find out some more later I can't talk about it too much but I'm it's arbitrage inks really frustrating it's really frustrating because they it's been like a soft exit scam essentially it's been like an eight-month soft exit scam and there doesn't seem to be any kind of you know like just give us our money back you know like if you were just holding crypto just holding crypto that everyone invested in the platform you three or four extra money like give the community their money back if they if they want like not this this 10% 5% like you know I give give people their there a USD like let them let them out otherwise they're just gonna be they're gonna the anger level is increasing increasing increasing like it's just reaching this boiling point if they don't do something in the next month you know I mean people are gonna be revolting it's just it's just absurd that they've that that you know that they've done this and I you know and I'm heavily invested you know I've got a lot of money in there I got six figures in there um you know I'm hoping it does well I think a lot of people aren't but but it's not so you know what can you do you're it's your Audi out of control and that's unfortunately you know the problem with some of these these types of platforms but I don't feel that you know Tobias is going going to you know operate in the same way I don't know you know I mean maybe something happens down the line you know maybe six months a year from now things change but right now you know he's showing he's showing a lot of humility you know with with the community he's he's engaged with this community he's not ignoring them or shutting them out or showing a lot of the same types of you know just levels of narcissism that we're seeing you know some of the other platforms I like that's one of the things I just don't really understand you know with with arbitrage you know it's it's been struggling and struggling struggling but they're they're acting like it's the greatest thing in crypto and it's it's the majority of the community is irate so but anyways that's about all I got to say you know if you guys have any another question or two but yeah I've been I've been having a lot of fun working on this video like you know the branding with going you know the moon like I found some awesome stuff on YouTube I found some really cool videos and things like that and I'm gonna be I'm gonna be you know splicing a lot of that stuff in I feel like I'm getting a lot better at doing these videos like you know I'm turning into kind of like this hybrid crypto mute movie producer in a way so it's you know you see if I can pull I don't have it up right now but yeah I got kind of a lot of cool cool video that up and I've been dicing up so alright guys I think that's about it for me I'll try to you know again I'm trying to do some live streams kind of on a regular basis at least once once a week the you know the the conference I went to in Mindanao which is the southern island in the Philippines there you know I wasn't a like there was no internet there or anything like that then there was you know one of the crazy things about that there was for earthquakes there was a 5.2 earthquake when we went out to this bar and there was a bunch of aftershocks and actually cracked the wall in our hotel room it was kind of crazy but there's a lot of earthquakes here in the Philippines so I've been in been in six like six earthquakes since I've been here in the Philippines it's crazy so you know the one in Manila was man the whole building was like shaking back and forth that was that was nuts that was a 7.2 earthquake you know there was people downtown that they got hit by falling concrete you know died you know because of that so there were some fatalities from that one this this one in Southern Mindanao was a little bit smaller but it's it's uh it's a little bit a little bit shocking but you know some you know there's uh there's some cool stuff that I'm working on here and you know so I'm gonna try to get that out here pretty soon so appreciate you guys stand on line I'll catch you guys on the next one

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