5 thoughts on “Montana issues new rules for Crypto Mining. The end for POW coins?”

  1. its unimportant the states dont know what  they talk, they are so tiny in crypto world even we europeans are far more ahead and surpassed them a long time ago,  China that is the giant if it comes to bitcoin.  asia will be the miners Paradise

  2. You're definitely more of a glass-half-empty kind of person. a couple days ago you were talking about bad news for xrp and then the next day it pumps 10% LOL . people are still trying to figure out regulations for cryptocurrencies there's nothing set in stone it's ever changing and evolving. this isn't Nazi Germany where the government's going to track you down for minning cryptocurrency in your basement and bust down your door. As long as you pay your power bill nobody gets a shit what you do

  3. Proof of work died with satoshi lol.. and proof of stake should fail too.. xrp proof of consensus will be the one. Booyahka

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