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what this is San Francisco city in southeast go on a silly disco you I just wanna dance with somebody that's my new friend you one two three let's go french fried chicken Kurdish go free hello guys my name is Eddie grizzy and this is my first time vlog I'm attending really a lot of conferences make a lot of business people especially from the Bitcoin and blockchain industry so I believe that putting all that into a vlog and showing in a lifestyle manner will be really interesting dynamic and what is most important value move for you guys and for the whole community in the first vlog I will fly to Las Vegas visit one of the biggest conferences in the world money 2020 blockchain conference coin agenda interview Mokelumne who has brought blockchain to finish government take part in the blockchain party in Mike Tyson mansion from the hangover film and just have real great fun with all of the community people watch it put likes if you like it dislikes if you don't like it give your comments and spend some time and provide your feedback because only together we can really make this blog valuable and interesting for the whole community let's go let's go let's go I am right now with Infosys sim please tell us what's Infosys is really bad so emphasis is a nine billion dollar company it's a global company it's a services organization of emphasis pinnacle is a subsidiary of emphasis and we specialize in banking soft so we work with large tier 1 and tier 2 financial institutions why you're disrupting banking we're disrupting banking in a good way how would you describe the use case actually from using influence of how how people use it well we specialize in banking software and the strength of using or services organization is that we have the banking domain expertise ok with a good up combination to bring to obey the products that we have developed and have been running successfully for many years financial institutions and the expertise of our services organization together the little dining room dine with 10,000 people I met Dimitri my chicken hey nice to meet you Eddie actually brought me into the Bitcoin industry can I kiss you yes sure well I don't I'm a I'm the Godfather of pellagra what water liquid fiery still the gumbo I'm still the Godfather and I was a good father and a little bit a godfather because I'm the father the blockchain industry knew the other businesses maybe help them no once entered the blockchain you can never get out of this should do us please to us his blog yeah that's my blog that his mother would watch it and father would you recommend any entrepreneur to answer the big one and watch a business yes for example they want to start some business would you recommend them star is ever immense that deduction business right now right here started watching business got it because block in the future enjoy the booking and working in the black shoe industry is actually the guess that's rapidly growing into one of the most rapidly growing in the world and I guess that when you develop something when you're ready to start you're actually developing marketing I need a great prowling market not a developing on the growing one tomorrow accurate I guess there is much more space there there are not so many competitors that you can really create something in a good time can catch this good time when you do that you become the leader in the market and now for example there's an example when organizing conferences and almost I'm watching conferences they really are sold out they get enough Indies so it's really really a good exam Oh that's the best room of Mike Tyson a lot of mirrors praising life twice more he needed that looks pretty strange Mike Tyson man but yeah I do be honest are you you like the song yeah yeah so solo you're you know you do there are a lot of intrapreneurs raining and watching the show if they are thinking about starting their business would you recommend doing that in the big point of watch an industry just you Billy I think it's the matter of reviewing their business case and then coming up with the use cases to be able to apply the basically I'm watching technology okay so you think that it's like the technology that really is the future I think it's a technology that's going to be embraced by everyone in the future okay so it's Mary from Infosys and I'm doing a dollar grampa each other that's money weighted wait baby for some people visiting conferences is a big stress because you need to communicate really a lot of people you have to give a lot of energy moreover you have to come to people to begin the talk many people that's really really stress for me that's not get used to that I trained myself just in the streets some years ago so I try to become a person that really doesn't need anything to come to a guy or a girl it doesn't doesn't matter I just begin the talk and make it productive when you come to someone you should know the target you should know what's target and why are you coming to that person and lead any fear because if you want to do something you should be no fear at all just come and talk it is a speaker or someone else it doesn't matter just come and talk everyone it's just a human being Damini what is the main reason no there no fair no fair yeah I'm here with Mika from Finland and he is the guy who has brought blockchain to gova and has brought blockchain to the Cova government right and it's right now implemented it call the shipping so yeah Mika could you just briefly tell what you're doing there and how does the solution look like yeah what we're doing is we are creating a bunch a fabric that will connect supply chain and logistics companies information systems together so that they can produce once more quantity and quality information regarding movements of shipping containers and share it amongst themselves so that this will probably most likely result in greatly enhanced operational efficiency resource savings planning management everything will be better perfect and actually Mika is Allah is a speaker in Las Vegas at IBM conference who doesn't know so you better hear what he says under full device and my name is Arjun Sergey that's like Eddie is because yeah it was like some kind of a Jew but when they say my name is Artyom everyone really cameras are crazy it's just like well your your English is pretty good I was just learning my child in Russian yeah well we're in Russia in bloody my stuff just look that's the biggest audience that has ever collected to listen what I'm speaking about it's really great hello that's my speech about how to collect the biggest audience in the world they will listen to you I'm not listening we're having a game bang I love you get on with the rated-r having I really network because mine is separate on two things the securitization of network and the second one popularization we are speaking about adoption we're speaking about killer apps here so basically it's all about branding because as soon as Bitcoin will have strong brand will have strong number of transactions how did I manage to become a speaker I'm a speaker I must feel good so that's the main reason yeah okay just the rabbit yeah I'm ready no wrapping is really great that's if you wrap every day you will become a speaker if you want to be okay wraps ready to auditory everyday if you want to be alright speak the auditory every night that's what speakers are doing at the conference's oh-oh-oh disruptor disrupted disrupt obstruct disrupt Oh Hey yeah give me a five yeah we have really a lot of entrepreneurs what's covering blockchain would you recommend any entrepreneur for example do a big coin or a blockchain business so what do you think that is it really worth it to start doing that or at this very moment there is no business in the blockchain industry at the moment in 2016 blockchain is booming all around for mainstream businesses are starting to pay attention for the possibilities of utilizing blockchain in their own operations so I'd say now is the best time to be active in the broad change data business it's well worth your time to look into it see if you can spot a good problem devise a blockchain solution to it Gil should surely find a market for it you heard you heard that guys the blood when hey we you hey guys so as for the quality of the video itself I don't understand that it's not the best one and I'm it from my iPhone even without it and GoPro something like that but that's like a task that want to see how goes it takes off and please saddle everything that you think about the quality of the video the content it all of your help is for it will really build a great lifestyle blog about technology Bitcoin blockchain and all that stuff morover soon you will see really a lot of insight from behind a blockchain industry hope that you will enjoy it I really got to make it a great lifestyle technology blog please support it and write all pros and cons that you see and with your help we really will make it a great thing

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  1. Крутой влог получился! В конце я бы сказал какую-нибудь фразу, типа до новых влогов(встреч), такого рода) Ну и еще интро-аутро нужно сделать, связанное с биткоином) В целом очень даже прикольно.

  2. Guys, give your comments, put likes/dislikes and provide feedback. Only together we can make a great Bitcoin/Blockchain blog happen. Cheers 🙂

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