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it’s going on guys this is V Wells and
this is a hundred crypto in 100 days and today we’re gonna be talking about
Manero Manero currently has a supply of fifteen point eight million coins and
once I reaches 18 million it’s gonna start producing 0.3 Monero per minute to
an infinite level which is an approximate 1% gain on its first year so
somewhere along the lines of of 1 percent a year for the inflation of one
arrow it’s not like Bitcoin where it’s gonna cut off at a certain amount and
then freeze never have another coin created and that’s just the one
difference with Bitcoin in Manero the other main difference is that Manero is
a privacy based coin whereas Bitcoin is more of just focused on being a currency
and a store value means of exchange so just straight from the Monera official
website you know it’s obviously the leading crypto right now with the focus
being on privacy and censorship resistant attack transactions so
essentially when you’re using one arrow now you’re getting the privacy that
bitcoin was once touted for that never really had people used to say bitcoin
was private but it really wasn’t and especially now that Edward Snowden has
released some information on that considering governments or whatever
Evans eyeing Bitcoin users for a long time and prioritizing it but um
whenever transactions are also confidential they’re untraceable it’s a
grassroots community it’s got seven core developers that started the project and
it’s an electronic cash that allows fast and explicit inexpensive payments so
Manero it’s obviously kind of essentially a cent just like Bitcoin
other than the fact that it it doesn’t have that max supply of coins and it has
the privacy focus it’s kind of disinflationary rather than deflationary
but with that model that’s still a good model that I think will
definitely work in the crypto world I know that
Ricardo’s Fagin II he’s one of the lead developers on Manero and I heard him
speak at the North American Bitcoin conference a couple months ago and he’s
definitely a top-grade guy that’s just gonna work hard to bring this into
fruition and he was even speaking on that you know that he could easily be
replaced if he doesn’t work hard and I think he’s gonna follow through with
Manero and see it see it all the way through I think it’s gonna really have a
lot more potential from this 210 dollar mark I could easily see this three
billion dollar market cap 3.3 billion dollar market cap hitting 50 billion
which would be a gain of about 15 and that would put the price of Marinero Oh
a little over $3,000 I think that that’s probably a fair price at some point I
don’t fair target anyways I should say but you know that’s that’s what I’d be
looking for if I was holding it easy Lee a great investment right now there’s a
lot of good investments currently but monera is definitely another one that’s
why I wanted to cover it and especially if you want to have some kind of privacy
focus with why you’re using the cryptocurrency or just you know whatever
your reason might be you don’t really need a reason don’t want privacy so
definitely look into Manero a little bit further to your own research before you
ever invest in a coin and make sure to subscribe to the channel we’re going to
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moon take it easy

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