arrives at let’s see we got here
and going live com so we should be a to be good here in a minute were
to have a special guest of the
scene that Weitz if you fall,
heard if you’re just the another
a as check out where we’re at with
everything and eight Arrigo not deport a
jump in and Anna lee is a
mentally for Sean house ago in a
good to see guys jumping in here and am what’s going on a guy and I are right and bodies
ready you guys are jumping in
here and let me on and the
switchover I got it and got two
had te and one signed as a new ceo were to man is there we
go online and so we got here are aimed at the giga john and
once I can a transition to over, and ID and I come in
here on sky and see if I’ve got him , I am not seeing and got the audio but I don’t
see your video , when men and women I just can
dance to their York are a very
cool and now that I’ve got to ID
up nila sure to watch a video re got an event I can I can hear you perfectly
of the nine and your may OK, I haven’t transitioned you
over yet, but I don’t have your
video can do here and I answered your some say you
should be on here and we tried
it let me try to call you back
though, think that might be
bette , I don’t have you in here to
pay the tide I saw were getting ready to
bring idea nine and here again
to try to walk call them again
key guys hear me OK to me a
thumb , Lydia to which you got it so of june excerpt he hello
everybody on and so to a a Andrew Jackson thank you very
much why is that that is true of ignited a call on Tolson look
at me a cold deny back here tie
to get a Mana and then we’re
going to switch to fuse and areas OK and a switchover views and
Arrigo of got to cut the spike
logo other you’re in a second and you do, I’ve got to be of
got she lives of gutscher video,
a just a little bit here and that way we can actually see
you on my mind after just audio I
think I got two audience,
hearing a second burial a shot
that went down and eat turn your
idea dow and that’s pretty good, are ago , and yellow and one of two
redlining a real that should be
solid and and and Karen Michel
of a ice bear to think we’ve got two good up are the video of a annoy the
media keeps condensing , second to me let me work with
this here for a second, OB as yeah yeah we got people in a good enough a also a member of this is
great, the only issues that I’m
not getting your video white tux
a new crop of video and I lost
the v would either have to go without
two and video and disco while a
deal on or were enough to walk trying
to one , to reset the of it on at the Riyadh that the
Andy I setting , so we might as well just that
you I think we should as go with
the audio and meantime it is the
prom Adobe S is that it can be and that way a year ago are a cool tight so we’ve got a rate of a of a array exactly exactly so that if a a a a a lot of it that it
will te Andrew Jackson, thanks for
that a 15 Canadian its awesome
and rishi a tip and no party
like, party, or to don’t stop
the blee tacos a awesome array let’s see here are eight
so and and readjust so I can get
the stream year on we have a ton
a great things to talk about
tonight on I wanted to start off and I
think this would be fantastic
way, tea and I, me and he pulled
this note so I had some ideas
to, us some of the announcements
price predictions of it: unlike
cloying, even on excerpt he as
we know, but now I think more
than e and what were to talk about
tonight in things that day and
eyes talked about on over the
course of the past of month plus
on is up with mainstream adoption how
utility on a vicious so much
going on so I just real quick some other things and going on
on be a bit cloying
announcements I’d actually there
is a venture capitalist and
recently came ou and stated that that bit cloying
by 2021 is going to kill other
all other digital assets so
these are some of the process
you kn and you’re seeing more and more
better thing you know is as weak
as we move four and up exactly so and and this
is really where on just real
quick as one of the law say
thank you to four shots on 999 and love the show two of the
best, really appreciate that
that’s awesome on and then
Anthony Jackson, he said to a to me and then to to deny a
gutter run but I wanna say, all
of you cant and craters to also
job of bringing attention to the
s a litter of the deep and Tae
stick of the great to want you
bump up the of the viewership a
little bit here off for two
nights a to a time but I was tempted I
had the ice cube out and
everything out as dinner in
court, got now and tonight and
light trading a lot to it will have me all we’re a rain
this a world run yesterday and was awesome in Iran with my
neighbor and other he never ran
before was a run since I school
and so on and so is it was it was it
was fun you know I really
enjoyed it but I told my city
year’s war in ado to put
together the stra and I theory is that anybody can
run you know 3 miles 5 miles
plus if a you know if you can do
around walk a combo and you
split up the right way and you
pays all right and ran like a 13
to or pa we ended up going about 4.25
miles and the world run is
really cool because of as you’re
running a red and 12 different
location of and and the other 12
locations that a physical pace
car and a whole event, set up
and so as your running 30
minutes in the pa on and we got we got timed out
the pace car drove by si at 4.2
miles, we get take the bus back
and were drinking beer and 830
in and all those blocks and those are fun as tow it as a day so you know what
I wanted before we, get into a
today’s topic of wanted to lock it a little bit more a
background on you would think
that be awesome you know I know
you view, talked about your
tailback Ron wo you know about how you got
invested in digital assets are
really always you’re on moment
when you really realize that it
alas it got to over November 17 and 1017 you and unless all some it’s
fantastic so on eight of a just wanted to
announce a small but you for
shove dixie I just I could and
would think you again for that of Angie excerpt he typed on a
victor oil and it could be
$20.00 one day and hopefully one
day soon so of totally
appreciate tha really early on Tuesday morning to stop up a
Brian D’Arcy News deftly wore
eerie stays up late on the
streams and not that fantastic
right Darcy a knit group check going it was
set something up again on on the
zoo and get a bunch of a sonnet
think that BW fantastic and up and up so, denies so some
other things even talking about
in your channel you really be a
deep dive into an idea behind t on war least in our conversation
many of you try to trigger the
kid set off the big recession
regarding in a lot of credit
card on corporate stock buyback and
and how that can really have an
implication on a on the
recession, and you know you talk
about th and what that what the Federal
reserve is doing with the
central banks are doing, and
what you overall it what the
implication i and we shed the link to the
article here with me, to bring
it up and essentially the
article was asking whether not
the Federal TR you know it actually and less
there some things going on
behind the scenes without
accumulating digital assets or
invaded by on meal for a much bigger a
solution and what they’ve done
in the past is again a comment
on what it would your thoughts
on the it to the basically decided enough
was too big to fail him to do
that with automotive industry
that do with the banks and later
the and right Tia be a Tia of a nets are 18 of its
another there so much to this on and this is where and we really begin to see the
potential and the possibility of
of the digital asset space and
just real quick and was CNBC
othe a little tidbits of news that
keep dropping about the
recession and one of the things
that I remember learning and,
and school o up by media mail by large
corporation by gov’t and just
need to start the rumor once
once the rumor mill to lee
starts churning of people believe a recession is
coming of the general public the
general public is going to react and such a way with their
finances of because a recessions, there
to stop spending or decrease
spending and eventually you end
up and you know into a full
blowing on in our overall economy and
the bull market has been
extended for a considerable
amount of time it was when it
pulls back when Arabia that site and point it lets that’s that’s a great if
it’s a great point and its
interest in a number years ago
on I read a book II don’t know
the ye and as the schizophrenic nature
of a day of democracy and if
they really explain that because
of democracy and and you can see
K in order to up prove that you’re
on either CU no free ride, and
and you’re accepting but you go
the other way on which were seen a unaccepted a prior to that and
there’s examples of it you can
bring up even during all and
England are in world war two and
th of during during world war two
and in and that you know
combative of Nazism excel row
but on Sunday and I think that’s
interesti on actually 22 points here ride
day and ski a brought something
up I think the catalyst already
happen the world hates the U.S. that, really are are attempting
onto a in a talked about the
Saturday morning up we go back
to that that tension and,
between th and left one sole hegemonic
power and I was United States,
and as a result of that as the
number one in the world tse known and then the one
country that is at or in a long
times are relatively stable
currency as compared to other
currencies on the just a statement you be
minor, known as well and your IP that’s interest and will adjust to the point night in
Ahmanson cut you off on the
thought process and taunted
O’Donnell political discussion
of but I thi it when there’s always a counter
a there’s always another side
and onto that equation an island
and we talk about American excep you know that it ever been a peep or striving
to be the best that they can be
a peep were striving just as the
as they are in any country to t you even with the turmoil you
can with are the issues that
that have come about it all
people around the globe still
wanna come Tino as you know and as you live
in the in the United States in
on a claim would be in america’s greatest place on
our array of on but it all from
from up troops orsino to make a
statement like that obviously you know if you’re in
any other country you might have a you know I’d National Life
tendency to be proud of your
country of the differences that
the United States is still
sought afte the entire world on and and you
note to another point in I think
are years and years and years
you know people I use to
idolizin on and I think that’s a no back
to me is used in negative aspect
of it is that people anticipate of that the streets are paved
and gold in the United States
that that’s in a maybe that was
an ideal than in the eighties
and ma on unity start to see some
issues on in the U.S. economy on
I think you know you start to
see unfortunately you no sense
of 2001 and tow and a and two different sites and be a
yup that Tia Jan L so so let’s of just
real quick and a side note here
that popped up on a 99 toll of
Schneider of that best way of
this are on some of condolence is
there a nine to flee a toll was something it’s good to
to be in a group you know and of you thought I’d sure we all have
gone through that it some point
you know with an animal and it’s
not always easy and all but it or the family you and so on two and not just too
well go to another point here
and not the end and brought this
up and is actually a topic that
we a we have a a some negotiation going on which
I know they bought moneybags
glad you’re here of budget came
on tall as some other readers of
this, real quick and we’re going
to the China of liberal
democracies are an issue this
faux democr , yet I died as one of you know
for a quick note on that CIA
sincerely you know believe that
you know and it’s interesting
becau that one of the of the biggest
issues that we had coming out of a after after 911 and going into
Iraq and and Afghanistan a
volunteer of an attempt in
nation building and attempting
to establi on and there’s too much up too
much tension too much history on
in the Middle East a specially
but we’re starting a we see a
rep and and and on and even even
when you go to Egypt and it
doesn’t again it does matter
which of which administration is
empowerin it’s everything else take so
long with it on and there’s
always is missing elements and
and you still have all of you a
bad acto and idiots it’s it’s such a
difficult scenario but I mean
really wanna get into the gist
of his wife rolling out there
but that’ and if you’re digging into a
neat 20 are videos which is
really the application and the acceptance of five
digital acids excerpt he you
into of the international
currency on market is reserve
currency trade c on so let’s let’s take that and
and, think about that all well we look at what’s
happening right now over in China and the U.S.
negotiations with China on where
there’s a potential or an
ongoing on trade conflict of the
U.S. pote on and so and so it’s it’s it’s
an interesting I believe that
they’re gonna come to a odd on a
metal point on Beale both sides
w and we look at a scenario like
this we also have gone are stand
and a wine of the U.S. and and
really why this administration
we of applying on tariffs on two
China it has a history of
manipulating their currency, and
undervaluing their currency when
it whe on and so are you just add a
little bit of history and that
in that I believe the last time
China devalue their currency
Whited on and a lot done exports to be
cheaper on and so you started to
see an imbalance in trade and
that’s one of the issues of that a China that can manipulate
their currency devaluations and
then on the other side of us
that’s, ply heavy tariffs on
goods on a , but let’s say in the world it
were envisioning up what it’ll
assets would excerpt he ought be
a resolution of conflict of trad and say that my my concern with
that is the is really the
central body and oh so you and then this just
my thought process and I believe
you know the IMF is served a
purpose on when it comes to a
cou a from the IMF of you know
similar to a know what happens
at the global stage at the in
the United Nations on you wear
and where tie us tendency of from many of
the of the nations in the U.N.,
but also what that sit in that
same breath and I don’t know
that of that would be utilizes a
trade currency on the IMF feel
might be a a different scenario,
but to that also then and I know
on as, bad back the way to any of
these under Serb nations of that
need help and need that rates of , and and typically you know the
IMF isn’t a silly working with
the western countries are AM
through of you know it’s
typically of the underserved on on this
China bank and and try to sort
through it you know how that
would unfold on to create more
of a im it to it and all other night I know but
he and I think I think one of
the issues when we get into that
mindset though on anno is it an a and I think it’s
that there’s been a lot of
discontent especially at the
U.N. level of hands and there’s there’s a
lot of of as a live issue with a
lot of the government’s its
eight and and high power of the
time on anti capital is a sentiment a
because the nations and sells
and are sitting in these high
powers of the U.N. of they don’t
be on and unfortunately we’ve
allowed that to go on for way
too long in at the same time we’ve been supporting these
nations with with billions and
billions of dollars and they
come and they come of begging
onto the U on and then my really makes me
think about you and not a really
young let’s let’s take a step
outside of this conversation a
lit on a tip when it makes me think
about is what’s happen like Don
and Africa, because I look at
the Africa’s a perfect example
of a know what can be goodwill can
be bad than as well as another
example what can be goodwill can
be bad , few take a country like some
bob way it used to be a a country was one of the the
richer countries, and and and in
the region on and it all it was
of man on not a major exporter
of of and they they were able to in
really uncover some other and
their natural resources on a
shore. Time when the
government’s fl on and and that’s where you
start seeing these on the flips
and the governments of they can
be very very detrimental and
also on on same thing in Venezuela you
know with these mindsets of love
and ashes on socialism abuse of the people you and in really the biggest issue
is that today with U.S. policy
and this is a long on four for a
long time is that you have a cha and up you know involved in in a
war scenario of the next
administration wants to pull
back up out of that war scenario of men and fortunately the
promises that were on the ground
previous are abandoned and anno
and you see that you over and
over a , anno us a field as well so yet
you bounce it out with no you
we’ve abandoned people that we
used to support on the ground,
we’ on and then and the other side
were still the wealthiest nation
in the world and so there’s a
lot of countries that on and the people the populist
of Mr. Lee understand of attention and you know the
economic tensions between
countries on but warned word
knocking the one you know
without ½ to con up with all of this at you now
so it’s such a broad issue and
that’s why a cassette so
difficult to have these
conversations and and have to go back and no
20304050 years to understand
some of the dynamics were
happening today toss the board and across the
board it’s awesome yet because we see
that here in the United States
and the United States is an
Intel isn’t the pew were in all
good you know and so odyssey and up
from the you know you’re looking
at it and explaining the
perspective of other countries
looking on and I think that’s where
you’re right you transparency is
so critical to rance parents Ian and our
election process transparency
and how money is handled and
spent at the gov’t level on the others deftly a locker
option that happens in the
United States that you seen
mismanagement of funds up and
you and I thi on to sport some of these other
countries and then you get to
these corrupt countries and you
have no idea where the money
goes tied the eye us give Iran when
they they floated over all that
fee a currency and edges handed
out dollars a mean that sits in
s and then the people and those
were devaughn Steve Pierce’s son to do the information the
Internet people’s expectations
are changing and I think
everybody’s waking up with the
sort through so all nations have the right to
have their each own unique
issues which is true , were realizing that most
governments are lying to the
people that their man to cover it up to be great young on a NAZI in
the chat token to buy your own able to see the
check to a rate on it and to a yet it’s
fun to on so if there’s some biz
Dev living on and try to keep up
with the odd and comments as th on now so let’s let’s go into
one another as to another site topic which
and we’re coming up on the hour
here may we go a little bit
longer , but a niche here too long on
to say and aces are picked in
relation to what we’re talking
about all with the IMF a with the IMF
of and Allies scene of a digital
asset utilizing an excerpt he ought to will facilitate of the
support of countries that are
our teens severe deficit up to the
detriment of a potential
financial collapse of the
country to a recently of the IMF
of an eta sta on and their statement was read
calibrate your debt that their
deficits are not sustainable and
they need more domestic economic and think I believe outside of
all might be larger than SA,
percent sure, but to the point
there was that they need a
collector and I believe of that digital
assets and blocking technology is the perfect solution a for these countries on an FBI
and Maffei and tyranny EST are
it would be a perfect scenario up to help these countries bail
themselves out of debt on in and create a scenario
where be easier for them to act
also collector and paid taxes
and be more transparent but I
think th Tia, it’s a good point are doesn’t go tell you that that would be huge
tubby, and in many of these
countries and your eye they hand
on the money just disappears as a fight for me to 01 for the
a and one for the the public
good and then maybe that’s all
that lee was the one I mean I
know b and the local economy and
nothing ever gets fixed on me know that’s always a
problem that it on so so here’s
a here’s another a point here
from loved and and of having
worked for on and not sure what the
bohemian grove is, I can tie and K, I can tell you the lead
out much and from conversations
of then they publicly let us
know about Toutle government is what we
need to pay attention to mix are a and then hearing follows setup
he said democrats and
republicans are more on the same
page than we realize and and I
firmly beli couple years more than couple
years of the government has been
at odds with the public and an
attempt in the United States and
a and attempted it so many
different ways of the one thing
that they toned, be they never really
taken to consider a
consideration is what we talked
about before American exception
was some America eventually come back together
and all and so we’re starting to
see that and all you can only
town dump people so many times
up a for the people find the wake up
and they say you know of a
knockdown I can live this way
anymore and all the parties and
I have on but their big manipulate a
controlled a democrat and
republican parties to the point
where and though the one knowing
fact wi is how can you and I’ll spend
your entire career a work in a
government without worrying
about taken on a growth of in
and reall on and really just think about
how to get reelected up the same
point to peer to sit in the CD
government for six years of years and a need
for years 30 years and you’re in bed democrat
republican and you’re surrounded
by democrat republicans and in
their torrid you know the same
amount of a kid you not all be friendly
with each other and you sit back
and your rooms and you slap in
the lap the American people as
you and on its Connaught gone on for
way too long you it’s it’s
insane it said never time there’s an
attempt to one we see an
opportunity for for gain on the
same same way they spread a lot
of fun ab to the digital asset spaces they
did about the high tech boom,
see there’s a huge amount of
wealth made are in high tech
boom an of view on the the comet tail
law when after specific the
company’s similar to what the
winning one after of type are
soft and f a boom in the nineties are least
you up and say was that a
primary catalyst of that and a
Boston and white and you see
that it j to Miller to the housing market
the with a bill the government
was instrumental ramping up an
original and an open bring it
down of selecting you use too big to
fail and weighs in on and you
know if you tear, it was really close to
home with with what happened
with General Motors when General
Motors became gov’t motors and
Owen a a within General Motors and on
it and a night and those that of were
that ended up losing were you
know the pension errors I think
ended up of teal relatively OK
and it were left with zero, yet you
died today and you look at the
transition on how to allow time
to General Motors Corp. file for
bankruptcy of the ghetto transition all
that money and then they created
all new stock and that’s it on
there you go no change in the in
th and new stock wiped out the dead
yet know that a more but someone
is holding a dead and those are
in a lot of people individuals That that’s problematic you know
and so I think that’s where it
all the balls lost faith in and
government as a whole but that w and that’s how they and it doesn’t matter what party
affiliation of the.because and
that wasn’t appointed up yet it’s awesome I think that’s
a that’s a great statement in
common and bring this to a point
where we can have a and one
final and ski said you’d think the
U.S. needs a legitimate their
party, we can talk about them in
a different stream of it that
that’s the idea of the pin the crypto
bird OPS and term limits would
were 100% of men then as we go
down here on its ad, and a
chirpy c and out of nature and where way
where that came in what what
we’re talking about but it
deftly factors into something
we’re talk on where of you have typically a finances and an all
of this is his top down times
from the government and
institutions and eventually gets
down to t and I were starting to see the
digital asset space a start with
the the early adopters early
investors, we’re starting to see a I utility were star to see a
lot of things happen on the
bottom and beginning to trickle
up to the institutions of and
then up toe on and the I think that that’s
really important on because of
that dynamic it changes of the
control structure on and it’s in it’s interesting
because a government probably
had a chance to a kill this off
are Leon maybe they’d be no or
tha an attention but what your
thoughts me to me that’s it’s changing its gonna change
everything and that’s where and we we have that you know
which are to sanya we have a
potential there really move
beyond you know the control of
of these re it a menace there so much we can
talk about I really enjoyed some nights of
sites chat and as for matter be
known go on like an hour 15 and
nine the young we can go on for four
of much longer but on cell of
old will do this again for sure
on Brian D’Arcy up a little bit
ag offline everywhere you guys are
the best annum deftly gonna get
onto law Kerr alone and recurrence team I’ve been a
mother of a K so, it’s awesome you know
that that’s a great you did and
congratulations getting to them
that 1000 subscribers in IE
deftly to do the the type giveaways on
I was fantastic com so any of
any up parting thoughts it to and this it was a blast of many
just read a few of the common
citizen and as we poured on
Anthony Jackson a set of a
report and a heck of a hint of a excerpt
the Carolina very good stream
jeopardy and IE guys are awesome
of men Anthony Jackson my
brother a a gaming crypto thanks for
streaming of Andrew nation gets and not
too bad the other fellas I
don’t, like acting us so thanks
for being real on so this is all
been f and comments of excerpt the
minute the chip is putting
together a web site of the I
saw, it’s of the web site
yesterday of its g all sorts of amazing stop out of
chip still hear of listening and
all but yup thanks for for doing
that work on chip also really on got into one of the
congressman’s office other in
their communication director saw
eye and and it was just
fantastic to see a , in all the conversation we
have on and the political aspect
we can agree we can disagree we
learn from each other you know
eve tea 30 in the morning and of all
are and not 1030 Sari com and 30
of the 1030 year it’s almost
1130 and we got at people on from all over the
place and on chest is all we learn
from each other is: this is
really a way you know for a for
the for the world on to want to
communi its awesome I love it and I’m and of yet thanks
everybody for being on the night
again be nothing for being on
dawn on my channel, look for
Dabney bac on adopting the name that he
gave on and off anyone’s ever
used it but of the Monday when I called
Monday evening power hour Monday
night power hour whenever does
to a lot but any of us so with
with if we look for to see guys on my
neck stream on Wednesday,
evening of 10:00 PM I check out
the Anaya tomorrow, at the 9:00
PM on on and the guys know the rest so
again on some will see later until
next time the Bonn hotaling are crypto

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