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good evening and welcome to Monday night
Bitcoin I’m your host Patrick Whelan and tonight we’re talking about all the
latest breaking news in the cryptocurrency world also taking a look
at Bitcoin the Bitcoin chart in all your favorite crypto currencies tonight on
Monday night Bitcoin welcome to Monday night Bitcoin Bitcoin
is at a very key level right now and we’re looking for a possible breakout on
the chart we’re gonna take a look at the chart here in a second but first let’s
take a look at all the breaking news today in the cryptocurrency world big
news as the SEC subpoenas 80 cryptocurrency firms the SEC is said to
be devoting major resources towards the ICO market the big question for many I
SEOs are they a security or are they an asset so many questions so little time
also in the news tonight coinbase faces another lawsuit this time by users who
say coinbase kept unclaimed coins sent by email the overall lawsuit doesn’t
look major but still interesting news as the coin base CEO said the company would
launch an internal investigation more news from coin base as they notify
13,000 of its customers that it would be turning over their information to the US
government they would be providing transaction records from 2013 through
2015 to the IRS advising recipients to contact a tax attorney news out of China
that a member of the top political advisory board is proposing a national
crypto currency exchange interesting news as China has been very back and
forth recently on the crypto currency world China is a massive market that can
really help crypto currencies explode or crash and burn China ban I SEOs last
September and I’ve seen to be pretty negative on the overall cryptocurrency
craze ever since PayPal making cryptocurrency headlines
as news spreads that they filed a patent for a system to speed up cryptocurrency
transaction times could this be PayPal’s own version of
lightning network it’s hard to really know what they are doing at this time
they stated on the patent filing that they are trying to solve the problem of
slow transaction times for cryptocurrency trades out of Europe
tonight Dutch bank robber bank is exploring ideas of launching their own
cryptocurrency wallet allowing customers to access all their
funds through one bank account including crypto currencies this is an interesting
take on modern banking ATM giant car tronic stated in their recent
annual report that they considered cryptocurrencies a major risk to their
business news from across the world tonight from Australia newsstands are
now offering Bitcoin in aetherium purchases at over 1,200 locations across
the country grab the morning paper a red bull and
then grab some a theory on the next time you stop by your local newsstand that’s
all the late-breaking news at night for Monday night Bitcoin but let’s take a
look here at the Bitcoin chart what’s going on with Bitcoin and what can we
expect in the next couple of days so you can see here the Bitcoin chart taking a
look here at the daily candles and looking at this possible reversal what I
really want to see at this point is I want to see Bitcoin break above this
$12,000 area and now there’s a key reason why this needs to happen so you
can see previously we got stuck there at eleven thousand eight hundred dollar
area and we had that previous resistance above twelve thousand dollars it’s going
to be a very bullish sign that’s what we’re looking for here we want to see
that break that explosion over that twelve thousand dollar area I think over
twelve thousand we could easily get a move to the thirteen fourteen thousand
dollar area from there we’re gonna be looking at possible resistance in a
pullback but overall Bitcoin has been looking pretty bullish these last couple
days making these smaller candles higher lows higher lows really a tight range
today on Bitcoin looking here at that hour looking here at the hourly chart
you can see how tight the range has been it’s just been really between this
eleven thousand dollar area in eleven thousand six hundred so tighter trend
here we’re making higher lows higher lows breaking out of this downward trend
bouncing off of this ten thousand dollar area coming back up here and looking to
test this 11800 so we had trouble there at the eleven thousand he heard our ear
before so we want to see Bitcoin break above there but I do like how we are
making these smaller moves very consistent we’re consolidating people
are just buying they’re holding not a lot of selling pressure and we are
moving higher overall making those higher lows higher lows and that’s what
we want to see overall we want to see Bitcoin trending higher looking here at
the one-hour chart you can see since the end of February beginning of March we
have been trending higher these higher lows higher lows higher
lows and getting up here to the $11,800 area so that $11,800 area is gonna be a
key area to watch here on Bitcoin for really the overall cryptocurrency world
I want to see this baby breakout here and starts to really rally above 12,000
is gonna be a key area to watch if we get above 12,000 I think we might be off
to the races and easily move to that 1314 thousand dollar area from there and
then after that you know get a nice little pullback back down to the 12,000
establish some support that 12,000 our area is a key kind of mental area and
that 12,000 whole dollar number people are thinking 12,000 is a very important
area you know even if it’s at 11,000 999 it’s still not 12,000 we need to see
Bitcoin break above that 12,000 dollar area to really excite people to really
get people kind of excited Oh like you know bitcoins back it’s getting bullish
it’s time to make moves and I think a lot of you are waiting for that 12,000
dollar area to show up on Bitcoin taking a look here at the daily chart on
litecoin litecoin coming out with news that light pay was not going to happen
light pay was supposed to launch last week we had a big spike in light point a
lot of action on litecoin with hype with news that possibly light pay could send
light going to the moon well we saw what happened it did not release so light
coin spiked up there a $250 area it pulled back down here to 180 it’s been
holding this two-dollar area pretty nicely right now it’s kind of doing the
same thing looking very similar to Bitcoin overall with just these smaller
candles less range a little bit boring but still we need this consolidation we
need this kind of just sideways action for a little bit to show people that
there is buyers that there are support areas and we’re sitting right there
right now at that $200 area support I think if litecoin can’t hold that tour
in our area we can easily get back down there 280 and then possibly back down
there to the hundred and forty very quickly day candle here went from 160 up
there above 200 and that was in anticipation of light pay coming out so
a lot of people were excited about light pay they were buying it they were
chasing it and now with no light pay is the market still excited about light
coin without light pay we’re gonna see what happens here if we can hold this to
her in all area but right now it’s been looking pretty nice they’re
holding that to her at all area and then kind of getting up there 2:14 pulling
back right now this $200 area on litecoin is going to
be a very important area for this to hold I think if it can hold you hundred
we might get back up there to 230 250 pretty soon and it breaks below 200
there’s some downside to come a theory I’m also looking very similar to Bitcoin
to like when everything today looking just very non-volatile tight movements
these candles on these daily charts these candles looking pretty tight right
now it’s kind of weird to see cryptocurrency not going up 10 20 %
going down up all around in one day to have a day where everything’s kind of 1
or negative 1 percent is kind of a weird thing but it’s also good for the overall
market they’re showing that people are still buying decent support people are
trying to buy more looking for this next move higher this next leg and aetherium
holding up pretty good here above this $800 area it’s right now at 850 so
aetherium litecoin bitcoin all very similar right now and looking for this
next move higher and these key support areas again kind of $800 areas that
support there on aetherium if we break below 800 we could possibly get down
there to 686 $4,600 area so overall I think the market is really just waiting
for a Bitcoin to do something if Bitcoin starts to rally I think we’ll see
rallies across the board for litecoin aetherium did you buy everything should
start to move higher as Bitcoin moves higher right now with Bitcoin at that
key area everyone’s watching and everyone’s waiting to see what’s gonna
happen with the king Bitcoin speaking of digi by similar chart here
sitting at that 3 cent area right now it’s been a while since we broke out
above that 3 cent area it’s been a couple days almost a couple of weeks now
we had a nice little rally up there to the 5 cent area we pulled back down
there to 3 cent it looks like this 3 cent area is good support right now on
digi by overall kind of that same idea you know like coin $200 here you got the
etherium there at 800 and then you got digibytes sitting there at the 3 cent
area support so there’s those key areas over all these charts are looking very
similar again today digibytes down 2.4% looking less volatile than normal but
these last couple days the overall cryptocurrency world has been pretty
sideways and that’s not a bad thing but also it’s
kind of boring but when you’re in this for the long term we’re really in this
for you know next couple of years you’re not worried about you’re happy that at
least it’s just kind of moving it’s holding gains it’s not going down
massively and we’re gonna overall it’s still you know setting up for that
sideways movement and then we can build some consolidation and then move higher
once Bitcoin makes up its mind Bitcoin breaks down I can see did you bike
getting below three cents and possibly testing back down there to the two cent
area it really depends on what happens with Bitcoin at this point so all eyes
on Bitcoin and we’ll see what happens here
the next couple of days look for that breakout or breakdown on Bitcoin and
then expect the other coins to follow this is your host Patrick Whelan for
Monday night Bitcoin if you haven’t already do me one big favor
it does subscribe button I’ll talk to you guys later on

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  1. I play a drinking game watching this. I have a shot whisky every time Patrick mentions digibyte.

    On a serious note I have been spreading the word with my friends. They thinks it's a solid investment. We are starting to stockpile it on mass.

  2. Definitely bitcoin will raise above 20k this year. The issue is the flash crash that can happen at any time and wipe out the late investors. Partial selling at key levels and basket trading is what can protect investors from losing big.

  3. you need to do more research. Litepay absolutely launched and is working well. just the card isn't available yet due to Visa and MasterCard being in the banks pockets

  4. Hey, getting into daytrading and was directed to your channel. I'm watching this video and surprised you didn't identify the rising wedge. You basically describe it perfectly over and over again the last half of the video haha

  5. Now that's interesting, and NOT surprising. Switzerland, one of the most developed, richest nations on Earth, with the HIGHEST STANDARD of living, embraces crypto's.

    While more backward countries denounce them. It seems crypto's ARE the future after all. They've just been recognized by the World masters of banking. I would recommend for EVERYONE to get on board , even micro bits will serve you well . It's time for the MIGHTY BITCOIN to reign supreme .

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