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your favorite cryptocurrencies tonight on Monday night Bitcoin so stay tuned welcome to Monday night Bitcoin tonight
we’re talking about all the latest news in the cryptocurrency world I’m your
host Patrick Weiland circle money sending app announced that it will by
Pauline X exchange for four hundred million dollars
circle said the first thing they’re going to do is focus on customer support
and technical support they also said they look forward to scaling up the
exchange and working on market expansion localization and increasing token
listings where possible inappropriate so really the big news here is that they’re
also going to be exploring ways to buy cryptocurrencies with fiat currency it
makes sense because they have the circle app already it’s already working it’s
already functioning it’s already compliant so all I need to do is just
add cryptocurrency to their app and boom now we have two major players in the
fiat two cryptocurrency world also news out of Switzerland that the Swiss Stock
Exchange Chairman is talking about the benefits of having an electronic franc
under the control of the central bank he sees a lot of upsides to releasing a
crypto version of the Swiss franc pretty good idea you can make it all digital
you can also make us those deflationary interesting how will this work with a
central bank in Switzerland more government news venezuela launches free
cryptocurrency trading course to teach their citizens how to buy and sell
cryptocurrencies focusing on the so called oil backed petro coin that
venezuela is launching they’ve also claimed to raise close to a billion
dollars in initial coin offering very interesting to hear that they are
claiming they’ve raised close to a billion dollars for their new coin well
they’ve also had a major problem with their currency in the last couple years
I’m not too sure what’s really going on in Venezuela I don’t think really
anybody knows other than the government themselves it might be a total major
scam we’ll see what happens also in Europe today they held a roundtable
discussion talking about cryptocurrencies the opportunities and
the risk mostly talking about cryptocurrency markets in an issue
coin offerings they talked about the risk for European residents and they
also talked about how they could increase the warnings and to be more
clear and transparent with educating people on the overall risk behind
cryptocurrency they did note that blockchain technology holds strong
promise for financial market so again it sounds very similar to the US a
regulatory meeting where they talked about icos
about risk and also about protecting consumers that’ll be the big focus not
so much about restricting cryptocurrencies but moreso restricting
icos and some of these coins that come out that our total scams I think it’ll
be a lot more it’s about vetting and figuring out who’s really behind these
coins before they’re allowed to be offered to their citizens more banks are
banning their use of credit cards to buy crypto currencies Canada’s TD Bank
announced that they will be banning cryptocurrency purchases with their
credit cards following JP Morgan Bank of America and Citigroup who also made the
same statement so overall some good news coming out of the cryptocurrency world
today let’s take a look at the Bitcoin chart so taking a look here at the
Bitcoin chart you can see we’re still in this downward trend we did try to break
out last week but we failed and we’ve pulled back now one thing to note here
is that we are making a lower high on these last couple candles so instead of
just starting to crash crash crash we are finding some support I do like how
we did kind of build up this area this $10,000 area we pulled back down here to
the 9,000 area over the weekend and then today we’ve rallied from 9200 up here
above 10,000 so Bitcoin back above that $10,000 area a key area I think we need
to hold and a mental psychological area so a lot of people were looking for that
$10,000 area Bitcoin like hey I want to see Bitcoin above 10,000 if you look
here at the one-hour chart you can see how Bitcoin rally this morning from that
$9,400 area we had a kind of a triple bottom balancing off at nine thousand
four hundred we’re rallying up still needs a breakout above this 10,500
11,000 re before the market really thinks it’s turning bullish also looking
at the monthly chart it’s looking even more bullish as we had this big green
candle back in December we had January and then now February look at all those
bond all this buying pressure pushing this
higher I think we’re gonna end up a little bit of green got a couple more
days left in a month we might push up to that $11,000 area and that could be a
sign of a very nice bottom bullish candle there when people are stepping up
buying buying buying and pushing this back up there above that 10,000 $11,000
area so overall Bitcoin trying to make moves here trying to do something but a
lot of people are standing on the sidelines waiting for Bitcoin to really
break out I think once we get that big major breakout the flood of buying the
FOMO could be real overall I’m still gonna be waiting for a possible test of
this 7,000 8,000 dollar area if we can’t break above 10,000 some people are
projecting Bitcoin to get down to the 5,000 4,000 dollar area before the end
of the month I think that will take a little bit longer than a couple of days
we’ll see what happens you can see this $5,000 area would be kind of the next
support area we’ve got to have 6,000 touched that 5,500 touch and then it
from there this thing could pull back down there to 4,000 it really depends on
overall with the market where that supports gonna be I would like to see
this breaking higher from here I would really like to see us breaking out you
can see the last time we had kind of a bounce we got up here to this trendline
we pulled back and then it was a sell-off sell out sell off sell off now
you could also say that we kind of did the same thing here where this kind of
rallied up and then pull back and then have one more big rally and then started
to make the move lower which I think if we kind of go sideways here we find some
support we find some consolidation that’ll be a very bullish and good sign
to see Bitcoin having that consolidation having that accumulation people buying
the dip here and looking for that end of 2018 move back up to all-time highs now
let’s take a look at some other charts so taking a look here at aetherium you
can see kind of a similar move to Bitcoin we did have a major rally in
aetherium from the 700 dollar area up there to $1400 in January since then
it’s pulled back I would love to see five hundred dollar area 600 hour area
to buy for a long term hold in 2018 not sure we’re gonna get that low theory I’m
really Ferring well here holding this 800 dollar area to support theory I’m
really kind of looking strong here holding this support area this $700 area
we’re really kind of holding there I think we might get one more pull back
down to that $7 area and then I might like to buy some etherium at that point
but overall theory I’m looking pretty strong another big
litecoin making moves recently with the idea of light pay and all the things
that’s going on over there with litecoin and also kind of breaking out here
breaking down with this downward trend there from that hundred fifty dollar
area up there to two fifty recently and then pulling back kind of dip in
building those higher lows there and finding some consolidation and finding
some consolidation there at the two hundred dollar area I think that’s
hundred are areas and I be strong support here on litecoin for now
depending on what happens to the overall market but I do like this two hundred
dollar area on litecoin and you can see kind of just overall what we’re going on
with litecoin and kind of how it broke out above this downward trend made this
move higher up there the 250 area and we’ll see what happens but overall right
now I’m feel like the markets kind of in a consolidation kind of sideways
movement we might see some sideways movement for a couple days for a week or
so it really depends on what happens with news and stuff like that but this
is also very healthy we want to see people buying in those areas people just
you know consolidating and holding not selling not crashing and that’ll be a
very kind of bullish sign over all for the cryptocurrency market when people
see that the cryptocurrency market can just kind of hold itself up sometimes it
doesn’t always need to go to the moon so also taking a look here at digi buy did
you buy there at the 3 cent area this 3 cent area seems to be some serious
support we’ve got some nice consolidation there at 3 cent area and
we’ll see what happens here what did you buy overall you know that last little
run from this balance off a 220 off that 2 cent area bouncing up here to 5 cent
pulling back down there to 3 cent so we are making that higher low there at the
3 cent area we haven’t dipped below 3 cent in a while and now we’re just kind
of sitting right there at the 3 cent area we’ll see if digi bite can make
some moves with the overall market soon I would like to see this 5 cent area
break and then we can get a pair of the seven setting area obviously we got that
5 cent resistance we got the seven cent resistance so we got some resistance
coming up that’s gonna be the hurdle overall for cryptocurrency in 2018 is
we’re gonna have that previous resistance we’re in 2017 everything just
went to the moon there was no resistance no one really knew how high could go and
it just kept going higher and higher and higher and before you know it was up
three hundred five hundred six hundred percent so dizzy by I’m looking for this
move I want to see this thing hold this 3 cent area for a while I’ll be buying
some more three cent area if I can get anything
low $0.03 I’ll be happy with that as well I am very bullish on did you buy I
do own personally a lot of did you buy and I’m looking for digibytes really
shine in 2018 it’s checking out my favorite cryptocurrency charts I got
some other stuff that I’m working on with all coins I’ll make some videos on
but also let’s find out who won last week’s Bitcoin hundred dollar giveaway
so I was going to pick a winner here this on a scroll up scroll down scroll
up let’s see who wins right here there’s nothing yeah oh hey Tash my boy attached
I did not even I didn’t pick that I honestly did not know that was totally
random you saw how that went awesome awesome to see attached I’m gonna go
ahead and send this guy $100 with a Bitcoin there if you guys have any
comments any questions leave a comment below what do you guys think what’s
going on with Bitcoin what’s going on the cryptocurrency world I’ll talk to
you guys later on


  1. Let's go for the next crypto week. Hope the Bulls are strong enough now for a big rally.

  2. Not really sure about the Venezuelan petro coin as they plan to male it mineable and still back the value of a barrel of oil 1 to 1.

  3. C'mon Bitcoin keep holding these support levels for us to dip buy and then start grinding higher!


  4. I honestly believe crypto currencies are gonna get bigger and eventually be used more than cash. All these social media companies and online buying companies are gonna take full advantage of crypto currencies at some point.

  5. Bitcoin terrifies Big Banks, because it threatens their centuries-long monopoly over the world. Because Bitcoin makes it possible for ANYONE, who has some brain and knows how to use the technology, to become rich and be part of the money elite. That is what terrifies them, because they DON'T want that. The Big Banks rather want us all to remain poor and in debt for the rest of our lives while they SUCK away everyone's money like BLOOD LEECHES . There is a war between them and us.

    We want to become well off and truly independent. They want to prevent us from becoming well off and independent , the elite want to stay in power so they can do their EVIL deeds , depopulation , vaccines , all the EVIL stuff . IT'S TIME FOR THE MIGHTY BITCOIN TO CHANGE THE WORLD FOR THE BETTER.

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