MONACO | TOKEN | TENX PAY 💰 ICO Update Free Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Crypto Currency News 2107

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25 thoughts on “MONACO | TOKEN | TENX PAY 💰 ICO Update Free Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Crypto Currency News 2107”

  1. Thanks for the video! Always impressive work! Got a question on the package, how long you think is worth for to get it? Are you doing another one any time soon? Cheers! Keep up the great work

  2. @BK : thank you for all the insights!! Just an idea, maybe invest in a new graphics card for your computer or astrong graphics computer. Will make working with these charts a lot more fast and fluid and easy. thanks BK!

  3. Time to short BTC yet?… 15 min shows high volume sales over the last few hours, big money quietly cashing in to rebuy later?

  4. You are the boss and a down to earth guy. You answer almost all questions on comment section. That's rare. Other youtubers don't. You the man thank for the wisdom.

  5. NOBODY is talking about Metal (MTL), which runs on the ethereum platform. Very similar to OMG and while we're all excited about OMG, MTL has had over 100% gains since NEO started it's breakout over a week ago. OMG is chilling for a minute, catching a breath, while MTL has surpassed it. Folks might want to check out MTL and see what its about.

  6. BK ,how's the Boss doin? which package in tradingview do you suggest we subscribe to, in order to enjoy the same charting capability as what you do?

  7. Peace.

    I just found your channel through the Reggie Middleton video you made.
    Excellent work and I am very thankful that you are here. I need to learn this!

    All the best to you from Redondo Beach, California, USA.

  8. pretty good anlayis after seeing results look like it went the first route for pay. I am hoping it breaks out again soon and think it will, when would you predict the next breakout?

  9. I was browsing through the shit coins on Cryptopia exchange just to see if anything caught my eye and came across this CryptoForecast CFT. I am curious if the trading app may have some merit? Could be a jewel in the rough

  10. Any updates on PAY?

    The three trend lines all converged on the 343 minute chart and it's in a downward trajectory.

    Right now it's around .008 BTC. Are we going all the way down to .0006, the last large breakout point?

  11. Good Lord MCO just rocketed to the freaking moon.

    Coulda made some serious cash if you bought in when this came out.

  12. Hi Brandon Kelly CryptoTrader,

    I am the CEO of Change. I am a fan of your videos – I would like to ask you to do a review of Change ICO as well.

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