Modelfritz – “Bitcoin” (Spoken Word)

The “silver bullet”, what-is-it?
The only evidence to show Conundrum: who, or what mans wit?
Devised a scheme so no one know? To think the brightest minds grow old
confounded by “no answer clear” can see unfold, the plan of “gold”
yet seemingly, aside they steer no need to mine and toil the hills
no need to think, “it can’t be done” The yellow metal, often kills
just have some faith and have some fun!
You are the one who needs to know and no one else will come to steal
and all of us with faith to show together make the fortune real.

5 thoughts on “Modelfritz – “Bitcoin” (Spoken Word)”

  1. You are very creative. Hashtag #weaswords under your description box to your next video so I can promote you!

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