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welcome everyone to this July 29th edition of what's happening in crypto with crypto lurk broadcasting to you from New Zealand and bringing you all of the latest from the crypto world and beyond today's top stories babies go on the blockchain cheating in the by Nance vote and those damned statistics Bitcoin eight thousand two hundred and twelve dollars we are kind of chilling in the market over the weekend no big movements up or down which probably means that we're due for a big movement up or down new polls showing only two percent of US investors own Bitcoin but twenty six percent are intrigued now I think it's really interesting to point out here who they're counting so they only surveyed US investors with ten thousand dollars in stock bonds or mutual funds that is an incredibly small sampling of people not a lot of Millennials for example are investing in stocks bonds and mutual funds and that really doesn't even go into counting the huge percentage of people which might only have cryptocurrency investments let's put that out there but also people that will only have five hundred dollars worth of Bitcoin or a thousand dollars of the Bitcoin of course they're trying to look at traditional investors quote unquote and see if they're interested in investing in crypto currencies and of course is not surprising to see that traditional investors are not interested in crypto currencies they're sticking with their stocks bonds and mutual funds unsurprisingly in another interesting report and of course you always have to question the numbers and the sources and all these things but three million Brits have invested in crypto via exchange however very few sought advice now this goes on to say that around 2.5 million holders of cryptocurrencies in Britain do not understand their crypto investments and that only 5% of these three million investors actually sought professional financial advice one thing that I really see as being done to a problem with this is how many crypto financial advisers are there I feel like if you were to go to your bank and say hey I'm interested in investing in Bitcoin they'd say well we've got this great mutual fund here for you son that's that Bitcoin stuff is risky you should get one of these point zero one percent annual interest CDs for example you can't really go to the wolf and say hey wolf would you like to take care of the sheep tonight what do you think the answer is always going to be it's not going to be an answer that's gonna end up being in your favor so it's interesting to see that a lot of people have just gone ahead and invested in Bitcoin and crypto currencies anyway it would of course be great for more people to be doing their own research and understanding a little bit more about what they are investing in but maybe people understand more than the study actually revealed crypto currency isn't just for libertarians any more according to a study carried out by coin desk they looked at the political leanings of the cryptocurrency community unsurprisingly most people falling in the middle whether they be liberal or conservative a lot of libertarians and anarcho-capitalists of course the left-right spectrum of different crypto currencies also not super surprising – being a little more right-wing surprisingly XRP not being that right-wing and having a look down here at some of the tribalism quite interesting to see that a lot of people who self-identify as being nihilists in our go capitalists and libertarians all seem to love Manero now this is an interesting study because I feel like cryptocurrency can move us beyond all of this BS and why are there only certain amounts of political leanings on here anyway what about no political leaning is it possible not to have a political leaning in the world today or is everything have to go through this lens of predefined political positions we're all just people at the end of the day and we all essentially want to live in a better society continuing to use the tools of division of course is not the way to move us forward and I'm not blaming quayne desk they're just trying to make some interesting research to make interesting articles I get it but trying to keep an eye on the big picture there at the end of the day everybody's going for the same thing mythril involved in illegal voting for the by Nantz community coin vote if you come over here and check this out it's mithril also Libre credit seems to be doing the same thing what we have our certain addresses sending huge amounts of by Nance tokens to buy Nance to different accounts voting all for mithril well for a small extent for Libra credit as well but the mythril guys seem to be much better funded when it comes to this Jeffrey Wayne going out the other day and saying mine friends with the biggest whales in the world kind of a wink wink nod nod situation that don't worry we're gonna lock down this vote and you can actually see it's not a lot of independent voters I think when finance thought up this new weighted voting system that's probably kind of what they thought well hey everyone's gonna be able to come in and vote depending on how much they have in their account etc etc but what we see here is a completely broken system where we have some very rich whales some of these accounts holding around 10 million dollars with a mythril and that's of course just in the accounts that we can see obviously there's probably other accounts with even more but ten million dollars of the mythril is a huge amount of money and especially considering the total market cap of mithril currently these guys have a lot to gain from getting mithril listed over on by Nance this is not the way that it's supposed to be going down of course the CEO of buy Nance has come out saying that vote manipulation will be dealt with strictly so it's really really unfortunate considering that to see that mithril and I'm not the mess of a company I'm not blaming the mythril company I'm blaming whales really that are holding mithril and I don't know how involved the team in mithril is with what's going on you can't necessarily say that because the remember the accounts are pseudo anonymous we don't know who the actual person is holding that account we can just see the B&B moving in the huge amounts of mithril sitting in that account it's all very telling I guess we'll have to see if by Nance we'll stay true to its word and do an investigation into this but the writing seems to be on the wall kick ICO has been hacked for seven point seven million dollars let's just add this to the incredibly long list of hacks of course seven point seven million dollars is not that massive in the grand scheme of things but for a small platform like kick ICO that must have really hurt hackers also compromising ether scan dot IO which there's no wallets there anything on ether scan dot IO sometimes I feel like hackers just out there hacking stuff because they can but obviously if they did break into that they could cause some confusion in the market but it's not like they're hacking aetherium wallets or anything so not so bad at the end of the day hash flare resumes their bitcoins sha-256 mining services eight days after coming out saying that they are shutting them down now the internet is running wild with theories about why this might be the case a lot of people saying that they think it might be cheaper to continue to run the contracts with very high fees and Incred low payouts than to have all the chargebacks start happening and deal with the lawsuit it's better to let these contracts just run until they're empty drip-feeding tiny amounts of Bitcoin into them that may be the case of course if we saw Bitcoin go to $25,000 tomorrow these contracts would be profitable again and that's something to keep in mind considering that were due for more and more difficulty increases for Bitcoin mining I would not be surprised to see these contracts get shut down again in the near future time will tell though what hash Flair decides to do and a quick note about Genesis mining as well then a lot of people have come out and said well this this policy about shutting down the contracts after X amount of days is ridiculous Genesis mining also has such a clause in their contracts there's just a little more favorable it's a 60 days of non profit E versus 21 days of non profit bility and the Bitcoin mining game is getting incredibly serious huge wind farm to power Bitcoin mining will be built in North Africa these guys are going to build a 900 megawatt wind farm in Morocco dedicated to mining Bitcoin if you have the money to build a 900 megawatt wind farm just to mine Bitcoin bad news for any investors that want to get into small-time mining you're gonna be out done these guys are dumping in so much money to see the hundreds of millions actually the billions of dollars being dumped into Bitcoin mining you realize how serious the game is but nevertheless I'm happy to see more players getting involved in the Bitcoin mining game because the more players the better it is for the network overall in terms of security but also in terms of decentralization and the first blockchain baby is here blockchain baby oh yeah so what they have actually done this is primarily focused on the better delivery of charitable donations this is a project particularly focused on helping young mothers in Africa receive the medical aid that they might need to get but the babies themselves are being registered on the blockchain which is quite interesting but soon-to-be moms will to register for things like vitamins and medical care and utilizing block chain technology oblique they'll actually be able to get those charitable donations right to the destinations so we can have very small payments going out taking away that need for the very costly and time-consuming international bank transfers and of course we'll have transparency of where that money goes and hopefully of how it actually gets spent which is a good thing for charitable giving babies in the blockchain I feel like I've seen everything now but wait until tomorrow and something else will be on the blockchain that we would never think would be on the blockchain and finally I wanted to share this with you somebody's posted this up over on Twitter this is the crypto LARC reimagined as Ned Flanders well hi diddly hey guys it's Bitcoin time thanks so much for watching the video let me know what you think about any of today's news stories down below in the comment section thumbs up the video share these videos around the internet to help our community grow join the conversation over on Twitter long live the blockchain em peace out the next time

40 thoughts on “Mithril/Binance Vote Drama & Blockchain Babies – Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News”

  1. Haha, i agree on the "proffessional advisor" thing. I have a financial advisor and he is horrified that i put some of my pension fund into bitcoin

  2. Lets call it for what it was everyone close but NkN was cheating according to NKN ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”, toxic community members in telegram groups. How bout the NKN airdrop on day of announcement nkn was in the running HMMM seems NKN cheated from the get go. And you pitched what they been doing. Lmao track NKN back to the NeO blockchain ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚. Whales are here dont like it buh bye

  3. Great vid Lark.. I am one of the 2.5 million whom did not seek professional finacial advice.. Although i did do hours and hours of my own research.. Hence my nexus position!! Keep them coming dude!

  4. I am Brit and out of the few hundred peeps i work with only 3 or 4 have invested in crypto most of them think it's not real and not got a clue about blockchain
    And how much will it cost to build a 900 megawatt wind farm why not just buy the bitcoin

  5. Hiya Lark I havenโ€™t commented in a while so just thought I would leave a few words. Great video as always, still here, still watching and still enjoying your insight into crypto and other things. Keep up the good work buddy. See you again soon ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

  6. So much corruption and manipulation within the space and exchanges causing a major delay in trust and mass adoption…Crypto is far from mature…

  7. I love your sunny disposition ๐Ÿ™‚ it's rather addictive in a world where most people are fake happy and sad ; Still the best on youtube for me. Always you always do your best to be accurate and fair on your reporting>>no hype.. Tis why I keep coming back for CryptoLark. Love the show !

  8. When my dad came to his financial advisor at Morgan Chase they had no clue what to do. Told him it's too volatile. You know they always have to separate us. Better to keep us separated by showing our few differences. Then unite everyone by showing all of us that we share the same problems.

  9. Lark, we should talk. Here's how to make a DIY legislature. 23 minutes, total.

    I think we need to tell people how to do this. Yes, I'm real; former military intelligence.

  10. Another good show with good info! Thanks!

    By the way, as you were talking about the UK, in the EU and UK 'Revolut', the fastest growing European Union online bank with card and app. now provides support for Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum! You can swop between 25 Fiat currencies at the interbank rate undercutting existing bank rates, use the card all over Europe and also swop into crypto! (You don't control you're own private keys so I wouldn't recommend it, but it may give an idea as how things may develop in the near future! Also Bitcoin Litecoin and others to be traded on Germany's 2nd biggest Stock Exchange in September in Stuttgart!

  11. Great video, thanks for doing this for us. Have you heard about the alternative swift? The financial system on the blockchain.

  12. Lark You are the most positive and best crypto youtuber considering your regularity,There are not much youtuber who post regularily in the bear market but the effort you putting into will pay you a lavish reward,Good job mate,keep doing hard work,I'm glad to be a part of team cryptolark,We will survive this bs bear period together and this tunnel of darkness will end soon and we will witness the bulls again,To the moon,for sure Bitcoin will always be the king

  13. Has anyone noticed that the xrp community is turning into the kkk of crypto? There is this jungle inc channel and its kind of concerning… i hope this doesn't become a trend we are all in this together.

  14. Skillcoin on coinexchange is hosting an airdrop. This will in fact be one of the next 5x-10x opportunities. The current buy in is 2 satoshi. Target is 10-20 sat.

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