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Financial Education Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Chaucha,
Litecoin, Petro, CriptoRublo, Dogecoin, Cryptocurrency,
Blockchain. It has been crazy in recent years,
and 2017 was undoubtedly the year of the media boom
of these assets. I am sure that you are not on
the fringe of these news, that these names are not alien to you,
you may not know exactly what they are about, but certainly at least you
have heard them mentioned. You will have heard that you have to buy,
you will have heard that it is a bubble. Surely they have told you that
it is a guaranteed investment and that you are going to get rich
from one day to the next, perhaps you have read articles or at least
headlines saying that they are the new scam, ponzi scheme or bubble
of the tulip bulbs. There are those who say it is the currency of the future,
and honestly among so much information, and so many experts
contradicting each other, it is very easy to get confused, rush and make
fatal mistakes that will end your money, or prevent you from taking advantage
of excellent opportunities. So, is Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency
in general a good investment, or a ticket to hell? Well that depends on several factors,
and in this video we will talk about it. Welcome to
my business school! Before starting I invite you to follow me on
social networks, I’m on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as
@tradingefectivo. Remember that my investment
courses are available at www.tradingefectivo.com And if you have questions,
or want to communicate with me, you can write me on my email
[email protected] I want to clarify that in this video
I will not explain what cryptocurrencies are, nor will I go into depth about
their technical functioning, nor what is the chain of blocks, I will not
talk about how to mine, or what is mining. If you do not know anything about the above
and you are looking for this type of data, there is a lot of information
on the Internet about it. What you will find
in this video is the answer to whether or not
you should invest in cryptocurrency, and what you must take into account
in case you decide to do so. Now we are ready,
to what we came. Fiat currencies or Fiat money
are based on faith, that is, the money that
you and I currently use, the world’s money does not
have real value, the value is given by ourselves, because we
trust in the entity that issues them. I explain… Previously we had what is
called money merchandise, which was money backed by raw materials,
mainly gold and silver. That is to say, formerly and this does not
pretend to be a kind of history of economics so I am going to summarize and
simplify it to the maximum. But before money was made
with precious metals, that is, a coin was
a gold coin, it was a piece of gold, silver, copper or any
precious metal, and they were worth what they weighed. Then, for reasons that are not relevant,
they began to use metals, increasingly less valuable to mint coins,
and finally we get to paper money, or tickets
that we know today. But such unvaluable coins
and paper tickets represent a promise of payment from the bank, that is,
the paper or currency were worth nothing in themselves, but they were like
a bearer check that could be exchanged at the bank
for its printed value in gold. Therefore, for every dollar that was printed
there had to be a dollar in gold kept in the bank to theoretically give it
to the person who wanted to claim it. Then obviously you could not print
tickets indiscriminately, you had to have the gold in
the bank that backed that ticket. In short, the money was
really valuable. However,
all that changed in 1971 when the then president of
the United States, Richard Nixon, ended what was known
as gold standard, eliminating this requirement
to print new money. Moving on to have
a legal backing, that is, there is no longer a gold support
in the bank that backs your tickets, what there is, is a endorsement from
the government that tells you that the ticket is worth what
it says it is worth. So the government owes you a debt
because it is mandatory, it is a legal imposition
that those printed papers are what you must use to pay
for the goods and services. In short,
we have nothing, this is not really valuable,
this is literally inked paper. What is value then? Well, for something to be valuable
has to meet two conditions. The first is that it
must be scarce. The scarcer it is,
the more valuable it will be, for that reason things like gold
and diamonds are extremely valuable, because there is not much in the world
and it is hard to extract them, so that gives
them value. Silver is less valuable because there is more
silver than gold in the world, and salt… Well, salt is not worth
anything because there is too much, in fact it is the most abundant
mineral on the planet. The second condition is
that it must be useful, but not a utility on demand,
but a marginal utility, that is why water,
although vital for our highly demanded and unquestionably useful
survival, is much less valuable in the market than diamonds, whose usefulness
it is considerably lower. Value is then something
subjective, because it depends on the attitude
of people about the good, so the utility is measured in terms of happiness
or satisfaction that the good in question, and not necessarily
its intrinsic value. I explain all this because it is necessary
to understand the value of the cryptocurrency, and I will take as an example
the most famous now, to the year 2018, when I am recording
this video, that is, the Bitcoin. Bitcoin perfectly fulfills
the first requirement to be valuable, that is, scarcity. There are only 21,000,000 Bitcoins, there is
no more and there will be no more, that’s all. 21,000,000 to be distributed among
the almost 8,000,000,000 inhabitants of planet earth today, that is,
it is a very scarce asset. The second requirement is more complex,
because when Bitcoin came out, nobody knew it, nobody wanted it, nobody was interested,
therefore it was not worth anything, you could not buy
anything with bitcoins. So its usefulness was
practically nil. However,
with the passage of time, as more and more people became
interested in the new concept, people started to appear willing
to buy Bitcoins, or to pay for Bitcoins and businesses began to appear
accepting Bitcoins, in exchange for the products
and services that they offered, and it continue adding
more and more. So Bitcoin has won little by little
the second requirement to be valuable, that is,
its usefulness. But obviously the Bitcoin has no endorsement
on anything valuable, there is no gold in a bank, there is no silver, there are no diamonds, there is not
even a government or private debt for your Bitcoins. It’s just what it is,
bits and nothing else. And this is the number one
argument of its detractors, say that Bitcoin is a bubble
because it has no support but if you consider what
I just told you, you will see that there is not much
difference with the current fiduciary money, nor does it have anything
that back up. Okay, yes. The promise
of the government… Do we need to talk
about that? Now, I’m not telling you to go
running to buy bitcoins, I just want you to have all
the information you need to make the best decision
for you. Certainly I firmly believe that
we are moving towards a future of 100% digital money, every time
we use less tickets or coins, we pay everything with plastic money
in electronic transactions, we buy online not only
using credit cards, but virtual wallets such as
PayPal or Skrill. We have wireless payment methods such as
Samsung Pay or ApplePay, among others. Eventually all the physical money will
disappear and we will only use virtual money. But is bitcoin specifically
the future of money? We do not know it yet! However, it is surely at least
the first step towards the future. And try to deny this,
is to stay in the past, is to deny that technology
is part of our lives, you’re putting a blindfold on and you’re acting
like the taxi driver who fights against Uber, or the Blockbuster who fights
against Netflix. Money as we know it is
not eternal, it has to change, a change is necessary,
adaptation is necessary, we live in another century, with other customs,
with another rhythm of life, and the current economic system
has to be updated. cryptocurrencies in general have
several factors in favor. The first is that the current currencies
have no support, are based on debts. Governments and world bureaucrats
currently control money, and corruption is
the order of the day. Voluntary and involuntary human error is part
of the system and that affects it directly. In counterpart
the Bitcoin can not hack, have hacked companies that are
dedicated to save Bitcoins, acting as virtual wallets but the system
that bases the currency is impenetrable. It is not susceptible to human error because
you do not need an intermediary to buy or sell. There is no bank validating transactions,
there is no broker, it is the same people who act as supervisory
authority, and it is not in the hands of anyone. There is no government, no bank behind it,
it is in the hands of the people. And these are mainly factors,
among others, that produce that high confidence of the world
in Bitcoin and that gives it value. A crazy value that has increased
in figures so absurd and ridiculous that they make you think
of a bubble. And it’s not crazy. The Bitcoin and cryptocurrency
in general, are an asset that represents an investment,
and as such implies a risk. The fact that they are fashionable is not enough
reason to get involved in investing what you should do is educate
yourself, educate yourself, know the different ways to invest and apply,
if you want to invest, the one that best suits your personality,
your capital and your unwillingness to risk. Even if Bitcoin is a bubble,
it is possible to make money. Many people have already done it
and continue to do so. In financial markets you can earn money
when the asset goes up in price and also when
it goes down in price. But to be on the right side of the trade
you have to know what you’re doing. You must have skills, experiences
and education to achieve it, because you can earn a lot or
you can lose everything. So the advice is the same, educate yourself,
learn, practice, develop skills, accumulate experience, only then
can you stay away from problems. Cryptocurrencies are not risky,
the risk is in the investor, those who know me have already
heard me make this analogy… If you do not know how to drive a car and
you throw yourself into the street to drive, you are going to be a risk
to yourself and to others. But the experienced and skilled
driver is a different story. So, does the risk lie in
the vehicle or the driver? In investments it is
the same! Now, as an additional
comment, I am very struck by
the media war against Bitcoin, it is so shameless that
it is suspicious, at least to me. Because… Who is it that does not suit Bitcoin
or cryptocurrencies in general? Obviously to the owners of the current money,
governmental and financial entities. I have always been very skeptical
and I detest conspiracy theories, but it is ridiculously funny
to read the current headlines, or to see news about Bitcoin
in the traditional media because they seem compelled
to criticize it. They react to the normal fluctuations
of the market with an impressive scandal, as if the corrections
were not normal, as if it were possible for an asset to appreciate
to infinity without doing a pullback, before the slightest fall they begin
to scream that the bubble burst. Yes, I know that a correction of
40% is a scandalous figure when you compare it with the normal
fluctuations of traditional assets, but Bitcoin is not a
traditional asset. Or have you seen any action appreciate
more than 1000% in a month? The figures of cryptocurrency
are not normal, we are not used
to them, we are seeing the behavior
of the assets of the future, and we have to get used
to these new realities. Again, I am not saying that
I trust blindly in Bitcoin or in any other cryptocurrency. I’m saying we have to learn
to observe, learn to accept changes, accept that the world is moving forward,
that things are not the same as before, that there are now children who earn millions
of dollars to play video games, or that the largest transportation
company has no vehicles, the largest real estate company
does not have properties, the largest television company,
does not have stations, the largest product stores
do not manufacture anything and in many cases do not
even have stock. The world is different! Accept it! You can not use arguments
from the past to justify or evaluate objects
and systems of the future. If you’re still wondering whether or not
you should invest in Bitcoin, my answer depends on… One. The tolerance you have
for risk. The capital you have
to invest. How much can you afford to lose
without affecting your life? How much financial education
do you have? How much experience do you
have as an investor? What kind of investment do you want
to make and to what term? There are many factors that
you must take into account, and you should not throw yourself into
the water just because many say it, or because a broker is calling you
insistently to convince you that you are missing
the opportunity of your life, or because the media says it is easy,
or that is difficult, or that it is a bubble, or that it is the money
of the future. Just relax! Breathe! Read, educate yourself,
instruct yourself. Make a conscientious decision
based on your own conclusions. On the one hand, I am happy that
cryptocurrencies have managed to bypass organizations such as the federal reserve,
which only prints money indiscriminately, causing inflation and manipulating
the financial system at will. But on the other hand, you have to consider
that Bitcoin is highly speculative, because it is difficult to see
the real value of a Bitcoin, because they are creating lots of new
cryptocurrencies every day. Because there are countries
like Venezuela or Russia that are trying to create their own
cryptocurrency with support. And with total security they are
not going to be the only ones. Because you can earn a lot of money
from one day to the next, and you can also lose everything
from one day to the next. Remember, do not be surprised, thrilled
or scared by the media or by the brokers, by the banks, by the experts,
everyone speaks from their reality, from what suits them or concerns them,
and each reality is different. The answer remains
the same. Education. Thanks for watch me! I take this opportunity to apologize
for the long absence, but I had a busy December family,
happy, fun, exhausting but busy, and last stay this January, I have been
recovering after a shoulder surgery that I had been fleeing
for a while. Thank you for the words of support and
good wishes for recovery that I have received from many of you, I appreciate and highly
value that you are there, that you listen to me, that you follow me and
that you trust me to educate you, and transmit my knowledge
about investment and finance. You guys are the best! Infinite thanks! Success and happy
trading for everyone! Financial Education

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