Mining Bitcoin without Mining Bitcoin 2017?

So, Bitcoin has recently reached almost
$3,000 in value on the marketplace so I wanted to make this quick video to show
you how with your existing hardware You could actually make a little bit of
money or a little bit of Bitcoin from what you already own Hey guys, Johnathan here with TechWizTime in this video it’s a little bit
different I’m sitting on the couch, I’m Sort of trying to relax a little bit and
just talk to you like as if you were sitting here with me So yeah just a little bit different but the reason for that is because I wanted to talk to you about the recent hike in Bitcoin prices So currently Bitcoin is sitting just over $2000, they’re going up and down but it did
reach as high as 27 hundred US dollars So what I wanted to do was make this
quick video to show you how you could actually capitalize on that right now So the good news is is that you don’t need to go out there and invest it in any new hardware especially if you’ve got a current generation graphics card Or even second or third generation graphics card Even some CPUs will
actually still produce a little bit of profit So one of the easiest ways to actually get Bitcoin is to not mine Bitcoin directly which sounds sort of counterintuitive but just hear me out So there’s a website out there and it’s got
nice hash and you can go and visit that from the link down in the description below But basically what nice hash is is a website that sells and buys hashing power So what you need to do is you need to go over to their website you can download their miner Which is on github so you can actually download the latest release or in my case I’d actually download the latest stable release because I just I feel more comfortable having a stable version rather than an unstable version if you know what I mean So once you’ve got the software what you
can do from there is you can set up your wallet Now some people that are already
familiar with mining will already have a Bitcoin wallet however If you don’t you’ve got a couple of options here One of them is to actually sign up through
Nicehash their website and sign up for a wallet there The advantage of having a Nicehash wallet is that you can and get a payout early so Instead of having to wait for their schedules and so forth If you have a Nicehash wallet then you can actually get that payout just a little bit earlier or the other option you’ve got is to sign up for any of the other wallets that are out there like Coinbase or so forth So once you’ve downloaded the software and
you’ve got yourself a wallet you go through setup the software with your Bitcoin wallet address which is quite a long string set up where the closest
country is to you in my case it’s China and Hong Kong And you run a benchmark just to see where you sit with your particular graphics card or CPU Now one of the handy things about Nicehash is that on their website they actually do have a profitability calculator so you can put in the cost of your electricity you can select what graphics card or CPU you’re using And then you can calculate out if it’s going to be profitable or not and in my case when I factor in electricity and so forth My GTX 980 is actually going to earn me
three dollars a day So three dollars a day in Bitcoin as well so that’s where it gets really exciting because they payout in Bitcoin but they will mind whatever currency is the most profitable at that point in time So Bitcoin does drop in value then it isn’t going to necessarily be just mining for Bitcoin It’ll go out there and sort out what the current highest value virtual currency is and mine for that for you So it’s pretty much a set and forget thing So there’s probably people out there that are thinking “Yeah, three dollars a day, that’s nothing” but when you think about it, okay three dollars a day That works out at thirty days in the month roughly you might all say so that’s ninety dollars in one month that you’ll get In Bitcoin for just using your graphics
card, now For most people that’s like yeah but there’s electricity in factor in but once you’ve affected in the electricity and you take out that from the equation we’re still making a profit And the other beauty of it is is that
there are places out there that now accept Bitcoin so As an example the Steam summer sale is coming up And the Steam store actually does accept Bitcoin so you could be mining for the next month until the steam summer sale comes up And you can spend that on you know some of the latest games that are coming
out there So when you’re not gaming Throw the Nicehash miner on and actually earn a little bit of Bitcoin so you can pay for You know those cool
sales that come up during the Steam summer sale So again this isn’t a full-blown tutorial it’s just to let you know that this is out there because some people don’t know that And Bitcoin is very popular and if you leave your computer on most of the time and you’re not too worried about electricity costs, or even if you are You can still see whether or not it’s going to be profitable for you So what did you think of this new style of video me just sitting on the couch, having a chat Talking about something that’s current that you might be interested in and it’s tech related, so Let me know what you
think down in the comments below or Give me a thumbs up if you liked it if you didn’t like it definitely give me a thumbs down because then I can know “Yeah OK” It was crap you didn’t like it I’ll try and think of something else to do
differently like I like sitting on the couch alike it’s comfortable I can talk to you It just feels natural I just released my channel trailer this week so
if you haven’t checked it out, check it out I think I was a pretty cool guy in
it Anyway that’s it for me so as always Imagine, Learn, Create

32 thoughts on “Mining Bitcoin without Mining Bitcoin 2017?”

  1. I´ve seen a raspberry Pi mining with special usb. What do you think if you take a look to that?

  2. I think bitcoin mining is cute, but i don't trust my power supply to run 24/7. The bill is usually not an issue, just the fact that you have an electronic running with a lot of power without your supervision can be dangerous.

    How ever, if you can make a portable version that can run on battery. It would be more profitable, because you can charge your battery in restaurant or any place that gives you a power socket. (work is a perfect place)

  3. Damn, I remember when bitcoin was relatively new. Bitcoins just fell from a high of $30 or so and was hovering around $2 a coin. People were freaking the fuck out, some were trying to figure out ways to bring the value back up, some were begging people to buy coins to help bring the value back up.

    I dabbled in bit coin mining for a bit, I may have a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a coin on an old computer somewhere. I considered dropping maybe $200 on coins and taking a chance that they might go back up a bit but money was extremely tight at the time and I just could not justify throwing away money like that. Man, sometimes I wish a was stupid and took dumb chances like that. 100 coins is worth a fair amount now.

  4. The client on seems to be virus infected. My computer will not let me download it and I get an error about the file having a virus.

  5. TFW you sold most of your Bitcoin at $30 each. I stopped mining ages ago once ASIC based miners took over and the power here cost too much to keep running, might be different now given the price is so high these days.

  6. Thanks for that. I'll give it a try. More from the couch please. I like the more relaxed vibe.What happened to Beardicus?

  7. Have you ever used a BananaPi? I want to set up OwnCloud, or a similar cloud-based file server, but I have not found a tutorial that works. Could you make a tutorial for something like that?

  8. Interesting. When I mentioned it to my son he nearly went mental (as I had refused to allow him to use my kit for BC mining a few years back when it was cheap!!). Now I might use my GTX1060 when its doing nothing. Do you have to do a full 24 hr period?

  9. I am interested! my pc is usually on 24/7 anyway. wondering how it would affect my "unlimited" internet service?

  10. Awesome video. I was always familiar with the idea of Bitcoins but never knew how to get started. It always seemed like this insiders secret? Thanks for sharing the wealth!

  11. Great info! As for the setting, maybe a plant or two, or a picture. I'm using my CPU on MinerGate–is nicehash a better platorm? Just curious.

  12. Thanks for the information. Sitting on the couch is a cool way to do your talks. I'll check out the information and let you know if it is valuable or not.

  13. Although the idea of mining your own bitcoin at home is cool, for anyone who is actually interested in making some money mining bitcoin and investing in cryptocurrency I would recommend you check out something like Especially if you are like me and dont have a massive amount of technical expertise.

  14. Muchas gracias Jonathan, realmente muy importante aporte que nos haces. Todo lo que nos pueda ayudar a la economía personal es bienvenido.

    Saludos y Bendiciones!

    Si puedes profundizar en el tema de la minería de BTC y Altcoins, te lo agradeceré, hasta pronto.


  15. Dude. Just gotta say, "how could anyone give u a thumbs down after you're being so cool about getting a thumbs down?" Thanks for your time

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