alright guys how's everybody doing today so today I'm gonna be doing a quick little review slash tutorial on miner gates I've seen a couple of people asking about miner gay is seen a couple people ask about other web sites or mining pools and this is going to be just a quick little tutorial like I said in 2019 currently it is February 24th and just kind of shown people how to get into mining and to see more or less just for the hobbyist actually because I personally don't think that mining in 2019 unless you have a dedicated rig with the proper equipment that mining is profitable at all I think it's more or less just gonna be for the really dedicated people but if you are trying to get into it as a hobby or kind of just trying to see how it works exactly then this video is going to show you how to get miner gate going in under five minutes because it really is very simple so all you need to do is go to miner gate comm once you're there this is going to be the home page to download the extension or to download the actual app to put on your computer all you do is just click on this Downloads button it's gonna take you to a screen it's got my personal info on there right now so I'm not gonna be showing it but it'll take you to a screen you just click download it downloads it you choose where to save it to and you have the application in less than less than a minute so once you download it let me go and open it up real quick because I already do have it downloaded once you download it it takes you to let me log it actually so it takes you to this screen here this is where you're gonna put in your email address do the one set up an account first before you do this but you can put in anything right here you could put in whatever you want as long as it's at a actual email account I don't know whose an email account this is but I'm just gonna put in 1 2 3 4 4 right now and then you can press start mining or take you to this screen here this is going to show you that this is the smart mining and it's gonna automatically set it up to mine whatever is easiest for your computer to make the most amount of money but if you want to actually go choose for yourself go over here to click on this little pick a kite pickaxe icon and it's going to show you all of your options that you have here so it has Manero Manero classic bike coin a theory classic a theory bitcoins somewhere on here I think it's down a little bit but then you go here you choose how many cores you want to mine with depending on your computer to show you how it'll max out with how many is available and then you just simply click start mining I'm not going to let it go for too long because I don't want anything to lag on the computer while I'm doing this recording but I do have another one going on in the background so I'll go to their go to their website which has a little bit of a dashboard and you can kind of see all your accounts because you can hook up more than one mining rig to one account and it has real-time updating all you do to go to that is to go back to miner gate comm you click on your dashboard and it has how much you've already mined I've been just going for like an hour this morning um with this rig just to kind of see how it worked out and then I also have a surface tablet that that I have going on in the background right now just to kind of show you an example of how this works so it shows I have mined 0 0 0 a lot of 0 is 194 which is pretty much next to nothing so right here it has your dashboard of all your coins I see cash Bitcoin gold a theory I'm ethereum classic Bitcoin litecoin by coin will come down to my narrow because this is what's going right now so that surface that's going on the background it is currently it has 35 hash which is not a lot to be honest you can see there's one worker going because I do not have i'm not mining on here if i were to start mining it would populate and it would have to here let's see here but this is going to be more or less the dashboard when you come on here you can check it from your phone so say you live you leave your rig going and you leave or maybe you're out of town whatever the case may be you can always pull up this log on to your account and it'll show you if your stuff still going how it's doing how much it's mine and for each different coin there is going to be it will always say uncle until you break the threshold so for my narrow it's point zero zero five coins may be mined before it will actually give this to you and put it in your in your wallet that are your online while on here which I believe a point zero zero two five or pointers or one whatever it is that is going to be twenty five cents so if you go to yeah the point zero zero five coins is twenty five cents which to be honest for me it's gonna take me a couple of days just to get there the amount of energy that my computers would draw just to get there is not worth twenty-five cents it's it's actually worth more so for me it unless I have multiple computers going and I have a rig it's just not profitable for me but it is interesting and if you're trying to get into it as a hobby I mean this is a great place to start I wouldn't say that you're gonna make a lot of money but it is cool just to see how everything kind of works everything else that is just a little rundown so he's showing that I am online because I do have my surface go and I haven't mined a single block yet I have mine my twelve thousand shares and you just saw there that this did go up on mine sixteen bad cherries which just means that I didn't submit them fast enough for the computed and submit them fast enough to actually count so I'm it's not going to count those ones but really there's don't happen too often as you can see it sixteen out of twelve thousands really pretty good ratio over here it's going to show you that the pool altogether so out of six thousand my six thousand and one miners different miners the pool is at three point four seven four mega hash and out of the entire world so everybody in the world that's mine in my narrow right now they are at eight hundred fifty nine mega hash this is the blockchain height that we're at so this is the block we're at and then this is the current difficulty to mine I honestly don't know hundred percent no with a different difficulties mean just because some of them are really high like aetherium is really high Bitcoin is ridiculously high and I don't think it's based off of money because bike coin is worth next to nothing and it's got a pretty high pretty high difficulty as well so I'm not a hundred percent familiar at that and then it also shows you here on the far right side that these are the top five users so if I scroll up here to my Manero that surface is producing forty three hash who but the the number one person is just about seventy nine thousand hash so really unless you have a rig I would say this is just gonna be a hobby thing don't expect to make a lot of money because I'd have gone for a couple hours I've only made nothing so this is just gonna be the quick little rundown on how this works like I said I would definitely get a dedicated rig I would do a lot of research before looking into it but if you're just kind of trying to get into it just to see how it works this out is you can download it on pretty much anything I downloaded on a tablet more or less and you can get going in just a matter of a couple of minutes and yeah that's pretty much the rundown there you do have a good selection of coins that you can mind but like I said unless you have a computer that has let's producing a lot of hash or you have a rig that's going I would say just probably stick to trading because in 2019 I don't necessarily think that um just GPU mining off your computer is very profitable but thanks for stopping by guys if you liked the video drop a like I am going to be produced a little bit more content I definitely love all the feedback that you guys have given and if you guys want to see anything else drop comment down below it's it's a it really helps me out so I think stopping by guys and have a great rest of your day

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