Millions Of New Investors Coming?! Ripple XRP 200+ Clients! (Cryptocurrency News + Bitcoin Trading)

what’s going on guys Patrick here
bringing you a brand new video today we got another killer video if you guys
full of information today we’re be looking at millions of potential
customers coming into the cryptocurrency space
we’re also be talking about expert be having over 200 clients as well tons of
other news that went on in the cryptocurrency space but guys before we
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set up but after that props is taken automatically for you so it becomes a
very very pass if I also share all of my portfolio updates everything that I’m
doing before I actually do it I share it in the group so that everyone
can follow along the quick moving on to some technical analysis there’s not too
much for us to cover in terms of technical analysis there’s a lot more
news that I do want to share with you guys specific to some of your favorite
all coins but as always I do want to go over the technical analysis see if
there’s anything that we can look at right now though what I’m focusing on is
this pretty insane how we are trading within the trading zone we’re trading
with within the support of five thousand three hundred and forty five dollars and
the resistance of five thousand four hundred and twenty five dollars pretty
much perfectly we’ve just been bouncing up and down up and down now if you have
the time to scalp this is the perfect opportunity where you can be scalping
these trades entering when it hits the bottom selling when it hits the table
waiting for it to pull back to enter again when it hits the bottom and you
can just be longing and shorting if you are on bit mix if you haven’t signed up
to bit mix yet I’ll leave a link down below that will save you money on fees
if you do go ahead and sign up it allows you to long and short Bitcoin with a
leverage you can make even more money and just these moves were very very
profitable if you have the time to sit down and watch this every hour of the
day if you do have it on the weekend for example like now could be the perfect
opportunity for those of you who want but you guys can see the big drop that
we had this big job came roughly around the
time the bit for next news I’ve seen some people say that well that wasn’t
exactly the news the Baron’s were already in before the news came out I
think they had a pretty big pretty big reason for the job I think BitFenix and
tether definitely caused a lot of fear in the market that caused this dump but
it was nice to see we bounced right off the support long wick on the way down
bounce right off the support and managed to climb all the way back up and now
training within the channel that we have been talking about so again waiting for
I’m personally waiting I’m not in a position right now I’m still waiting for
something to happen for things to line up a little better in order for me to
enter either a long or a short position so if I do enter one of those I will be
updating you guys on that but as always I do prefer to play it safe then you
know try and go for quality trades over quantity of trades as long term you’ll
still be able to make a lot of money we do actually zoom out to the daily chart
if you look at the daily we came down perfectly and bounce with the RSI on the
support of the trendline so if you guys were watching out for that you would
have seen the perfect bounce off here another potentially a long opportunity
if you were able to catch that on the big move that Bitcoin had down the
stochastic same thing currently over here waiting to see if we
will have a cross up and bounce off of this line again like we’ve seen happen
here here here here here plenty of times before I’ve had this highlighted for a
very long time so it is very nice to see it come back to touch that and then see
the bounce from the RSI thing that’s very good and it does indicate that we
you know still have the potential of moving on upwards like our theory or
like the theory that I’ve been saying for some time now still have time to
move up to the 5800 to 6000 ish range before coming back down and before
seeing that pullback that I think a lot more people are starting to except
they’re starting to realize that there might be the possibility that might be
what we go for before entering the final bull rather the bull run that we have
all been waiting for finally entering that bull run that we have all been
waiting for now if we look at open market cap we have a hundred and
sixty-six just over a hundred sixty six billion dollars in markup obviously
lower than the last time we looked at it because we looked at it
for that huge drop that came in here we have a hundred and seventy billion let’s
give it a refresh just to take a quick look at what coin markup is saying
compared to open market cap 171 billion with a fifty four point four percent
bitcoins on with liquid diamonds continuing continuing to climb more and
more something to definitely watch out for I would like to see it Bitcoin
dominance pull back a little bit maybe to the fifty percent just under fifty
percent as that will allow all coins to flourish and will allow us to see some
better gains for your all coins because you will have noticed in this run that
bitcoins had in the short term bullish trend that we have had all the coins
have nests been going on for around a but I’m about a month and I think was
April 1st so we first saw that huge explosion upwards all coins have been
suffering to their BTC Perry it’s totally normal it’s part of the market
cycles but still that is something that I would like to see the BT dominance up
BTC dominance jump a little bit so we can start seeing all coins recover if we
look at the game of bitcoins up half a percent on the day biggest gainers
though ontology come with just under 14 percent i OST orbs Tassos Komodos 0xa on
tons of cryptocurrencies performing very very very well definitely a lot more
green than red in the market right now now moving on into some news before we
jump into that I do want to ask you guys what your thoughts are on all the news
all the tether and BitFenix news that had come out you know talking about the
850 million dollars in lost tether some coming out some people and say it was
false like you say some people saying it was fun some people do believe this I’m
going to make a more in detail video about this in the future if that’s what
you guys want to see where I share more of my opinion don’t have too much time
to dive into that in this video because we do have a lot of other stuff to cover
but I want to hear your guys thoughts on this in the comments down below so let
me know in the comment sections what you think of this but bullish news for
cryptocurrency yelps Oh yelps accepts cryptocurrency tag could be a win for
mass adoption so this is going to allow people to tag that they accept
cryptocurrency when they accept cryptocurrency at the restaurant is
going to be a very beneficial for people who want to pay and cryptocurrency
although I still stand with my prediction that I don’t think most
people in the space are interested in spending their
cryptocurrency especially at these prices if they sold at 20,000 or 15,000
17,000 18,000 they sold Bitcoin then maybe they put it to tether expecting a
job whatever it may be if they sold them and maybe they’ll use those profits but
at that point they’re probably already converted to USD and they’re just gonna
spend US dollars at a restaurant they’re not going to be expended if they’re not
going to be spending their cryptocurrency when it’s down most
cryptocurrencies are down over 80 to 90 percent it just would not make sense and
Bitcoin itself from 20,000 to 5,000 over 75% drop I don’t expect anyone to want
to spend their cryptocurrency right now but it is a step in the right direction
as well just showing the ability to actually put this filter in there to put
that tag in there I do think it is pretty good news and even more good news
brave browser the rewards have started rolling out so if you haven’t tried the
brave browser yet make sure you do check out the link in the description to
download that’s 100% free and you will get paid in basic attention token that’s
going to be your reward for viewing ads so you know how on the internet right
now if you go on Google Chrome you get ads everywhere and you don’t make any
money traveling to look at the ads well now with the brave browser you’re going
to get paid for looking at the ads or if you don’t want to look at the ads you
won’t get paid which won’t have to look at the ads either that’s basically what
they want to do now there’s a lot of news that came out from this all crap
got a lot of questions from digit X futures it’s down over 48% if you look
at the last 7 days take a look at just the plummet that it had and the reason
for this this is one thing a lot of people are excited about looking for
potentially the bit Mex killer what happened here was that they came out
with a video they posted it on their YouTube channel 60,000 subscribers while
actually very impressive 10,000 people view this video they have postponed the
launch of the digit X futures platform because they had outsourced it to a
company that company did not deliver what they wanted to deliver so now when
they saw it it’s not what they wanted they want to make it better they wanted
to be the Big Mac skiller they don’t believe that the platform they got right
now what they have set up now is going to be it so they’re going
to have to postpone it again and that’s why you are seeing the price go from
just under nine cents all the way down to a low of one and a half cents
Wow right that’s a huge job for anyone holding this I know some people we’re
very very bullish on this and if it does turn out to be a good hole if it does
turn out to actually deliver a good project or deliver a good platform maybe
we’ll see the price climb back up and even possibly surpass it but on the
short term obviously a big hit if your portfolio just pretty much nine cents
goes to one and a half cents some of the lows that we saw back in early 2019 for
it all the way back down before that explosion that came in with obviously
the hype building up I’ve got I’ve got a lot of questions about this it was a big
big big loser in the market so I want to share that with you guys as to why
that’s happy let’s give this a refresh because I don’t know why this is doing
this but more positive news etrade is ready for it is ready Bitcoin trading
for five million customers so you guys saw on the title I said that there’s
potentially millions of customers still going to come into the cryptocurrency
space if we do contain that massive office especially when the Bull Run
comes and we continue to grow in growing development there’s going to be several
more than five million that are coming in but just in the short term with this
announcement in the wake of TD Ameritrade quietly opening Bitcoin
trading for some of its customers I was just told that eToro is preparing to
begin offering both Bitcoin and ether trading to its five million or so
customers and it’s just finalizing a third party to actually hold the coins
so big news again of opening it up to a lot more people of course not everyone’s
going to want to come in that’s why I didn’t say five million
guaranteed people are going to be coming in to market it’s five million potential
customers coming into our millions of potential customers coming into the
market still very very good news a very big trading platform a very popular
trading platform again just giving a lot more reputation to the space and Nike is
doing the same thing tons of good news coming out of the mark
guys good news even in the wake of the bit
the next tether issues even with the digit ex-future platform not coming out
and them dropping in price there’s still a ton of adoption news that have come in
our cryptocurrency is the new tool of corporations as Nike has trademarked
crypto cakes now I have no idea one like he wants to do with crypto cakes not a
clue in the world they’re gonna make cryptocurrency shoes I have no idea if
it’s just gonna have a Bitcoin local maybe it’s just gonna say crypto kicks
on it I have no idea of what exactly they plan
to do this I haven’t looked much into it but just the fact that they have filed
for the trademark and are obviously taking a look trying to find a way for
them to enter the crypto space this is a dense is definitely a step in the right
direction so again another huge name huge name in the world right Nike
worldwide a huge name tieing getting their name tied with cryptocurrency as
well and let’s end the video off for all our XRP fans for the ripple community
out there they have announced that ripple net has more than 200 financial
institution clients worldwide this came from the q1 report over 200 they’ve
surpassed that they had more than 200 financial institutional clients
worldwide their q1 sales the ripples q1 sales accounted for 0.32 percent of the
global XRP volume this is the main takeaways from the q1 report that they
posted out three billion XRP were released out of cryptographic
escrow 2.3 billion have now been returned and that XRP is listed on
approximately a hundred and twenty exchanges worldwide so it’s a ton of
good news that came out again for ripple the notable one the big one is how many
clients it hasn’t expect that number to continue to go up the mix I to see at
the end of 2019 for example not just q2 but at the end of 2019 at this rate they
could definitely have over 1,000 clients we’re gonna have to wait and see exactly
what happens with that guys if you did enjoy this video don’t forget to leave a
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but guys thank you so much for watching I’ll see you guys tomorrow for another

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