MIDAS.INVESTMENTS launches the AIRDROP with seven projects to celebrate the opening of the EXCHANGE

hey guys my name is Trevor I’m the CEO of Midas investments and today we’re going to talk about one of the biggest ad job campaigns that we ever had on – investments it is related with our brand-new upcoming exchange release that will be natively integrated to our platform and will have one of the most groundbreaking features that you ever saw on this wonderful market first of all you will be able to trade while while getting rewards so basically look at this face oh my god basically you will be able to get rewards while you’re trading orders will be placed on the exchange on the other side you will be able to put buy orders on any masternode coin and once it is executed the rewards will start coming right away isn’t that amazing and other features that will be available for all users really really soon will be instant sell of rewards and after this we will build the portfolio creation – and with rebalancing features and many many more to come are you happy she is happy so let’s start what you need to do to join our ad job campaign first of all you need to log into your – investments account then you need to click you will see this banner coming and there will be your email entered here this pop-up makes you the Alpha tester of our brand new exchange it will come in the next week once we finish finding all the box and finishing with design staff yeah yeah I know he really wants to join also then you need to join alpha testers and we will send you an email you need to confirm this email and it may be placed in spam folder so make sure to check this also then that’s it you will be able to join the first ranks of our brand new exchange and you will be one of the I haven’t got traders on it be the first one to test all those awesome features then what do we have so on okay what coins do we have participated in our awesome a job first of all we have obviously flying and – flying coin allows you to invest in our trading BOTS right now we have only one trading ball in the trades Bitcoin and use the he’s pretty strong on trend so make sure to check it out Midas coin obviously allows you to host your master notes for free on our platform using log n feature plus with exchange there will be a lot more activities coming for Midas coin so what great coins to participate in this ad job that will be distributed once the exchange is lounged first of all obviously Midas coin which allows you right now to use our platform for free to host your master notes for free and all we need to do is buy 350 – and lock them in your account you can do this in right over here zero fees awesome then flying coil blind coin allows you to invest in flying trading BOTS you can find it over here and it is a really powerful tool that manages BTC plus you is the trading pair on bit mix and make sure you earn the most on on every trend move that what do we have next by work the third coin that is going to be participating in our job is buy wreck by wreck is a great master not coin because they offer real solutions for real businesses they have white labeled solutions for launching your own exchange it is forked from beaches and the main competitive advantage from this exchange is that it has combined all the books with every other exchange on on by rec ecosystem so the more exchanges lounge on the ecosystem the more liquidity they have and the greater use cases for by recoil so it is really really great math not coin with really transparent team that has been working really hard for one year already so make sure to check them out the fourth coin that is going to participate in our ad job is 1 X 2 coin it is really really long term a sternal project that has a really great project based on the spots book and placing bets and placing bets in all kind of sports as you can see you can now use 1 X 2 to make your bets and to make some easy profits if you know sports really well and if you’re into different kind of sports the fifth coin that is going to participate in our job is pause which is animal charity in my opinion this is one of the best charity masternode coins in in the market right now with really noble developers that that has been managing their project very very very well and basically you you can join their awesome community that has been helping for many charities for for over a year and the health I think right now so make sure to check them out and I’m saying hi to ya that has been really really great developer of such coins as poss and Walt right now the sixth coin that is going to participate in the air job is cinema cinema it is one of the unique masternode coins and what makes them unique is their economy they create different solutions for blockchains and one of the most famous one is the burning of the masternode collateral what it makes you receive only rewards and your collateral is burned for one year this this is one of the best solutions for for huge emission problem that masternode market has and I really hope that much more coins will use their solutions to make their own coin better and last but not the least coin that that is going to participate in our job is spider that is VPS hosting platform right now you are able to purchase different VPS for your masternode coins if you do not want to overpay for voltar digitalocean or any those coins and make make sure to check how many coins how many master nodes you can install on one of the server because it can reduce your costs even lower make sure to check spider because this is one of the most decent project right now on the market and I am really happy that we gathered all these awesome teams and awesome projects to start our marketing campaign for our brand new exchange you can purchase all these masternode coins on our platform you can see there is a Buy button near all of them it it allows you to instantly oh my god she is leaving me my dog is leaving me so you can buy any of these coins on our platform with basically one click on the market price and 75% of the of the BTC earned will go directly to the buy order book on right now on the main exchange of the product and after we release our own exchange those bitcoins will be the buy wall for your favorite projects on our exchange so this way we we are solving the problem of the lack of liquidity on buy orders from many exchanges right now like rip the breach and cracks and so on all these projects will send some coins for our first traders to a job and to join a job I’m going to repeat this again you need to log into your platform account then go to this banner and join alpha testers after this once the exchange will be released you will need to activate your account basically by making one or more trades on our exchange so basically a few clicks and we will distribute all of the coins equally between all these awesome users so I think this sum this is some one of the greatest opportunities to join something bigger than just master notes on this market and make sure to check this out make sure to check all of these awesome projects out you will be able to buy these coins on our platform right now basically so join – subscribe to our social medias join our alpha testers and check out those seven great coins thank you for watching guys and I will see you in the next video

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  1. I have sent email to use the BETA Exchange, but it's not working, is it because it's still on being developed for us to use?

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