Microchip Implant ⚠️ RFID Chip in Humans – 666 Mark of the Beast (9)

RFID Chip (2019) – 666 Mark of the Beast Microchipping Humans so that same look and this is what the movies are all
about when you you know when you know they put out Iron Man and spider-man and
it was an Incredible Hulk and just all these so-called superheroes that is a
indoctrination that’s a conditioning of the mind to
prepare the masses for the benefits quote-unquote of taking the mark of the
beast because taking the mark of the beast the 666 is going to change your
entire DNA that’s why not only were no one be able to buy or sell
let’s have to mark these on their right hand or under forehead with the name
they will be damned for all eternity because they they’re their creation the
way God created them has been literally changed has been altered they’ve become
a new creation outside of Jesus Christ which is Antichrist damning themselves
for all eternity and being in league fires ooh this is a
lake fire type of judgment so you know this is this is a major sign at the time
did you have to get biohacking on a level and now that you can just
inject yourself with DNA sequence wouldn’t you get a microchip implant it
in your hand for work more than a hundred employee that a Swedish company
named epicenter are doing that saying its streamlines office life and an
office that could change the way a lot of Americans work a tech company
it was confident offering to implant implant tiny microchips into its
employees many of the employees including the CEO will voluntarily have
the microchips implanted into their bodies what did the employees say when
you brought this idea to them half of them actually within five seconds says
yes many are excited to give the new technology to try I think it’s kind of
cool just pop it up there and it’ll work just pop there it’s that simple so to
give you a sense here’s a grain of rice the chips will be inserted like this
grain of rice right here between your thumb and your forefinger and most of
the employees have opted in it is voluntary one size fits all I guess
microchips implanted in human bodies could transform the way we tackle many
everyday tasks some workers in Sweden are already developing and volunteering
volunteering rather to have chips injected into their hands that
technology can make some tasks easier and reduce the amount of personal items
employees need to carry a microchip implanted in his hand makes his life
easier it replaces all the keys and cards that used to clutter his pockets I
use this many times a day for example to unlock my smartphone it felt pretty
scary but at the same time it felt very I love gadgets and now I kind of feel
like I’m a gadget myself the next generation of chips will save lives by
monitoring health and fitness I’m fascinated by this I’ve always thought
it was the future that it would carry your medical records that it could track
the fitness that it could that you could buy your groceries with it right like an
Apple pay or something I don’t in yeah I’m skeptical I’m scared of becoming a
cyborg but if you guys go first I’ll join you I know it’s very
futuristic I get it but I think what’s wrong with just taking out your card but
good for them I think it’s the wave of the future that we’ll all have implant
and chips that have our medical records so you would do it sure okay so you’re
carrying around a phone anyway I didn’t know it you would do it to Charlie I
need to catch up not need to catch up now some employees are actually getting
microchip I can’t wait till this starts here at CCO about 150 workers at the
epicenter startup hub in Stockholm Sweden decided let’s do it let’s get
this microchip it’s about the size of a grain of rice
pretty small doesn’t hurt you barely feel it so you know you just go up you
just stand by the brilliant first I was completely against it but you know I was
thinking more about it and just the convenience of not having to carry
anything to just walk up to a door it opens for you just today and I realized
how much I appreciate that thumbprint and I’ll take whatever granted because I
can reset my 1742 coding oh my gosh supposed to do that I know I’m like what
would I the thumbprint so now you’re ready to go
the next and kind of ready for it you know let’s see what other
possibilities are out it’s great you never have to worry about losing ID
cards you know there were security purpose acuity it’s fantastic
I actually am intrigued by the technology the technology and you think
about all the things especially passwords of the past where Jimmy Dabbs
car would you be willing to implant something like this into your hands so
you could maybe easily open doors at work or even log onto your computer I’m
not if it’s that no River Falls Wisconsin company claims it’s gonna be
the first in the country to implant microchips in most of its employees a
business in Wisconsin implanting RFID Chip (2019) – 666 Mark of the Beast Microchipping Humans microchips in its employees in the skin
of their hands so what are they tracking and would you say yes if your boss asked
you to do the same industry experts forecast we could see these chips used
by hospitals to store our medical records even at airports to store that
passport information and that is just the beginning David right in their hands
right in our hands microchip meant to make the workplace experience faster and
more efficient the implant which has been fda-approved do you think this is
the future it is the future this is the future there is just as much interest
from parents with young kids that want to be able to implant their children
with the GPS chip when I scan my hand at my door the lights will turn on that I
want to come on and ac/dc will start up with hells bells we have a lot of non
employees that are actually going to be implanted with the chip on Tuesday next
week along with we’ve had calls from several hospitals
and about over 20 businesses that are very interested in getting this chip do
you be comfortable if the government or Amazon same thing I guess did this to
you well they do it to the military right now the government does and it’s a
huge tactical advantage out on the fields also with children and we had a
country call us regarding kidnappings they’re having a problem so I guess it’s
the next thing experts say it won’t be long until microchips are used as
passports driver’s licenses even to pay for things like public transportation I
wouldn’t be the first to try it but I think if a lot of people did it I would
do it implanted microchips may seem disturbing to a lot of people now but
maybe not for long this won’t be a big deal five 10 15
years down the road Melissa Timmons was skeptical but is now
chipped yeah right now it’s only to buy a candy bar and get in our building but
there’s a lot more that’s gonna be becoming with it I was hesitant what am
i implanting into my body and my kids were kind of the ones that got me
excited in the future we’ll be able to use it as a passport you can use it in
public transportation as a form of payment the latest innovation that’s
drawing worldwide attention how much does that hurt didn’t really hurt a lot
I think it’s a step towards the future the chips could eventually save lives
somebody who’s allergic to something or has a condition they could scan your
handi and all the information is there 3 square market is working with a Swedish
company to embed the microchips and its employees everybody wants to know how
big is it right in order to pay they won’t use a credit card all that have to
do is the wrist the owner Todd Westby his wife
and two children will also be getting microchip the latest office innovation
is a microchip implanted in the skin and designed to replace the traditional
keypad for opening doors using the copier buying food in the cafeteria
implanting microchips in humans it’s a move that’s meant to make people’s lives
more convenient at work a company in Wisconsin is the first in the country to
microchip its employees would you let your boss put a microchip in your body
human microchip and I’d love to have this conversation and maybe ten years
from now because like anything right at first it’s a foreign idea and then you
talk about it enough and it becomes something that we’re all so used to or
something major will happen and then we’ll all it really is almost like the
matrix I know you just walk up to you I don’t know would you ever get it I you
know what I don’t think so at this point a lot of our viewers have some really
good points about you never know what’s gonna happen right now
for the past 50 years America’s secret pre-tribulation rapture believers have
assured Christians that they will be raptured away before the mark of the
beast and the Antichrist appear well tell that to India’s troubled Christian
population who are being compelled by the hindu controlled indian government
to have their fingers faces and iScan so that they can be enrolled in at heart
Adar is the massive biometric identification registration project of
the indian government it is administered by the unique identification Authority
of India at har which means the foundation is a 12 digit unique identity
number for every Indian citizen a unique number is assigned to each citizen when
their biometric data is scanned and entered into the national database
hadar is the largest and most sophisticated biometric identification
system in the world all 1.2 billion Indians will be scanned and assigned a
number and the project is almost completed it is mandatory that bank
accounts in India be linked to a dar in addition to banking services all
government services are linked to a dar – when the system is finished it will be
impossible to buy and sell in India without participation in a dar Prime
Minister Modi a radical Hindu is pushing hard for India to become the first
cashless society on the planet in 2016 mr. Modi’s Hindu
government banned 85 percent of India’s currency in circulation in a brazen
attempt to compel people to accept a cashless society imagine here in America
the United States government suddenly banning all paper money and coins except
quarters and $1 bills with almost every citizen’s scanned into the database at
har is the is only the beginning in India New Delhi also introduced in 2016
a digitized system called India stack it is a set of api’s that allow government
agencies corporations and developers to utilize the Adar ID infrastructure to
propel india toward becoming a paperless and cashless society India stack enables
citizens to store and share personal data such as addresses telephone numbers
bank statements financial records tax records and employment records the
personal records can be accessed and shared with others via ad are therefore
Indian citizens can use India stack to open bank accounts and brokerage
accounts make investments share personal records with anybody in India by simply
scanning their finger on their phone although there have been little
opposition to add are among India’s RFID Chip (2019) – 666 Mark of the Beast Microchipping Humans non-christian population many Bible
believing disciples of gee Christ in India are outright alarmed by
the government’s insistence that they be scanned and given a number so that they
may buy and sell

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  1. I would live in a garbage can before I got this thing in my hand. Eternal damnation is not on my list of things to do.

  2. Please! I beg of you!!! Receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior today!!! Please?????? He will care for all of your needs! This chip is the mark of the beast!!!!!! Please don't get it!!!!

  3. I wish God ended this filthy Christ hating world. I am sick and tired due to the promotion of Satanism through RFID chips, transgender agenda, etc.

  4. I'm an athiest but putting an RFID chip in your hand could be dangerous if it gets hacked you could be fucked.
    And who knows what the government could do with it.
    NATO and the UN are corrupt who knows what they could do with it.

    Untill I know that this technology is safe and that my information is secure I will get it.

  5. I had two dreams about this. The news anchor said she would wow. They just dont know what comes behind it. So biblical this lazy generation.

  6. isnt sweeden
    where they did that evil
    parade goat dancing. .
    weird parade ..yal
    this chip implant evil move there making isnt a surprise

  7. Do not be slaves of Satan and his RFID 666 mark of Science. God created you, not these machines. Jesus is on way, dont give up.

  8. I affirm and I am so happy and grateful that I have my own house ?️and my own car ? and I'm working the job that I love. And I have a beautiful wife and three beautiful kids. ?‍?‍?‍? Thank you universe.

  9. enslavement thats what it is. if they say: we're gonna turn ur chip off and theres nothing u can do. what would u do? lol its complete enslavement .

  10. the announcers make it seem like its a piece of cake, they just have no idea of what they are doing…..most things, when they seem "easy", arent necessarily the easiest…..Too many implications for satans work…I will die first….JESUS REIGNS…… I wont buy or sell, and I will die, thats ok with me.

  11. To all the people of the world, know this, when satan, and his Servent children, force, you to take their chip, let them know this. They don't have the power and authority, to cast you into ETERNAL, Torment and Agoney, or even to save your from it. And that's the True Death, where your, feeling will be ripped apart to millions of pieces, and your soul, will be suffering, for ever and ever, and that is HELL. "But wait Theirs only one name under the heaven and above the earth, that will save you from this. For he is to be called Emmanuel, and his name is (Haysus)JESUS. Their is no "G " sound in his name. Your's, truly Jesus Servent of EMMANUEL JESUS. By the power of the Holy Spirit be blessed and stay blessed. AMEN and AMEN. Give him praise thanks and glory, from this day, and on. For He is worthy of it, every day.

  12. Mark of Satan, Do not Take the Micro Chip, Read your Bible, It’s The Mark Of The Beast, be condemed if you have one fitted your going to Hell

  13. They should Call it the Human Tracking System, Be Condemed, if you have one fitted, A’s you will be going to Hell, Mark Of Satan , Read your Bible, Do not have one fitted at any cost, This Tech could end up Killing you

  14. For those who don't know how to live off the land that our Father gave us…ya better learn, if they ever chip me while unconscious I'll cut the damn thing out myself…

  15. How's what the Wisconsin boss said, 'When I scan my hand at the door, the lights will come on along with AC/DC's hell's bells.' He's not wrong. It's going to be the same at everyone's house.

  16. Buy guys. You are all going to Hell for eternity torment. ???
    Book of Hosea chapter 4-6 said, My people are dying for luck of knowledge.

    Reed book of Revelation chapter 13.
    Don't be deceived by Satan.

  17. You can buy and sell, total GPS tracking, convenient, alters one's DNA, immune system turns against itself leading to zombie state, loss of will and sovereignty, microchip will work in conjunction with the dangerous 5G, no privacy, eternal damnation in hell, grievous sore (Rev chpt 9, verses 4 & 5, total control and slavery by Artificial Intelligence, and etc.

  18. Revelation 13:16-18 King James Version (KJV)

    16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
    17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
    18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

  19. how many years do we have left till it becomes a mandatory ?? – i will not take it,. i just want to know how many years till it comes out worldwide mandatory ?

  20. My question is why is has to be implanted in the human body? sorry but not putting any kind of device inside my body.

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