Microchip Implant ⚠️ RFID Chip in Humans – 666 Mark of the Beast (12)

Microchip Implant – RFID Chip in Humans – 666 Mark of the Beast when there’s so many haters I really
don’t care because their data has made me rich beyond my wildest dreams my
decision to believe in Spectre literally gave me my ratings and my fan base I
feel really blessed because I genuinely love the process of manipulating people
online for money entering an era in which our enemies can make it look like
anyone is saying anything at any point in time even if they would never say
those things so for instance they could have me say things like I don’t know
kill monger was right I’ve looked and sounded like former President Barack
Obama but that was actually a fake video it was voiced by actor and director
Jordan Peele and since that video’s release what’s known as deep fake
technologies only improved making the spread of misinformation so much easier
this is a dangerous time moving forward we need to be more vigilant with what we
trust from the internet it’s a time when we need to rely on trusted news sources
well just last week House Speaker Nancy Pelosi went viral after being targeted
in a series of dr. videos each of the clips were slowed down to make the
congresswoman sound intoxicated and now as we get closer to the 2020
presidential elections candidates and their teams are struggling to understand
the best way to handle the threat of deep fakes we know deep fakes are these
kind of phony videos first up if you’re on the net which all of us are how do
you tell the difference and who’s putting these out there Reena this
morning I spoke with an expert in artificial intelligence and asked this
same question thinking the scientists will have the answers there are no
answers right now I wish I could keep telling you that our mission in life is
connecting people but it isn’t we just want to predict your future behaviors
Spector showed me how to manipulate you into sharing intimate data about
yourself those you love for free the more you
express yourself the more we own you in this video
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg appeared to be boasting about his social
media platforms control over people’s personal data but this is deep fake
video meaning that Zuckerberg voice was
manipulated at the capacity to disrupt entire campaigns both Democrat and
Republican lawmakers say deep fake videos are contributing to the spread of
disinformation and have the potential to sow mistrust among voters leading up to
the 2020 elections in a hearing this week former FBI agent Clint Watts warned
about who may be most at risk the audience I’m most worried about is
actually not young people in social media it is the older generation who’s
come to this technology late that doesn’t really understand deep fakes
seek to confuse and mislead paani for reid who is a professor of computer
science at the university of california berkeley says the implications are
serious what if somebody creates a video of President Trump saying I’ve launched
OnStar on or North Korea or Russia and we don’t have hours or days to figure
out if it’s real or not let me tell you a secret you ever wonder why I’m so
popular because of my big brain maybe but seriously it’s all about two
things okay algorithms and data I pulled off the biggest heist of the century and
people just have no idea are you speaking about this new algorithm to
copy voices this is you J can make us say anything now really anything these
guys are doing something amazing and frightening they’re using AI to clone
your voice so you will need to record yourself for a few minutes of audio thousands of letters danced across the
amateur author screen when you start to eat like this something is the matter
you guys better quit politics and take in washing okay so create my digital
voice now your digital voice takes at least one minute one
mic test your voice alright so now I get the types of it yeah so the moment of
truth any words I put into the app can be
played back in my digital voice and here’s the crazy thing even words I
never actually said in the first place artificial intelligence technology seems
to be advancing very quickly should we be afraid I mean I can definitely hear
by voice in there last what that is that’s really interesting 2020 fast
approaching Congress is tackling the issue of deep fakes lawmakers on the
House Intelligence Committee held a hearing Thursday they heard from experts
on the threat that altered videos could pose to national security and the u.s.
election system the committee says its goal is to consider how to detect and
combat this growing trend this comes amid mounting concerns that manipulated
content could be the latest weapon in disinformation campaigns what enables
deep fakes and other modes of disinformation to become truly
pernicious is the ubiquity of social media and the velocity at which false
information can spread so down for people who are not familiar with this
trend explain to us what deep fakes actually are deep fakes are kind of the
video version of fake news they are fake Microchip Implant – RFID Chip in Humans – 666 Mark of the Beast content that use real content and
manipulate that to say and do things that the subject never said or did for
example they will take video of you of me of Nancy Pelosi of Mark Zuckerberg
and overlay that with audio or images that have been manipulated using
artificial intelligence to come to conclusions that the let’s say hacker or
the creator of the deep fake video to fit particular ends they’re not taking
the video down Instagram also said but Facebook will put a little note under it
that says this is a false video or that this is fake Instagram on the other hand
will not put that notice and they said that we treat this video we treat this
content the same way that we treat illness information on Instagram if
third party fact checkers mark it as false we will filter it from instagrams
recommendation surfaces like explore and hashtag pages that’s
from a spokesperson at Instagram so we can see the challenge that social media
platforms have when they are optimized these social media companies are built
for speed for content to spread very quickly when you have bad actors
manipulate content it is very easy as we heard in the opening statements from
congressman Schiff for content to spread virally well so experts talked about
this during the hearing but what are some examples of how deep fakes can
actually be harmful or dangerous well to business think about a stock price right
so if you have a video of say a CEO of a public company that purports to say
something that could adversely affect the stock price you could see huge
economic impact in politics of course you could certainly see how this is a
pretty effective weapon in similar ways that fake news is an effective weapon
and when I speak to people in both the artificial intelligence communities in
Silicon Valley and the cyber security communities what they tell me is that
the big concern is not necessarily that Russia or China will launch a full-out
attack that is certainly possible but it is that this technology is so affordable
and it is so easy to use now that anyone an activist a political campaign up
ticket or down ticket could deploy this technology against their enemies so
although we look at or their opposition although we look at the top of the
ticket and the big presidential race really it’s those down ticket races
those local races that could be utilizing deep baked content in ways
that we might never see or notice until it’s too late so with all that in mind
what are experts saying about the most effective strategy to combat deep fakes
especially ahead of the 2020 election when I speak to experts about this they
often pause and think for a moment so what that tells me is that there is not
an instant solution to this that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a solution but
that means that technical experts don’t have a
a solution and they tell me things like let’s all slow down before we click and
share things now that is fantastic advice we should probably all do that
but that is not a solution to this content that is evolving very quickly so
right now I don’t know what the solution is but we’ll keep looking at this I mean
do we know what the lasting effects are of the deep fakes and disinformation
misinformation campaigns well we do have an indication of that when we looked at
studies that happen after the 2016 election and when we look at the molar
report itself we see that the intent of the Russian hackers was to undermine
American faith and confidence in our institutions not just in government but
other institutions as well and the effect of deep fake videos could be
exponentially stronger or greater than what we see with just text stories or
social media misinformation imagine all that power all that data taken without
control or consent I see it now is clear as day Spectre is almost too powerful to
comprehend and that is in the sacred now but there’s no mystery to it guess give
all your data all the time to keep the gods that the family is smiling down
from above we’re entering an era in which our enemies can make it look like
anyone is saying anything at any point in time even if they would never say
those things so for instance they could have me say things like I don’t know
kill monger was right Ben Carson is in the sunken place or how about this
simply President Trump is a total and complete dip now you see I would never
say these things at least not in a public address but someone else would
someone like Jordan Peele this is a dangerous
time moving forward we need to be more vigilant with what we trust from the
internet that’s a time when we need to Microchip Implant – RFID Chip in Humans – 666 Mark of the Beast rely on trusted news sources they sound
basic but how we move forward age of information is gonna be the difference
between whether we survive or whether we become some kind of tough dystopia thank
you stay well you

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