47 thoughts on “Michio Kaku – Where Will The Digital Economy Take Us?”

  1. "contact lenses" – ITS A CHIP, and theyr CHIPPING EVERYONE – and yes i got it in jail they were trying to coex me into being a narc snitch rat motherfuckin snitch spooks

  2. We become Masters WITH Nature… it’s all relationships made between the different “frequency” not control over it. Intelligent mind doesn’t need controlling. Seeks to be seen

  3. so robots will take over manual jobs and people will have to work in services … so that's mean there will be more prostitutes ,porn and drugs dealers .. .. great … looking forward to this future …. i can't listen to these small minded brainwashed retards … perfect capitalism 😀 😀 …stupid idiot

  4. Dr/prof/michio kaku..is the MAN in there,the brains of their wealth increase in the future,most of the rest are ESL fat pig idiots looking for another money grabbing idea from a smart man.

  5. This video is amazing Michio and Jack in the same room. Only in 2018 can we learn from geniuses and billionaires like this!

  6. so what would happen if you tell your car to open the door and it replies, "Sorry Dave, I cannot let you do that."

  7. jack ma applied to harvard ten times i called the harvard homeless shelter to get in and im edward snowdens cousins step cousin their uncles started the lottery systems their family business was the lottery

  8. I disagree that the kids will figure it out…
    No the kids will be out of work and competing against super AI and robots and unable to keep up.
    Also having less controls and regulations on corporations? Lol…
    Seems like it’s a race to get as wealthy as possible right now and who cares what happens later.
    Since that is how capitalism works this is coming.
    With that Context some of the ideas are ok.

  9. These things like downloading memories opens to door to, can you make someone think they committed a crime when they did not? When a car crashes itself, who do you sue? What if someone doesn't like you, can they crash your car for you? When you have the internet on your eye, can it make you hallucinate? How do these wifi frequencies effect cancer and our brain? Why has cancer not been cured but we can download a memory? Why are there no laws and regulations pertaining to mind control. Why are AI computers allowed to mingle on the internet, is this not how skynet was made? Why are there no laws against GMO's growing outdoors, they blow in the wind into property of people that do not want it, do they not have the right to keep that out? how is targeted advertising not illegal yet? Who and why do people get to listen to me?

  10. Brain net would likely replace the Roman mind control we have been subjected to for 2000 years? Will it stop the war on Gaia? Or will those who war against her be brought to justice?

  11. one word business one world order, thoughtless society, cattle while the elite make these wonderful ideas come true

  12. Meh, all this has been said before. Got bored hearing them say it again. The future's still unknown – there can be unpredicted breakthroughs which totally change the picture of the future. Anytime some new breakthrough happens, the talking heads latch onto it and re-make their predictions again.

  13. So the Health Nut walks into a deli, Automatically their Wall lit app pops up on their phone with a menu prompt that has a caloric calculative for their order. Health nut places order on phone screen, their Wall Lit app deducts the charge, and the food info transfers to their food pyramid diagram and exercise agenda saying it will take 30 minutes to burn those calories. Good Thing, because the gym is his next stop.

  14. Am I the only one who feels insecure with such technological advances? I dont like the idea of digitizing human beings! Let us be organic! Am I all alone?

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