26 thoughts on “Michael Joseph | The Occult Aspects Of Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, & Blockchain Tech”

  1. Bitcoin is the perfect example of "willing" things to happen. It's price is determined by what people believe it will be in the future. It's the best example of the "power of positive belief" or a self-fulfilling prophecy. Those of us who can read the market's collective mind have a huge opportunity to make money on bitcoin. Understanding how the market "thinks" is the easiest way to make money.

  2. discovered this channel its moving up fast to a favorite and I have lots of catching up to do on your vids and I am thinking of joining on the dot com so I can hear the extended interviews! Keep up the great work I am so glad 8 found you!

  3. "Charagma" = ancient greek word for a coined token showing the ownership of a slave and also, the imprinted mark on money.

  4. Worst THC episode ever: this guy just puts a bunch of unrelated buzzwords together (JFK, Lucifer, chain…) and then thinks he has some "story" or "theory". Even from an answer-seeking perspective, it's total BS. I would rather hear this guy's farts, they probably have more substance than his so-called theory. Awful.

  5. This is truly embarrassing to listen to, I havnt cringed so much in a long time. Michael is completely discrediting any of his previous work by showing his process of studying the occult is to make massively tenuous links about subjects he openly admits he knows nothing about. Get somebody on to talk about cryptocurrencies that knows about them otherwise everything discussed is completely irrelevant. There's currently 1800 cryptos listed on coinmarketcap all have to create a logo, if there wasn't some that showed signs of occult symbology that would be extraordinarily beyond the realms of chance! Symbology needs intent behind it or it isn't occult it's just picked to be pleasing to the eye by marketing teams who don't even know occultism exists

  6. I started studing reanimation and its relation to pinocchio. It lead me to transhumanism. Theres a project Blue brain. Further research lead me to a book called "the melancholy android: on the psychology of sacred machine".. I think it may be worth mentioning that there r 3 parts to transhumanism/reanimation: body soul mind.

  7. Fuck me. Dude admits out of the gate he no understand finance Roman circus. What fuck is he doing with Carlosmadera aka Carlwood?

  8. As a fan of crypto, im trying to keep an open mind. I feel like u guys are kinda reaching for this one. Again i am biased as a fan. I hear you, but keep in mind that, unfortunately, all this illuminati bullshit and symbols has become popular amongst the sheep, and when you figure there's a lot of programmed millennials involved who just think the symbols are cool, well there's that. I understand this could be part of the plan to normalize and sneak all the shit in. I also consider that basically everything in this existence is part of their trick. All we can do is try to trick the trick and grab a small sliver of pie on the way. Binance, again i hear ya, but it did make some sense they were just trying to relocate somewhere with no regulations and an opportunity to really bypass the world financial system. I mean we are seeing other countries get out of the SWIFT system, definitely a big change is taking place, im gna try to remain wholesome and humble while quietly receiving my sliver of pie…just my two satoshis(just noticed sataoshi is now in my keyboard dictionary)✌️

  9. Blockchain is a digital ledger that will record all assets in your possession. The issuer of the currency (digital or paper) that is used to buy those assets retains first lien on the assets because they were bought using a debt instrument or a promissory note. You never really paid for anything. Therefore, it will allow taxation for the use of those assets. Feudalism in the digital age.

    The Proof per U.S. Treasury: "The idea was that if the Congress dissolved the Federal Reserve System, the United States would take over the notes (liabilities). This would meet the requirements of Section 411, but the government would also take over the assets, which would be of equal value. Federal Reserve notes represent a first lien on all the assets of the Federal Reserve Banks, and on the collateral (your stuff) specifically held against them."

    It is also part of a e-citizen agenda that will allow for an international system of title registry. This system is being developed with the help of the military. Very Concerning.
    "Since 2012, blockchain has been in operational use in Estonia’s registries, such as national health, judicial, legislative, security and commercial code systems, with plans to extend its use to other spheres such as personal medicine, cyber security and data embassies.
    Blockchain technology solves many of the problems that data governance professionals have been trying to solve for years. The technology developed by the estonians is also being used by NATO, U.S. Department of Defence, as well as European Union information systems to ensure cyber security."
    Source https://e-estonia.com/

  10. I pray he comes to an understanding of awakening from those readings, not trying to be judgmental only simply stating what I believe to be absolute truth, anything outside The Word Of God are false doctrines, in my honest humble opinion. And also if one were to research readings, they would learn that they are not only esoteric but it's roots come from the occult and secret society's. All things hidden will become known as were in the times of increased knowledge in the last generation spoken of in the book of Enoch, Jesus Christ is the way the truth and the life no one gets to the Father except through him. Pray for the Full Armor of God for what is coming upon the earth and Men's hearts will fail them for what comes up out of the earth #FlatEarth #WEDONOTCONSENT #JESUSLOVESYOU

  11. Many of his theories have crossed my mind. I thought that the expanding Earth theory had to do with outside radiation penetrating the Earth and then becoming matter when exposed to extreme gravitational electrical magnetic and material forces.

  12. It's funny, I was a subscriber of your show up until recently and I almost always listened on YouTube. Haha

  13. Though Michael Joseph seems to know some things about esotericism and the occult, this was a rather poor analysis of crypto and DLT, denoting severe lack of understanding of cryptography. The dots he thinks he's connecting seem very disjointed and random.

    Cryptocurrency means cryptographic currency, because it's entirely based on cryptography. It's not "occult currency", it's open-source software mate.

    Blockchain is only one type of distributed ledger technology (DLT), and is simply a descriptive term for how transactions are bundled together over time (blocks in a chain). Transactions are represented by a cryptographic hash which are of a constant length, so if you bundle many together one beneath the other, it looks like a "block".

    Mining is an analogy to mining gold, and is the mechanism (the first one invented anyway) that replaces the central banksters. It's the opposite of a reference to slavery.

    It's not at all a hierarchical system, it's decentralized. That's the whole point! If it's not decentralized, it's not a real cryptocurrency (e.g. Ripple).

    Michael Joseph clearly hasn't done any serious research into cryptography, decentralization, cryptocurrency, DLT, blockchain, smart contracts… and therefore sounds clueless ("the security that the blockchain is coding things correctly or whatever" LOL)… and when mixing it with symbolism it makes him sound rather schizo IMHO.

    Out of thousands of crypto projects you would expect a few (or even several) to have references to occult symbolism, come on Greg! Ridiculous associations leading nowhere, while ignoring the technologies being developed.

    The main point or strength of Steemit is that it's decentralized, meaning that there is no place (with a central server) where someone could go to shut it down. Whales (wealth concentration) and initial distribution are well-recognized and difficult to solve problems in crypto, but that's about the only criticism of crypto you got right, frankly.

    Peace out.

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