Miami Crypto Exchange ICO Summit 2.0 Pitch

is Miami crypto exchange please welcome Victor Romero Miami cryptic chain will disrupt the whole market but before talk about the Miami cryptic chain I would like to tell you a simple history about some Brenner son Brennan maybe some uno guy or maybe many of you knows about some Brennan this guy is really interesting because he get rich in the gold rush with no goal and maybe you are asking yourself how this guy get rich in the garage with no God he just realized that everyone was traveling to West to get the best and he decide to set up the Sacramento general store in sell the troubles and if we do the cooperation with what is happening right now in the market we can say that we are living that organization time and in the tokenization time this is angel investors in companies are creating tokens to rise capital in that's the niche that we want to catch Miami theater chain want to create the marketplace where the people can buy and sell the tokens and that's what we want to be to the tokenization of the market is imminent we're having non security tokens in security tokens and both of them will coexist in one place and will be fully regulated to be tradable and we will help do all those companies to be fully compliant with government and trade it inside your platform if we can take a look of these numbers we're checking the market the market size and we can see how this is growing up so fast and exponentially if we take a look in 2017 the ico market rise more than six billion dollar and in the first quarter of this year rise more than the last year completely if this grow up keep going at the same speed of growth we will have for 2020 a market cap of 10 trillion dollar with T so once I say this what this mean for you or what this mean for me what is mean for the market for me this means the creation of the stock market 2.0 and when we realize this we can say with our project why not create the stock market 2.0 or why not validate the digital assets for all those accredited investor that Herot or why not put both regulations in one place to be able to train on security tokens and security token well with the miami crypto chain we decide to create a stock market 2.0 we choose to validate the digital asset for a great investors and also we decide put both regulations in one place this number represent and a massive adoption of the market what are these two brands that you are seeing here in our holdings we have mercury cash that this opposes to a process stage revenue company that we have right now running that allows to the customer by with credit cards in wire transfers theorem – inside this platform in the miami heat exchange plans to be the crypto very way between the United States that in America in the Caribbean to connect the global market economy how we make money of course with the retail we defeat with the chain we plan to make the money with ography and also we will provide the wine label software for all those country that wants to be connected with the global capital market economy who made this possible nowadays we have a lot projects with website wallet addresses in white papers but we are a real company with real people in real project and we have 41 people in our team that I consider them like a Spartans because they never give up to make this possible and to them I am here today explaining this amazing project to you who are our competitors there are many companies trying to build the ecosystem like temple on open finance t0 in coinbase who are all partners we have many partners that are trying to helping us to build this amazing a a co system and I am here today because I want to bring the security token offering that we have where you are going to own those two brands mercury cash in Miami keychain or security token offering is already opened in life in the star engine platform and also is life through our website direct that is sto that Miami data exchange that's the information that I have for you today your questions and our work any question in the world of you know what I can count is like 10,000 goddamn crypto exchanges why do we need another one what's why did you decide to go off I mean entrepreneurship aside instead of just assisting something like finance or something else – sorry okay I'm just curious why you decided to start a new exchange as opposed to we're in as many of very nation industry and it seems like the more we can consolidate all of our intelligent really smart people that know what's going on here the better the exchange we can have instead of having a bunch of these what's happening with the streaming service we have Netflix Hulu CS CBS has their own one and it's fracturing the markets as such – where if we're talking about having liquidity I'm not sure if we have a thousand exchanges if we're ever going to get to acquit it – because we have people spreading their money against a thousand institutions so I guess why is your why is your exchange a better option and say just going to finance and trying to convert that and expand it into a crypto stock market of sorts yeah great question nowadays we have a lot of changes many of them are compliant and many of them are not compliant but the idea to create a Miami cryptic change is to help all the companies be compliant and the companies when the intrapreneur ships are creating tokens they don't need to understand regulation because we will be there to help them to be fully compliant because intrapreneurs need to be focused in the idea that he's rolling up with his project in also with all this massive adoption that is happening on the market with that organization there is not enough exchanges that will be on the market to do the onboarding process of all those tokens because it's not easy to be compliant when you are grading a token and that's the idea thank you over here so can you just repeat which which exchanges your mcx token is available on can you repeat which exchanges we can buy em cex token on well right now there are not exchange compliant with SEC life to at least security tokens all the changes that are trying to do this are working on it but there are not life exchanges that they can leave security tokens all the changes that are listing security tokens has no license and you need to be clear with it how are you planning on combating issues of money laundering and similar yes for for us when we're putting both regulations in one place of course the first license that we get for our company was the money transmission license for cryptocurrencies we were the first company get a dis license in the Florida State and when you get a kind of license like this you need to create a antimony London program following the ban Security Act especially for this market once you create this you should meet it with the government and they approve it and this is the way how you are going to report all the transactions through city arts or a suspicious activity report and this is the way that you are going to control the money laundering for a question sorry yes we are working in the paper war to be an alternative trading system under the rule 15 with the second yeah well thank you very much oh hey one question please one more oh no ok hey I wasn't quite clear you guys gonna be like a regional area you can focus on Caribbean and South America which it sounds like a really good idea to me because they're not being represented in this kind of industry so you guys focusing on the Caribbean and South America or is it global yes we are basing on Miami because of course Miami is considered like the capital of South America so all the wealth of South America is being concentrated over there and in that's the idea of course be focus on this internet eh all that capital market with the global capital market economy that is coming with that organization of the market thank you all right Thank You Victor [Applause]

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