MetaMask Introduction

Hi, and welcome to MetaMask. Today we’re happy to share our gift to the
Ethereum ecosystem. [music] The MetaMask browser extension turns Google
Chrome into an Ethereum browser, letting websites retrieve data from the blockchain, and letting
users securely manage identities and sign transactions. When you start up MetaMask, you are given
a seed phrase that can be used to restore all the accounts you ever create within MetaMask. You can switch the current account with the
switch account button in the top right, and you can add more accounts at the bottom of
the account list. Your account vault is encrypted and locally
stored within your browser, meaning no account information ever touches our servers. However,
with your secret phrase, you can easily restore your vault with the same accounts. At first glance, Metamask enables you to send
ether like a normal wallet application, but Metamask’s true strength lies in enabling
your browser to visit Ethereum enabled websites. Here’s a simple Ethereum distributed app,
or Ðapp, called Tokens, that lets you easily deploy your own currency. When you visit a Dapp like Tokens with MetaMask
installed, that website has access to the Ethereum blockchain via the standard Web3
Javascript API. When it wants to write to the blockchain, it asks web3 to send the transaction,
prompting MetaMask to ask for user confirmation. After you submit a transaction, wait for the
next block for the change to be reflected on the website…and there it is! Now I have my own MetaMaskCoins! I can check
my balance or, if I want to send some to another account, I can click the copy link on it.
I check its balance, see it has none, then send it some meta-coins! [music] This has been nice, but it’s all been on
the Morden test net. But with Metamask, I can always switch what network I’m working
on, say the main network, and I’m ready issue a token with the full security of the
main Ethereum blockchain. MetaMask connects to these blockchains with
no synchronization time because we host blockchain nodes by default. You can always point MetaMask
at your own Ethereum RPC Server, and fully control your connection to the blockchain. And that’s how MetaMask lets ordinary websites
talk to a trusted Ethereum provider, all while letting the user store and manage their own
private keys. We hope this will make it easier than ever for people to get started creating
and using a new wave of blockchain-enabled websites. If you’d like to get started with Metamask
right now, go ahead and click here to get the Chrome extension. If you’d like to learn more about MetaMask,
you can visit our website at You’re also welcome to join our slack, follow
our twitter or read our source code. You can find all of those links and more at

95 thoughts on “MetaMask Introduction”

  1. Can someone, please, write what he is exatly saying at 1:01 ? "Here is the simple ethereum ..?…?…?…?…?…Called tokens!

  2. Hello !
    Sorry for my bad english.
    I use your extension You could not tell me my wallet is "contract"
    or "basic"?
    Thank you in advance !

  3. How do i withdraw my money? It keeps saying i have insufficient balance. HELPPPP would like money today

  4. Hi I can see EOS tokens in my metamask but I am not able to understand how to use them or trade them. Please help.

  5. This is one of the only easy to use ethereum programs. All the others are confusing and not well explained. Thanks for making this so easy to use.

  6. Is there a written tutorial anywhere? I'm not very tech savvy and these videos go too fast for me and I hate having to keep rewinding! 😛

  7. If your metamask account is stored locally (not sent to any servers) how does the seed phrase allow you restore all you accounts on a completely diff browser? Does it mean a diff browser on the same computer only?

  8. Lost my 12 word seed phrase. my family and i could really use the money i have in eos… anyway the creators could help me out?

  9. if i cant simple send eth from metamask to mew, than metamask is not serios in my eyes.bljadj. i want my eth back dmn

  10. Hi what happens if my laptop I have MM installed on gets stolen and the thief somehow breaks into my mac air? They can use MMask without password?

  11. so you down load the extension start reading the bla bla bla keep a copy of thi………….. and it fukin disappears while your reading it yea OK

  12. This doesn't explain what it is, how it works, or what you can do with it.
    I suppose they figure you already know all these things.
    If I knew all of these things already, this video would be redundant and useless fluff.
    You show 3 wallets….. Why are there multiple wallets ?? Multiple CryptoCurrencies ??
    What's in them, and how did it get there, and where are the private keys stored ??
    If they are stored "in your browser", (whatever that means), do the private keys have to
    be manually retrieved, or is the main purpose of this program to be an automatic multi-wallet,
    with only one sophisticated password needed for sending money…… to where, specifically ??,
    only Dapps accessible on the web, other websites where you would normally pay with
    a "regular", stand-alone, wallet ??
    Do they have to be ERC20 currencies ??
    Where's the list of currently compatible currencies, and approx. how many are there ??
    Does this program facilitate moving one type of currency, in "wallet A", to
    a different type of currency in "wallet B" ??, or, are you on your own, and you STILL
    have to maintain separate wallets for each currency supported.
    How do you load the wallets ??

  13. Is there a decent decentralized exchange that integrates with metamask? Etherdelta is sketchy since new owners took over.

  14. I have Google Chrome and the Brave browser. If I download the Metamask chrome extension, will that work on Brave as well? or do I need a separate Metamask download/account for Brave?

  15. In Matamask I see the acronyn "DEN" at the sign up screen "Encrypt your new DEN". What does "DEN" stand for?

  16. when we will send coin to others address then is there need charge for it ? May we know the transaction charge please.

  17. You guys way off in a tangent in this setup video. I am no more confident in using, infact even more confused. "creating you own token" what the hell ?

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  19. 0:18 how does the fox icon/logo track mouse direction and what is it called. I want to learn how this is made

  20. i've been trying to move ETH from my metamask to another wallet. the transaction is stuck. i have put in 9GWEI but the transaction is still not confirmed. it's been a week now…please help

  21. So I still don't understand. I've tried to use Bitcoin and still haven't been able to deposit any money. It's so fustrating

  22. Please fix it, a lot of times when I do many transactions (I play Fomo3D) Metamask starts bugging and I can only fix it with a reseed. It's a hassle when it shoudn't be. Otherwise it works great, thanks for creating it.

  23. You will never become a millionaire buying and selling Bitcoin, it is too late. The secret is to buy into a small project and watch it grow. Bough AfterEther today, wish me luck.

  24. There is a new Update for MetaMask do we need to do something ? Like Uninstall the old Chrome App and download the new one from the Website ? Or is there any Update Function ?

  25. Hi, I've just created a concise (less than 2 minutes) tutorial on how to create a MetaMask wallet that shows how to get started: more detailed videos will come. Hope this helps a newbie to get started, cheers.

  26. 日本語でないから、何音うているのか分かんねー下手すれば、日本語で知らやからなくなっているのにーー

  27. Looking for some advice. I bought ENJ coins back in the ICO over a year ago. I have them stored on metamask. I have a Nano Ledger S, Kracken, Atomic wallets. Just wondering how do I withdraw from metamask to any of these wallets or so I need another wallet?

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