MemoryCoin (MMC) – The future of Crypto-Currencies

What is MemoryCoin? MemoryCoin is a CPU coin with a paid development
team and a limited supply. MemoryCoin is made on regular computers. There’s
no central control and it is widely distributed to ordinary people. There’s a paid team of developers, network and support staff even promotional guys and
gals like me! Every week fewer and fewer MemoryCoins are
made so existing coins will become more valuable. MemoryCoin stays true to the original vision
of Bitcoin. It is fair and open and everyone can take part.
Don’t miss out on this opportunity,

2 thoughts on “MemoryCoin (MMC) – The future of Crypto-Currencies”

  1. Its a shame there is no way to make the wallet use less of my cpu power .When it is mining it uses 100% and slows my computer down !

    Other mining wallets let you choose how much cpu power to use also there should be a setting so it only runs when computer is idol only !

    If you want this coin to take off you should have an android wallet that can also mine !!!!! with quad core phones and tablets im sure you would get a huge jump in users !

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