26 thoughts on “Meet Wemark – The blockchain-based marketplace for digital content”

  1. Wemark is the best place to sell #photographers handwork without any intermediate sellers.

  2. Tempting offer Wamark.But I like the project TokenGo,very promising proposals of the project.Read a Whitepaper on the website https://tokengoplatform.com and it's interesting to you.

  3. I enjoyed this project. It made me very excited. I believe this project will be successful. Thank you team dev!

  4. WeMark certainly provides a new and improved way of selling and purchasing content. Instead of receiving $0.25 per
    download and giving up all of their content rights, photographers are now able to decide the worth of their own material

  5. Being ultra pendantic but I thought it would be a cool fact. Van Gogh would’ve still died poor. His art style was in an age where the imitation of reality was the only respected style. Only until after WW1 did more abstract art become popular, and only until after WW2 did it really become respected in Western Europe. Nowhere in Axis occupied 1930-40s territory would you find this art being even legal.

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