Meet Granny Sunshine, China’s 71-Year-Old Fashion Model

Meet Granny Sunshine. She’s one of the most successful models
in Chinese online shopping. She’s 71, and she can pose for 100 photos per minute. Her posing is amazing. But I wanted to talk to her because her success,
in a youth-dominated industry like fashion, is a sign of some big changes that are transforming China. China is turning gray on a scale the world has never seen. In about 30 years, China’s population over 60
will peak at almost 500 million people. Countries around the world are getting older, but in China, decades of the one-child policy have
resulted in especially drastic demographic change. What happens when one of the biggest workforces in the world gets old? I’m Isabelle Niu. This is Quartz. These are the results when you search for clothes for women over 60 on, which is kind of like China’s version of Amazon. The results go on for about 100 pages,
and Granny Sunshine is in almost 90% of them. Well, she has a real name. Today’s shoot is all about sweaters. She’ll try on more than 150 of them. Yang says she actually had to educate the brands who hire her
about what people her age like and don’t like. The market for the clothes Yang models is growing
because of a change in the population. She’s part of China’s post-war baby boomer
generation, born between 1946 and 1964. It’s the largest baby boomer generation in the world, and in the next few years, the entire generation
will be of retirement age. That’s a group with a lot of purchasing power. Hu Zhan is a social scientist at Fudan University
who studies aging populations. By 2030, one estimate says the total amount spent by people
over 65 in China will reach $2.8 trillion. That’s seven times what it is now. Hu predicts that a silver economy boom
will hit China in about five to 10 years. But in one city, it’s already here. – I’m in Shanghai, the most cosmopolitan city in China. It’s also the oldest. One in three residents here is age 60 or older. This is one of the most lucrative sectors
of the silver economy. Retirement communities. About 1,600 people live here. The average age is 78. In the West, retirement communities like this have been around
for a while. But it’s a relatively new concept in China. And it’s catching on fast. Chai Keyue is 74 years old. He sold his apartment to move here about eight years ago. Chai’s story is a major change from the
longstanding expectation in China. Traditionally, the elderly are cared
for by their children at home. But decades of the one-child policy have
transformed the Chinese family structure, creating a whole generation of “4-2-1 families,”
with more older people than young people. In other words, more older people to care for,
and fewer people to care for them. And in the future, as lifespans increase,
that could get even worse. But Hu says the diagram only tells part of the story. That’s because China isn’t just getting
older, it’s also getting richer. Decades of economic growth have allowed the newest
generation of elderly Chinese to accumulate wealth. Especially in wealthy cities like Shanghai. But China’s hope is that that prosperity
will eventually come to the entire country. And that means the way China thinks about
its old people is going to have to change. Currently, China sets a mandatory retirement
age of 60 for men and 55 for women, and retirees are discouraged from rejoining the workforce. And this isn’t just true in China. Populations are aging around the world, which means seniors everywhere are increasingly able,
and eager, to be included in society for longer. But the tendency is still to think of senior
citizens as a problem. A drain on society. The global trend of increasing longevity
presents a chance, not just for China, but also for the whole world to rethink old age. For the hundreds of millions of Chinese
people just entering their golden years, the role they get to play might be a blueprint
for how societies get old in the future.

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  1. Some seniors (who wants to work) should be given an opportunity to work because they have alot of experience. And that makes sense. Maybe work that doesn’t require alot of physical activity.

  2. She's very pretty and what an inspiration, but did anyone other than me. The resemblance to Hillary Clinton in her younger years?

  3. Society should change its perspective! Because ppl are living longer! There're more ppl focusing on healthy foods & life styles! Society must realize many baby boomers are vibrant & should be allowed to work as long as they are capable! STOP PUTTING PPL IN BOXES! Each person is an individual & society should embrace the New aging population as still contributors to society! Granted It may chronological correct, but not necessarily look @ all aging individuals through one lense!

  4. yes! I think there's much to learn! I'm sad because I asked a few youngsters how old they want to live? Their answers are around 70, and I'm shocked! I'm 20 currently studying in Singapore.

  5. She's gorgeous. She should also go into acting. She's got the look of a rich and classy grandma in a Cdrama

  6. The secret to her being healthy and young is beautiful: because she gets to eat poisoned marinated food every day. ? ?

  7. 71? More like 40s. I think people like her since she seems to look more like the general population rather than the normal super thin models in China. People can relate to her more and are inclined to by clothes if they look good on her.

  8. I like the way Granny Sunshine speaks for the entire older generation of Chinese Seniors: "this is what we're going to wear next year.. this is what you're going to enjoy wearing!"

  9. I'm an aging millenial, and it makes me wonder how things would be when my generation reaches that age. I don't see myself retiring as well like this pretty grandma Sunshine. I agree that age or what society dictates shouldn't stop you from pursuing other things that will make your life worthwhile as long as you still have the energy and the motivation to live ??

  10. She's good looking because her mother breastfed her as a baby and toddler and she was raised on pure organic food!!! Unlike the dragons we see today!!! Modernity is making women ugly!!!!

  11. I love that these elderly are still mobile. Sure they are slower, but they walk, exercise, and stay active through group means. I remember when I visited China, there were elderly every day playing chess in parks and socializing all day. That's what keeps the old young at heart and healthy.

  12. 5:22 broke my heart.. The taxi completely ignored those elders who were looking for a ride… That’s so sad and infuriating

  13. Jesus loves you all and is coming soon! ❤️ if you haven’t repented and turned from sin and accepted Jesus as Savior believing He died and rose again for you, today is perfect and scripture says that today is the day of salvation!!

  14. 5:15
    To be included in society means by no means working until you simply can’t anymore!
    And there are so many documentaries about the problem with older people but nearly none about the huge problems with too many young people and explosions in population growth!
    Btw one of the reasons for the massive illegal immigration from Africa to Europe causing huge problems everywhere.

  15. china is the enemy …they do not deserve a good story….this video has a globalIst agenda ….this channel sucky sheet globalist agenda …this speaks of hypocracy…this reaks of hypocracy….~~~~>communist cuba bad ….communist china good… they(china) do not deserve a feel good story about them right now of course there are good people there ….but….the capitalist communists globalists state money power are the ones we fight …china is/are the enemy….people live in tiny 4 foot wide slave labor apartments …. they are not humanities friends …. there are political prisoners making stuff for sale without getting paid … they are offing people (disapearing people)this is a global agenda feel good story and is not right for it to not be called out… communist china is for money not human beings ….they are trying to kill hong kong democracy…there are communists who want world wide domination

  16. I couldn't put my parents in a home in the UK. I don't trust these workers with all this abuse on elderly people going round

  17. Thanks for doing this story, I see this woman on TaoBao all the time, and was so curious about her! Absolute superstar (and fashion goals)!!

  18. German healthcare system = Old people sitting in there own poo waiting for a caretaker who doesn't have the time.

  19. I do think 70 is the new 50. My parents are in their 70s and my Dad still works and my mom is as active as she was in her 50s. I think remaining busy and engaged with society has definitely affected that. They don't seem like the 70 year olds that were around when I was a kid.

  20. old people can still work if they take care of their body at a young age. thats what imma do so i can still be mobile and health condition free at 70.

  21. I loved this doc! The lady was terrific. It's amusing when idiots treat seniors like oblivious children. I love being a full time Health Care Professional here in Canada with 67 Winters, with no intention of stopping work. I'll inevitably change HOW I work, and of course random chaos always joins the fun: I have the best life I've ever known, still learning, singing and dancing. Why not billions more people? In Canada, of course, MY biggest expense is TAXES, as we pay more on taxes, than on food, shelter AND clothing. Those people are mean.

  22. WoW they all looked younger than 50.
    I dont think its merely genetic so they really must have something working. I know folks 45 look 75 ?

  23. so half of china is going to die in the next 20 years… damn.. least they wont be struggling then.. also very sad.. imagine how many peoples families and loved ones would die.. i thought losing my great aunt and a man i looked up to as a father figure was rough, imagine half a billion.. 🙁

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