MBA and Art Students Collaborate on Cryptocurrency Projects

– The course came about because an artist, very famous German conceptual artist and filmmaker, Hito Steyerl, had visited the Yale School of Art and she began to explore
collaborative activities and we talked about how we
would bring Yale MFA students together with MBA students
to collaborate on something. And the cryptocurrency turned out to be a wonderful catalyst
for that engagement. – In effect, the focus was how
do you make a cryptocurrency that is art or has meaning or has value? And so we worked together
over the course of a week with various lectures and
workshops, separate meetings. And in the end we came
with a tangible project that we now have gone beyond the course and are continuing to work on ’til today and hopefully we have it
completed in the spring. – As with many people who
are kind of interested in a topic but they
don’t know much about it, it’s easy to caricature things. And my hope in bringing them
together was that the artist would appreciate some of the
complexities and intricacies and get engaged in some of the real world, or even theoretical, but
financially constructed world. And perhaps that would
spark their imagination, their future interests,
and the resulting art would ultimately be more
sophisticated, more meaningful. – Initially when I signed
up for it I thought it would just be an
interesting intersection of finance and art, and
a little technology. – It was wonderfully interdisciplinary and just the kind of thing
you would expect to happen at a place like Yale where there’s a lot of cross-pollination if you will. – And so coming away from the
course I really learned a lot not just about the currency
itself and what its place in the world is, but also
just how to take any object, take any element of society, and really analyze it truly
deeply through an artistic lens to get more tangible insights into it. – Our MBAs at School of
Management are really interested in careers with meaning,
careers that relate to other parts of society. And I see a real hunger
in many of our MBAs for connecting outside of
management and business and finance to areas that
give life meaning and purpose. And art is just one of
the most important things that human society does.

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