MB8 Coin Questions and Answers.

hello my name is Robert Neate I’m co-founder and CEO at blockchain Scotland alongside me is Chris Stewart chief operations officer and Paul Stuart

chief business officer we are here today to answer some key questions as mb8 coin approaches the end of its ico stage together we have been working hand in hand with multibuy to successfully produce mb8 coin over the last 12 months we’ve established an excellent working relationship that will continue beyond the creation and release of MB8 coin there have been many hurdles over the last 12 months however both teams have worked tirelessly to produce a out standing end product which will benefit everybody involved in Blockchain Scotland will continually strive to provide the best value and unmatched services to its clients we strongly believe that regulation is an essential part of our industry not only for accountability but for the sustainability over the years to come we would like to thank the community for its patience and understanding through extensions to the ICO which have been due to the rollercoaster of becoming regulated becoming regulated in an emerging market is always challenging and may come with many delays nevertheless you can rest assured that as always we are delivering the best possible end product to you unfortunately we are facing yet another delay in our process of becoming regulated after discussions between both teams and our legal representatives we have taken the decision to complete the current ICO as planned we will create the Genesis block distribute the coins placing them in your control subsequently we will likely run a second ICO in order to fully comply with regulatory requirements everybody who holds MB8 coin’s from the original ICO is assured that they are guaranteed to be able to swap the coins one for one to the new regulated version once the transfer is complete we will no longer be required to maintain the original coin we would personally like to thank everybody for their ongoing support I look forward to seeing the future of MB8 coin I will now pass over to Chris to ask the community questions myself and Paul will answer them to the best of our abilities Thank you Robert so I’ll now ask questions That Have been put forward by the community over the last couple of weeks in preparation for the end of the ICO and as Roberts mentioned himself and Paul I’ll answer them as accurately as they can if you’re missing any of these answers they will be provided to you in writing to the whole customer database via email so you can go through them in detail there as well so question number one I would like to know when my Eurocredit / Eurocredit plus and the withdrawal balance I had in my account that I was told we would be paid five times the amount of the withdrawal will be transferred over to my wallet, I can give you the answer to this one the official answer from the company on this one. They released an official email to all customers and those that followed the instructions have already had Eurocredit credit amounts exchange to MB8 tokens if you have not had this exchange done please email [email protected] with your name email address and account details so that the MB8 coin dedicated support team may review this on your behalf and advise you on how to proceed Eurocredit classic conversions are scheduled to take place in the coming weeks so question number two other thing you’ve already covered this question with that answer we’ll ask it anyway when and where can I see me you know credits has turned an MB8 a coin And the answer that was given was Eurocredit classic will be converted in the coming weeks and the customers that that’s relative to will be informed again I think this question on Eurocredit Has already been covered, I’ll just touch on it when will the Eurocredit turn into MB8 coin? and be added to MB8 coin yeah we’ve already covered that in the previous question I think that’s the last on The Euro Credit side we will now move on questions regarding MB8 coin specifically, and so the next question question number four I would like to ask the question of when will we will have a final total of our tokens and the wallets ready for launch? I’ll answer that one Chris the Genesis block will be created before the end of the ICOo shortly after this is created customers will receive details on how to download their wallet total tokens held by customers will then be issued in MB8 coin you should be able to view your current balance tokens in your MB8coin.io account and your referral account, your referral account will be transferred into your MB8coin.io account in preparation for distribution after the ICO concludes. Excellent and moving on question number five now has there been found a solution when exchanging to fiat currency directly without first moving into Bitcoin some exchanges already provide the opportunity to exchange any listed cryptocurrency directly to Fiat without first moving the coin to Bitcoin so the answer for this is yes we will provide further information on the exchanges that provide this facility once mb8 coin is listed upon them we are continuously exploring a variety of implementations to provide MB8 coin to fiat exchange fantastic so moving on to question number six is it true regulated coins can just be treated on regulated exchanges if so are there any regulated exchanges if not do you know if any exchange that has applied to become regulated and how long time with that process normally Take? At the moment there’s a lack of official information to confirm the answers with any certainty it currently looks like regulated coins will be able to be listed on any exchange both regulated and unregulated but unregulated coins will only be able to go on unregulated exchanges. fantastic question number seven I have several customers who has bought talking is just using the name and personal address if they want you to move that to the register company name how we they go about doing this that’s a nice simple one Iíll that one thank you Submitting KYC in the company would be the easiest way to achieve this however I would suggest that the first send an email to [email protected] with the name and any amendments that they would like to be made the name they Want the account to be registered in so that we can change this on their behalf and guide them on the information that we might be required to do so thank you So question number seven after the 31st of March walk date is MB8 launch onto a live exchange I’ll take this one again MB8 coin applications will be submit immediately after the 31st of March for multiple exchange listings and both the application form and communication with the exchanges has been in process ahead of now already that said acceptance day and the exact date the MB8 coin goes live on the exchange is not something that the company can control and this will be dependent on the individual exchanges so the time frame is not something that we can speculate on advance application state exchanges has been on hold due to our hopes of regulation being completed but as I said previously as soon as we have finished ICO we will submit the forms so number 8 Paul just leading on from that question next question is what exchanges will MB8 coin be listed on MB8 coin will be submitted to multiple exchanges as mentioned previously we cannot confirm the exchanges at the moment that will accept us obviously but as soon as they have been accepted will inform the community thank you question number nine
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when will MB* tokens and MB8 referral tokens be merged and how do we then actually use them on the exchange Again weíve already touched on this previously balances will be combined shortly after the ICO is finished in preparation for distribution they’ll be combined in one place yeah and customers will be sent rather than login details to access the merged balances correct question number 10 how do we manage our coins in terms of staking etc will our MB8 investment appear differently on screen so we can move coins around? ok Chris the answer to this one is MB8 coin Tokens that have been purchased or exchanged For Eurocredit plus can be accessed in your dashboard at mb8coin.io if you have any difficulty access and these please contact [email protected] and any tokens earned by affiliates are accessible through MB8referral.com once again if you have an issues please contact [email protected] to access these the company has A dedicated support team as you all know and please use us if you’re having issues with accessing. Thank you so the next question how can / stroke will the company help MB8 Coin in increasing value at after launching on exchanges this is a good one for you Rob if you wanna take this one the company already has products and services that are available to use in conjunction with MB8 coin this in itself will help the coin have value And stand out above most of its competitors the company will be streamlined in these services moving forward based on community feedback and is proud to operate a consumer-driven business the introduction of more businesses services and products is the primary objective of that company in order to potentially increase the value of MB8 Coin. Excellent and a follow from that one is how can the members help MB8 Coin to increase in value? well as always there are many ways the community can help the value of MB8 coin and this will be delivered through direct communication with the community from the company additional upfront feedback On what customers want to see is essential so we’re always willing to listen and the company may evaluate best ways to deliver value through products and services offer them line with expectations or preferences of any of our customers we always like to listen to our customers. Yeah so I’m just picking up on that as well because such an important point you are on a consumer-driven business so it’s very important the customers feedback openly and honestly about what they want to see from there we can deliver what they want to see in that in itself is another massive way in which to help the Value of companies and the project itself and moving on to the next question can we stake MB8 coin for mobile phone or tablet I will let Rob answer this one because it’s technical. although we have the ability to stake via a web-based wallet that’s not a function we will make available at the start as we require QT wallets to be downloaded to ensure the network Stability. okay so yeah in order to have the network broad enough and spread enough we’re not gonna turn on that function right away although it may come later. Canwe pay with 100% MB8 coin on multibuy shop for products and Travels? This is one for me Multibuy platforms will secure the value of MB8 coin a minimum of 1 euro for payment on products up to 100% on travel may be used if the price of MB8 coin goes up over one euro it will be able to be used for the full payment on all or any services offered by the company. Excellent so the next question what do I do if I have more than one in MB8 Coin account can I collect the coins in one wallet and this has been covered but you just wantÖ Yes if you have more than one account once you receive your MB8 coins you have the ability to transfer them to any wallet and any exchange of your choice. and the next question you’ve covered there as well Robert. Will my coins from the referral site be transferred to the Wallet? Yes they’ll all be into a single wallet and transferable Fantastic and sorry one of the questions written in yellow it’s pretty difficult to read and many have bought tokens in their own private name if they wanted to change it to a company registered name how we do tat? Paul you already covered that you want to just reiterate the Answer? yeah this covers the question again submitting KYC in the company name would be the easiest way to achieve this however suggest the first send an email to [email protected] and advice send an email to [email protected] you’ll receive guidance on any documents or due diligence that may be required in order to change the name of your account so the next question and the business plan for the coin that we got concerning the MB8 coin value vs milestones achieved were talked about it between 1 to 20 euros 20 to 50 so on and so forth when certain milestones were reached that was at the beginning of the journey what is the perspective on this at this point of the journey? this document was based on speculation and while the opinion of the company may but this stands this can in no way act as any form of guarantee in such an unpredictable and still emerging place yeah excellent so moving on to the next section a little bit more technical question supposed to company direct questions the commisions that will be given for those who are going to stake will be paid out daily, weekly, monthly or Yearly? as this is not clear for the moment hopefully will be paid on Pro rate percent annual daily basis and will you just explain that as well please Rob to stake you need to hold your MB8 coin in the QT wallet provide your QT wallet is running and set for staking the rewards are paid out multiple times per day whenever you are the lucky one to hit a block the pay I speed is variable dependent on the network load and your weight within that network so if you hold more coins you have more weight within a network your hit blocks more often our previous network test showed pair on matured coins can be expected sometimes in as little as one minute for a coin to mature it has to be in your wallet for three hours okay. So moving on the next question KYC how is the safety when I’m uploading to the website well that’s one I can answer and currently i can assure all customers its perfectly safe to upload KYC documents to the website the websites is behind our security firewall and additional to this the website is run on HTTPS Security protocol to encrypt customers data between customers computer and the Server. optionally you could email the KYC to company directly also under the [email protected] if you prefer to do that rather than use the site but I can assure you the site is safe as safe as safe as a website can be, obviously some blockchain solutions offer even better security protocols but weíll not go down that route today well answered so the next question is will Multiby shop get a more professional look later on, great question I may answer this one as well I think This is a great question yes Multibuy Have received very constructive feedback from a number of customers and are already issued to different development teams to be implemented so yes you will see many changes and advancements based on that what the customers want to see as we say we always try to listen to customers and please them excellent so will it be the company that sell on the products on the shop that gives guarantees? businesses that register with the new Multibuy shop will be made aware during the application process of how the guarantee process works if a customer has any issue with the product they should email [email protected] and Multibuy will deal with the business on behalf of the customer. excellent covers that well so the next question back on QT wallets again when will the QT wallet be available to download well answer that one for you the QT wallet will be available to download once the ICO has ended and as I said previously we will send you all the information on how to login and download your wallet once that time comes I know just off record a little bit off the questions I know you’re working on a how to guide as well for customers at the moment Robert. Yeah we can expect that to be delivered to the customers with clear instruction Yes instructional video guides on how to download wallet and and we may even do that as a future video as well as having a written explanation and so the next question is how many accounts can a QT wallet hold. Difficult question well this depends on your definition of an account in a way or you could argue that our QT wallet is one account with lots of addresses or you could argue that it’s lots of accounts each address being their own account. a single wallet can have multiple addresses within each wallet and each of those addresses can have separate balances that show separately on a blockchain Explorer yeah so next question is what are staking device at one of the community buit is that able to be used and if not would we get our money back on this? I believe they refer to the raspberry pie staking device that was built by someone the answer. this was built by one of the team members is built by yari and the staking device has been confirmed that it will work but it’s not part of the company so obviously the company’s not selling this staking device so anything you want to know about it you would have to go direct to yari to ask that question. you can stake MB8 coin from a QT wallet thanks to That. excellent and what happens if someone didn’t complete their KYC? The company would encourage all customers to complete KY as although that currently it has no legal requirement there’s intention is to become regulated at which point KY C will be mandatory thank you have you created a proactive social media communication plan to combat negative press coming from established players like Bank fake news reporters etc marketing campaign to launch the MB8 coin focusing on value and the security of the coin? the structured marketing plan of course we have and we will be incorporating this in Daily duties carried out by the staff in the brand new Malta office which will be open in April, Leading on from that question that question so there is a structure marketing plan at the moment and the next question is ensured tools and campaing tools are in place to handle the large quantity of requests for information for buying etc so will these tools be in place? I’ll answer this again as before the infrastructure has been planned to cope with large volumes and influxes however this will be subject to change depending on what processes will be best to support the consumers and the businesses involved okay so yeah there’s a plan currently Although it is subject to change depend on what’s required in order to cope with influxes A lot of things will be able to be answered for example FAQís frequently asked questions. but as I said before we’re all about the community and a big part of the plan is to give you great support. next question it’s probably you Paul because what’s being done to ensure that Commerce partners don’t terminate the partner agreement before xx months – ok yeah businesses are able to receive value by having the ability to display the products and services to an international marketplace via the Multibuy platforms additionally key staff will be trained to both onboard new businesses and maintain relationships within the existing with businesses yes I did have a chat with John Carlo at the weekend about that very specific topic and where he’s already got training in process in Italy and it’s been rolled out there fast as a template model where people are being trained to both on board businesses and maintain relationships long term so that’s excellent I’ll be running the next question cashback has been mentioned several times how and where do we get cash back and how does this work well the answer from the company on this one is this will be launched very soon upon launch full information on how this Will work will be provided. yeah so we don’t have that information on that one yet but when it’s available it will be distributed to the customers and consumers is the E-wallet the one we have in the PTV the product travel vouchers I think that that’s referring to euro credit or are we getting another one on MB8 coin please tell us a bit more about an E-wallet, this kind of already been answered as well all customers will receive a web-based wallet contained in their MB8 coins their login details and instructions on how to use this will also be received post ICO customers may then transfer their MB8 coin to any supported wallet or exchange and they can hold an e-commerce platform. Yeahso it would include the e-commerce one or other waters excellent and we’ve been told that we’ll get a credit card in 2019 that we use for shopping In any shop and for withdrawing money in ATMs please comment on that okay this one for me again currently this is the intention of the company however at this stage no current guarantees can be given on the outcome and the development once we have the contracts and agreements solid and in place we’ll update the community on how this may work. Thanks so moving on in the next set of questions I believe you covered this question Rob in your introduction statement but I will ask it again in the way the customers asked it so we can reiterate will the coin be regulated before launch if not how do you propose to move forward okay so regulation is dependent on our legal representation successfully gaining vfa status although pre-approvals have been granted there are delays in Malta with regards to having this status made official it is unlikely this will now be achieved before the 31st of March and we will be ending this ICO as previously stated at the end of March this will allow for coin distribution submission to exchanges etc I do not yet have an official statement to deliver to customers from our legal representation however I can confirm we will still be pursuing regulation after the 31st of March in order to offer as much information as possible I will now verbally relay we have been told to expect however as always do not take this as certainty as items are always subject to change when the company feels it is in the best interest of our communities and consumers in short we have been advised we can end this ICO at the end of March it is then likely we will launch a second ICO for a short period that will mirror the original ICO this will allow everything to be verified audited and submitted by our VFA agent to the Maltese government for regulation we then expect to receive regulation at which point anyone holding MB8 coin will be given the opportunity to switch one for one for the new regulated coin this also means that should a customer want to sell out earlier they may be able to do this and do not necessarily need to wait for the regulation to be completed however those that are patient and do not sell will have the opportunity to have the regulated coin. excellent and I think the next two questions actually covered by the answer but I’ll just repeat them I’ll just ask them as a customers have when is regulation likely be fully complete we can’t give any guarantee on when regulation will be complete yeah previously stayed we are relying on the bureaucracy of government so that’s something out of our hands what we can say from a company perspective is we’ll submit everything that we can do but until there’s a registered official VFA agent the documents won’t be able to be submitted and once the have been the timeline on them then being approved is completely in the hands of the government at that point not ourselves what we’re doing here is giving everybody who wants to sell out The opportunity to do so because we’re launching and it’ll be on the exchanges your wallets and you’ll be able to do anything, if you want to wait for regulation which I would think would be the better thing to do has a chance to hold your coins and at the point of the new one coming out you’ll be able to be transferred over the new regulated coin so two short questions left this first ones been covered will the regulation happen before the end Of the ICO 31st of March, No is the answer to that however it will be pursued thereafter it is our top priority moving forwards absolutely thereís a lot of work to ensure the companies doing everything they can do and when the MB8 coin is launched will you also be able to sell MB8 coin and switch it for fiat money or is only possible to shop with it? Well once we gain successful exchange listing you’ll be able to do what you please with your MB8 coin and use it within our network of companies or buy and sell on exchanges yes or switch it to fiat money. so that brings us to the end of the questions submitted by the community thus far and the company has answerd them all as accurately as we can up to this point as mentioned at the start all the answers and questions will be released by email in writing to the whole Customer database so you can review them at your leisure, Iíll pass back to you Rob To finish up. I’d like to thank the community for the questions and their continued support and we look forward to the release at the end of the month I’d also like to thank Chris for asking the questions any final words yeah on that note the end of the month is the end of the month so everybody that’s involved at this early stage is going to benefit in the biggest way possible and you’ve not got long now so any orders that are in at the moment get them complete people if you want to be part of the MB8 coin future thank you, guys very much.

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