Max Keiser On The FUTURE Of Bitcoin & The FALL Of The Banking System

everybody josh harris in a world alternative media here and I am joined once again by the one and only Max Keiser of course of the Kaiser report on our tea a show that we have been watching for many years and admire and I appreciate you joining us again thank you great to see you again R at a conference once again putting the message of Krypton out there ya Hard Rock Casino of all places in Las Vegas of course when you think a crypto you think of the Hard Rock Casino but I wanted to ask you about something that to the hard for casino but they didn't didn't pass yeah it's not it's not efficient enough but I wanted to ask you about something that has been in the news a lot lately regarding Bitcoin which is this insane attempt to push forward an ETF like we need paper contracts on Bitcoin something that the whole idea of it is to break free from the banking system but break free from that kind of system what do you think about this this one push after another after another at the SEC with Winklevoss twins and others to push an ETF on Bitcoin I think that it's gonna be okay really you know it's actually needed to have a way for institutional money to come in to Bitcoin and most institutions don't want to play around with private keys and this type of thing so it's a way to put a lot of money to work I think I can currently have a push toward financialization of Bitcoin and the creation of products that can be rehypothecation this is a buzzword that's getting a lot of traction in the Bitcoin space these days and that it seems to be perceived as even a greater threat that Wall Street will be able to play games that they've done traditionally in the gold market and other markets to keep the price down or to manipulate the price I think that's overblown for a lot of different reasons but look I mean you cannot going to be able to keep this out of the hands of the world's finance ears and unless I checked the stock market was a losing ground so if Bitcoin could become a safe haven and it's gonna attract a lot of capital and that's gonna manifest in many different ways an ETF just being one of them well I certainly agree that we have to look to innovate this market of course and we have a lot of opportunities with Bitcoin place the banking system to replace government to replace a lot of things that we are so dependent on these days well maybe not you and I but a lot of people out there are so incredibly dependent on the banking system we have this massive pension bubble that is popping up that's looking like it's going to be hitting around 50 trillion dollars by the year 2050 I believe it was know 400 trillion dollars worldwide I mean that's a huge shortfall so Bitcoin seems to be the best way to break free from that system where do you see Bitcoin going in the future I know it's a rather simplistic elementary question but no one seems to really know I find most people say well on this day this is gonna happen and they're basically always wrong but where do you think this is gonna go in the near future well price predictions are always wrong I mean my price prediction has been that we're gonna see a hundred thousand dollars for Bitcoin I made that prediction in 2011 and I'm sticking to that prediction and it's getting toward that price obviously exactly when we don't know but in terms of where the adoption will occur on Bitcoin I think you got to look to countries that don't have an installed entrenched banking system already Venezuela Argentina all across Africa this is being used and it's being used in the spirit of what how and why it was created and in countries like the u.s. that have already an established banking system that considers to be a threat it's gonna be a slower adoption right so the adoption rates gonna be faster outside of the US and then eventually it'll make its way to the US just like the u.s. dollar is still reserve currency the world all these other currencies these fiat currencies are trading down against the US dollar until at that time when the US dollar self begins to be rejected by global banks and central banks and that will that will be the last domino to fall in the fiat currency system so same thing with Bitcoin the US will be the probably the last for a wide scale adoption but by then the price will be a lot higher and you know that's why people are buying it now yeah what do you think about this attempt by a lot of central bank's to try and co-opt the message I mean bitcoin stands alone but there's a lot of central banks around the world China India elsewhere Sweden that one to push you know a centrally planned digital currency and you know China has social credit and all that kind of stuff and it's all very concerning where do you think that's going because it appears that the banking system is trying desperately to gain some relevance well the key is in the phrase that you just used are essentially planned digital currency okay now bitcoin is decentralized by definition do you can't they can't compete with that so they can compete the only thing they can come up with is a centrally planned crypto coin or digital coin of some type but it's never going to compete with a decentralized coin like Bitcoin so they will go down that path like I've said in Venezuela when they've introduced a petro that this would be an attempt for a government to introduce a crypto coin and it's a you know you could call it a gateway drug like they'll try the petrol that realizes huge shortcomings and then they'll migrate over to Bitcoin like it's a way toward getting toward Bitcoin and other countries are experimenting with crypto everyone wants to get out of the US dollar if you were to question them behind closed doors they're very vocal in that the u.s. dollar is a huge problem for countries especially now under Trump portrayed as being re-architected all over the world and so they're gonna come to Bitcoin and institutions are coming to Bitcoin and scaling is coming to Bitcoin and lightning networks and sidechains and everything that we know is coming is coming and in response to this growing crisis in the banking sector that is now about to explode on another huge leg down isn't it interesting that all the Trump supporters that is say that they're super you know Pro free-market at the same time are supporting all these tariffs and these trade deals and all this kind of craziness I feel like there is a bit of a hypocrisy mixed in there but I wanted to ask you max as we close it off outside of Bitcoin what is your favorite cryptocurrency I should also say outside of max going what is your favorite cryptocurrency outside of Bitcoin I know I try to stick to Bitcoin because once you start talking about other coins it gets into these really pointless debates about relative strengths of these other coins and I won't mention a coin know since you put me on the spot that I don't think it's getting enough attention that I think should get more attention and that would be – because – is in Venezuela and they are helping locals get through this currency crisis they've got forces on the ground the masternode system that they invented is a great governance system it's a great way to split the mining output to create funds to do projects at the masternodes vote on like let's go to Venezuela let's help folks out on the ground so I think you know – deserves a good mention they've innovated they've got a fine app you know that wallet it works great they've sponsored a project we did last year they were able to raise money quickly and get the word out there and I should mention Josh that we are doing this project called gonzo American pilgrimage it's picking up where we left off last year with great American pilgrimage and we'll be traveling across the country again and we're talking to some crypto sponsors right now by coming on board so we want to leverage our media platform to get the message of crypto out there in whatever way we can so yeah we'll talk to different possible sponsors but probably more in the platform space or the wallet space not an individual coin I should say that I really like Manero because a fluffy pony who I think is an asset a huge asset to the community and you know I think Charlie Lee is a huge asset to the community so these these folks I mean that with litecoin but these are great technologists that people should follow because of their expertise and their passion for this space but and once you get outside of half a dozen names though you ain't enter a bleak wasteland that is populated by thousands of coins that really should go go the way of all flesh you know uh-huh yeah and stop these ridiculous calm like bubbles from popping up at once again there's a lot of really bad ones out there but um closing off thank you very much for talking with us we both know Danny says him you mentioned – and he's doing incredible things in Latin America with with – and you know I think another country that's gonna be needing it very soon is Argentina there's a lot happening and crypto can be a solution that we need to look towards to changing the future that we live in and you know we can stop complaining and worrying so much about the central banking system and all these terrible things that are happening because what we have solutions so I really appreciate you talking with us again it's not American it's American exactly thank you like what do you see here om don't forget to check the links below GoFundMe patreon we can't do without you any donation is very much appreciated especially as we are so vastly demonetized and censored on YouTube as these guys come in and flagyl all of our content as hate speech also check out our Bitcoin address below as well as on the screen for you to scan if you please and also check us out at steam accom we're at at Josh Saracen it's a future of social media where you get paid in the upload of your post in cryptocurrency steam that is so make sure to check us out there make sure to join us at anarcho-punk o 2019 with people like Ron Paul G Edward Griffin of course Jeff Berwick Vidyut Lucca so many incredible speakers are going to be speaking it's just a massively growing event it is something you have to see to believe so make sure to check it out below and save money on their tickets by using promo code wham that's w a.m. and I hope to see you there also check out our newsletter as we are getting demonetized and censored and all that we don't know what comes next so we have an email world alternative media at send us an email with subject line yes ye-es and we will include you in the newsletter where we will continuously keep you updated so until next time thanks for watching everyone this is Josh Searson signing out from World alternative media find the truth be the change I'm sure you have already changed people's minds in your young age because you're involved and I like that you

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  3. I can use Max`s own words to show him that he is a dumb fuck.
    The monetary system creates money out of thin air, SO, the banks can pump infinite money into bitcoin. Hell, they can pay even 1 billion us dollars for 1 bitcoin. THAT IS SO POSSIBLE AND THEY CAN INFLATE EVERYTHING. The banks can`t fall by this method. You guys are either dumb or you need therapy.
    Bank creates money out of thin air- buys bitcoin and oversells it. Meaning it can buy it at whatever price u want and short it. They have all the money, they don`t need money, they need control. So all of you faggboys that believe in bitcoin or cryptocurrency…banks can decide the future of bitcoin, not you wankers. even trillionaires can`t keep up with the bank s printing system. Get your feet on the fucking ground.

  4. mer merr merr bitcoin.. mer mer merr USD…. mer mer mermer…. dash.. merm ermerr… litecoin… mer mermermrrr. Didn't learn a thing from either of them.

  5. Somebody stated it correctly, crypto will not replace currencies, but it will replace physical securities

  6. Being a Trump supporter isn't anti-free markets. You cannot have free markets if your geopoltical area is flooded with people that have no desire or ability, in most, not all cases, to vote/promote free markets. FYI: you people never recognize this fact, and this is why Dr. Paul never won. Trump does. Enjoy.

  7. Oh yeah…cash in hand is dead but a "currency" that's online, only, is the "future". Hope like hell that the internet doesn't go down! If it does, you idiots are fucked!

  8. Max, I love you and Stacy no matter what! But please, please review or at least mention a new coin called APL/Apollo. It is one of a couple of thousand unknown projects, but this one is worth your time, I swear! Whatever Monero has going on in terms of privacy, Apollo has it beat by a country mile. Please check it out and let us know what you think, please broadcast the word regarding APL.

  9. If you have money, and grandchildren, buy them one Bitcoin. That’s what I would do. Need Social Security, buy some slices to supplement it. Get busy.

  10. he said Monero because he didnt know about Tokenpay and their ecosystem. I'd suggest everyone to simply take a look and do some research on Tokenpay $tpay and their ecosystem.

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