Max Keiser: "Cryptocurrencies allow us to ignore governments."

now with with Bitcoin in the cryptocurrency we have for the first time in history the ability to simply ignore the government saying you know we're just going to ignore you we have no we have no reason to to entertain your participation in this whatsoever I love the Netherlands always have my first time to Rotterdam and so far it's consistent with what I love about the Netherlands mm-hmm and what do you think about this conference about reinventing money yes well it's been reinvented it was reinvented in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto yeah it's been reinvented and now here we aren't 2015 and a lot of people are now beginning to catch up to the fact that money was reinvented and they're trying to come to terms with what that means and that's what we are now what's the effect of this new digital currencies well we've seen the consciousness rays of people around the world who understand now that there is a different way possible than having bankers control money that the money can be controlled outside of the banking system in a way that is supports a balanced and well engineered economy and this is really the first time it's been possible in history because of the technology because the cost of technology have dropped so precipitously over the past 30 years so I often think that money in economics before 2009 was always a social science like psychology there was really nothing hard at hard science about economics it was really just done in the in the salons of theoreticians and and discussed as you would social science but really in 2009 at the beginning of actual science and in numeracy and hard science applied to money because now you have for the first time a system that relies on quantifiable sums that can be and so it's really quite quite amazing a lot of ways I don't think the majority folks out there understand yet quite the what's happened but but it is now starting to be be realized well this kind of activists currencies are now more or less embraced by banks like JPMorgan what is your view on that well the JPMorgan initiative is not really in the spirit of Bitcoin they they're going to employ a blockchain to reduce the cost of their banking in the back office but it's still a more or less of a centralized system they're just basically as andreas monopolis said in his speech it's like that's the intranet versus the internet you know they they're they're coming after the party the late to the party and they're trying desperately to be part of the party but they're not really going to be players in this going forward because it doesn't support their type of doing business which is to be rentiers to simply skim the cream constantly off the top it's not going to work in that environment so they they are the sunken work for them the effect of all these changes in world is rayon effect on this kind of currencies they will drive the adoption rate so in other words the crisis you know when Cyprus confiscated bank deposits the Bitcoin went from two hundred dollars up to a thousand dollars so there was a huge adoption rate driven by crisis and then the banks came in they bailed a lot of banks out they put in all kinds of new systems to put bandaid on the situation but now this is coming all horribly undone again and so we look toward this next phase of the crisis to drive adoption back into Bitcoin so I think we'll see Bitcoin use usage up dramatically we'll probably see the price of the line as well but you understand the bitcoin is first and foremost it's a distributed ledger or protocol or an accounting system that allows for instantaneous transference of wealth complaints anywhere in the globe using the internet and that's the primary function and use case of the protocol as such secondarily it does have attributes of a currency and the pen and so trains against other currencies so if you do if you want to be a part of that and speculate on the price you can but you can decide not to speculate on the price and simply use it as a means of transferring value through the internet and be completely outside of the the speculative aspect of of the coin itself so that's entirely up to the user so you don't have to be participating in that the that the volatility of price is not effective to you utility at all I think it's a financial and economical and the social crisis that we're now facing so we have 60,000 people that kind of favor bills we have their problem at the mortgage their health insurance so they are now on the street so we can speak about a sort of social crisis too well I think I think governments are can be effective in managing parts of the society you know one of the things that governments I don't think are particularly good at managing would be on the side of money you know they clearly are incapable of prudently managing the issuance and distribution of money they are open to too much to the special interest groups that take control and you have a financial crisis but in there are aspects to the social organization where governments can play an effective role and so if you're talking about the the migrant crisis we see in the world today certainly yes governments can play a role in addressing that debt crisis but in terms of finance and economics this is something that governments are not really effective in managing so we wouldn't want them to continue doing what they have been doing which is to undermine the system now with with Bitcoin in the cryptocurrency we have for the first time in history the ability to simply ignore the government saying you know we're just going to ignore you we have no we have no reason to to entertain your participation in this whatsoever we know there's nothing that we need from you we've got our we've got a cover go Matt do something else go go go after the the corrupt bankers go prosecute them you know do something useful but you don't need you're not needed in this in the mudding issuance part of the equation anymore that's now been sorted and do government's show any interest in bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies well they've shown interest in controlling it because they rely on the funds coming from the signora ch if you will the signora jizz the the money again is from printing money you get the Commission essentially you negate you get the cream and so governments to rely on that cream to fund their nefarious activities so they don't want to give up on that so so that's their interest there just as they don't want to be out of that we did some crowdfunding with your platform star joint yes and can you tell something more about star join what is yes start join start joining is a crowdfunding platform where we accept cryptocurrencies we have our own cryptocurrency start coin which we use to reward popular projects and we try to focus on you know we accept projects so maybe you're not getting traction on other platforms things that are more activist related we're interested in doing and growing you know I've been growing and doing well we we've got a deal with back to the future where a lot of our projects graduate from the rewards based crowdfunding to equity crowdfunding and they can actually seek funding to do an equity round and they have a close relationship with banks to future on this and so we could have the company no ideas projects become companies get funding for the companies and then we also start a bitcoin capital which is a venture capital firm that can invest in those companies etc so we try to cover all the entire spectrum of investment and so ideas can get funded people can be entrepreneurial and you know looking for you know people have ideas and in remote locations getting things done that they couldn't get done otherwise we hope to reach out and give them an access to financing I love runner down

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  1. toch eens tijd om iets te zeggen over dat referendum wat we zometeen krijgen??? misschien samen werken met GeenStijl ofzo krijg je denk ik meer views en aandacht maar alleen als je goede presentatie maakt over de problemen die je bespreekt

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