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welcome friends welcome back to the
kitchen today we’re gonna do a brownie but I’m gonna put a twist on the brownie
just a little bit and see if something works out if you’ve been hanging around
here for a while you know that I love to put Marmite in soups and stews and slow
braises anything with beef Marmite is amazing in it I came across an article
in an Australian food magazine where they put Vegemite in brownies and I
thought hmm I can’t get fed your might we’re in a Marmite country I’m gonna put
Marmite in brownies and see what happens because I imagine that it just ramps up
that chocolate flavor brings everything to the forefront because that’s what it
does in a beef stew so I ran out of Marmite last week in the beef and
biscuits video so I note this morning to get a new jar and I can only find a
small jar kind of amazing that it catches on and so many people use it so
chocolate cocoa and butter and I’m gonna melt this I’m gonna melt this in a
microwave I am now firmly in chocolate microwave melting camp I used to do it
in a pot in a double boiler or memory now I just stick it in the microwave 30
seconds give it a stir 30 more seconds and it’s done so I’m going to take this
into the other kitchen and do that because I don’t have a microwave out
here on set I’ll be right back okay next we’ll deal with the eggs I need two eggs
and I’m just gonna whip that up with some sugar and vanilla and I’m gonna add
the Marmite into this mixture as well so two eggs sugar a little bit of vanilla
oh maybe a lot of vanilla and we’ll give that a whisk just to get it going okay I think we’re ready for the Mar –
so let’s get spoonful of that so I’m just gonna do a really good scoop you
know I saw the article but then I didn’t read it so I don’t know how much they
used I’m gonna say probably one to two tablespoons and we’ll see what happens
so whisk that in okay looking good now in this bowl I have flour and I’m gonna
add some salt and baking powder just a tiny little bit of baking powder because
you don’t really want too much rise in your brownies they are meant to be sort
of fudgy so I’m just gonna mix that in and you’ll have to mix it to well just
you know stir it together now it’s time to combine everything so and get rid of
the whisk and I’m gonna stir the chocolate into the egg mixture now the
chocolates been sitting out for a little while so it has mostly cooled in it goes
okay and we just stir that in and it mixes in really nicely pretty easy you
could use the whisk if you wanted to use the whisk but it’s not necessary because
we’re already done now the flour goes in and the flour can just go in in one big
dump you don’t need to put it in a little bit at a time because it really
isn’t much flour in this recipe looks great now I have an 8×8 cake tin
with a parchment sling in it just so that we can pull it out easily and I’ll
just transfer the brownie batter into this I think it probably could use a
nine by nine and I know that a lot of people use a brownie pan which is almost
like a baking sheet with a little extra lip on it kind of like a jelly roll pan
if you want to bake it in that go right ahead brownies are really good in those
makes them really fudgy okay just smooth it into the corners a little bit and into the oven hmm I think this is
gonna be good man I think this is gonna be really good all right Glenn so I see you’ve made
more brownies yes how on earth did you find a brand new recipe that has you’re
right there’s probably butter chocolate there’s probably 15 or so brownie
recipes on our channel so I’ll link to that playlist this one is different I’m
not gonna tell you what although one of my favorites has has beer in it but yeah
hold the black and tan brownie anyway that has a quirky tang mm-hmm yeah
although I’m not sure I mean I’m not saying it’s a bad thing I’m just you
said it’s something I need to guess I’m trying to guess it’s gonna tank flavor
to it so it’s it’s really earthy mm-hmm like the chocolate flavor is really like
earthy yeah it’s not but there’s almost like a like an acidic Tang and on the on
the end did you not use like a more natural chocolate or more it’s weird I’m
looking for not heavily sugared chocolate uh interesting cuz I would
have thought it would have brought the chocolate out more no it’s kind of toned
it down mm-hmm and made it darker mmm does that make sense like a darker
chocolate I think you have to actually change the name okay and that brownie
says when someone says brownie they expect a certain chocolaty a brightness
and a seed and oh yeah this is still sweet but then the Marmite adds a really
rich texture to it like it’s almost like a cheesecake flavor
yes yeah that’s we get there we got there at the time okay so now here’s the
thing and I know that you this is one of the most difficult food things to wrap
your head around you don’t taste the Marmite
and people will say why would I add something if I can’t taste it because
well I think it tastes horrible and I wouldn’t influence this the flavor
though it is one of those things that you add that modifies the other flavors
yeah so it’s it is a flavor modifier flavor enhancer that you don’t actually
taste and you would know if it’s not there but you also know that there’s
something there but you don’t know what it is
mm-hmm so I think that is great that it’s not a child’s brownie no this is
not a I’m at a happy party child party brownie oh no no this is a glass of red
wine I was just gonna say that post titled
meal with you yeah a glass of red wine it would probably even compliment cheese yeah not like a chattering thing but
something with a lighter flavor yeah maybe even a soft cheese you could call
it I think you could have a lot of fun with it like a double cream or a triple
cream Brie yeah with it that would be kind of okay so it’s I don’t want to say
that it’s weird but it’s it’s not a brownie as you would expect a brownie to
be it is much more and I hate this word but it’s decadent it really is sort of
that it does have a very rich flavor yeah but it’s not super chocolaty that’s
the bit that’s gonna throw people off I think even more than anything else and
it’s not overpowering or cloyingly sweet or it’s just I don’t know it’s the unlit
brownie it’s it’s just yeah the unbranded chocolate brownie I don’t know
so I’m really happy with that I’m happy that we made it I don’t know if it is
something that I would when I’m sitting down at 7:30 at night and say oh let’s
make some brownies that’s not gonna be the recipe might not be the recipe but
if I was having a dinner party with a bunch of friends over that would end up
at the end as something that we would have with a dessert wine like a nice
wine you’d enjoy yeah I know I think that would go really well the nice wine
because the acid and the sweetness from the iced wine would cut that all
together oK we’ve got a whole dessert platter
holy yeah so if you’re a little bit adventurous give it a try and you know
you can get just a tiny little bottle of Marmite and I used probably half of that
bottle I’m actually surprised you bought such a
tiny bottle usually you buy the giant wine they didn’t have them I know if I
can be hard to find some days yeah so thanks for stopping by give this a try
see you again soon you

100 thoughts on “Marmite / Vegemite Brownie Recipe – Would You Eat It? || Glen & Friends Cooking”

  1. Anyone who as a youngster had a spoon of Vegemite or Marmite on a dare or stupidity are gagging but the ones whose parents were kind and slowly introduced it slowly with food are drooling, looks good to me but the taste grows on ya. Stay classy planet earth

  2. I don't think I could eat it. Marmite and vegemite are in acquired taste category imo. And we don't have either of those in Turkey.

  3. This is interesting. I want to try this and maybe add that to my Christmas tray this year. The sugar in Christmas gets old. This might be a nice cut for that. I've got an unopened jar of Marmite in my pantry! I might try it in the beef too.

  4. I wonder how it would taste it you bloomed the chocolate and added some instant coffee to this recipe.

    The marmite muted the chocolate, but the above modifications enhance the chocolates flavors.

  5. In Montreal, I have no idea where to find Marmite but I know where I can get Vegemite. I'll try it out next time I go to that part of town

  6. Canadian Here.. I Love Vegemite On My Breakfast Toast With Lyons Tea With Milk No Sugar… I Like Vegemite More Than Marmite. I Want To Try Your Recipe Glen. Than you For Sharing..

  7. When I saw the tablespoon go into the jar I did ?. I'd probably tone that back a touch but yeah, I think I'm gonna try this

  8. I recently tried Marmite and Vegemite after watching Hugh Jackman on Jimmy Fallon. It tasted pretty good! I've grown to love it. The brownie with this in it intrigues me.

  9. firstly… if there was 100mg of thc in there, damn right Id eat it no matter what! but also I am 40 y.o. and have never tried that stuff… people here say its awful. whats it like? fig newton filling?

  10. Probably used too much marmite? Maybe half of the amount you used would work in a more subtle way to bring out the chocolate more.
    PS: just as an aside, I eat marmite straight from the jar. I am Italian, moved to the UK for university and decided I needed to "assimilate the culture". So I ate a teaspoon of straight marmite every day for a month until I could bear the taste, and now it's one of my favourite things out there!

  11. Actually the idea of Vegemite and chocolate got done in a Cadbury limited edition block. I tried it, the effect was basically salted caramel with a Vegemite turn in flavour. I liked it.

  12. Really interested. Not least because I'm from a country that doesn't have marmite or vegemite. Adult version sounds great, especially if It's true that that there's shades of proper dark chocolate taste.

  13. In Canada I have only ever seen the small jars. I was complaining to my wife once that the grocery store didn't have it so she bought me a large jar on line. Otherwise I have never seen a large jar. Marmite on buttered rye toast is my go-to bedtime snack.

  14. I've been able to get Vegemite in Alberta, had to look around. Think it was from Safeway. Though it was a few years ago. So Don't go running to the store yet. I also prefer Marmite between the two.

  15. I would have thought the salt you added, would have made it to salty, because Marmite is salty, and being in Australia I'd be using Vegemite ????????????????????

  16. Nice video, though maybe a teaspoon of marmite rather than tablespoons and i'd eat it then! I love marmite and like vegemite, vegemite is a milder flavour so maybe a little more than a teaspoon. NZ marmite has sugar in it so might work better wih Glens amount of marmite 🙂

  17. Cooking is like most any art. Like painting. You have blue and green and want to paint a picture, then you add just a touch of red to mix another slightly different hue as you paint the afternoon sky. You dont see the red hidden in the mostly blue and green, but it effects everything it is in.

  18. Will definitely try since I've got a jar of Vegemite sitting around waiting to find a use. But you gotta mention the quality of cakey-ness when talking about a brownie recipe, since that is often the aspect that divides people on brownies.

  19. Your description reminds me of how anchovies are in things like Caesar dressing… you can’t taste anchovies but they need to be in it to taste right…

  20. Vegemite in gravy is awesome to really boost the flavour. I also lervvv beef sausages with cheese and vegemite mixed through the mince.

  21. There is no comparison for vegemite! Marmite is the devil in Australia. If you want some vegemite hit me up and I'll send you some 🙂

  22. I'd be curious to see how a Marmite/Vegemite brownie would turn out with either a sweeter chocolate or a chocolate with a higher milk content. Also curious to see a blondie recipe, which I know a lot of them are just brown sugar butter recipes, but I've seen a handful use white chocolate, caramel bits, or butterscotch bits. It'd be interesting to see how the Marmite works with different kinds of chocolates, or any other additives.

    I have a bag of Andes Mints bits, I wonder what the Marmite would do with the minty flavor. York peppermints could also be interesting, if they come in bits, as they're mintier and less sweet than Andes. I'm not sure how well the minty part would melt down with the chocolate, though, but if it doesn't, finding bits of mint patty within the brownie itself would be just as good. I also wonder what other additives could go well in these. More than likely nuts would work well. Fruit and berries could be an interesting addition, whether they're fresh, dried, or candied.

    This also gives me the idea of Marmite cookies, maybe even find a way to use it in cakes. A German chocolate Marmite cake would probably turn out amazing. There used to be a German restaurant where I live that had a cake that they called diesel cake, which was just a normal German chocolate, but soaked in either cognac or rum, whichever they had available at the time, and doing this with a German chocolate Marmite cake sounds even better.

  23. I actually love marmite more than I think is reasonable.

    That said, it took me 18 months to get through a small jar of it. And biting into a spot on the toast with too much of it was unpleasant to say the least.

  24. As an American, I'm neither in Vegemite or Marmite country, but you may have sold me on trying to find some. I might try it in a beef dish first though

  25. I'm in Australia, so may try it with Vegemite. I think you should try the recipe with half the quantity of Marmite as a comparison…

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