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guys there as possible not a little jump right into the news articles today we
have a pretty long video there’s a lot of stuff to talk about and I am very
very excited so the first thing is that the New York federal judge rules that
the ethics CFTC can regulate crypto currencies as commodities so the CFTC is
the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and they said they can regulate crypto
currencies such as Bitcoin as commodity that was reported by CNBC now how are
commodities tax just one big thing that I wanted to a warrant and inform you
guys obviously cuz it’s important so the tax on 60/40 bases 60% of these tax is
long-term capital gains and 40% is taxed as short-term capital gains so that’s
going to be kind of how taxing would work if cryptocurrencies are treated as
commodities that’s one thing to keep in mind it’s cool to see again it’s just
part of adoption obviously is getting the regular
set and everything so I don’t have a problem with this I know a lot of people
aren’t happy because of regulations but you know you gotta you gotta understand
how things work you can’t we can’t not have cryptocurrency regulated no one’s
be like the government bank aren’t going to allow that to happen not just yet we
have to you know small steps to get to mass adoption and this is definitely one
of them now in Russia of Vladimir Putin signed
obligatory cryptocurrency regulation oh no he signals obligatory
cryptocurrency regulation will begin July 1st so he said by law by July 1st
this year he wants cryptocurrency regulation in the country so again it’s
just people are taking it seriously when they’re making regulations of it of it
they want to regulate it is because they’re taking it seriously and I
believe it’s a good step into mass adoption if we can you know if everyone
can agree on how to regulate it how it’s going to be treated all that then the
next step is just for more people to be confident enough to getting so a lot of
people don’t want to get in right now because they don’t know what’s gonna go
on with the regulations and the government stuff so that’s turning
people away which of course then makes the price not moon like we want to see a
moon and all that so hopefully this again gives more confidence for more
investors and more people to jump in maybe some more institutional investors
that’d be cool cuz they also can’t buy cryptocurrencies right now because of
how big they are and the fact that they’re on their unregulated so and then
the next article is the last one so the Swedish government Land Registry soon to
conduct first blockchain property transaction it’s really cool you guys
can check it out so the land of ownership authority they’ve been they’ve
been testing this technology for around two years and now they are soon expected
to conduct their first blockchain technology property transactions so
pretty cool blockchain being used in Sweden for a forget this is adoption
right here again like I can’t say it enough just being used being used to get
things done get things done more efficiently and that’s all we can
honestly ask for now let’s take a look at the cryptocurrency markets we are
today again another read date but don’t worry don’t worry this is what we call
the Black Friday for cryptocurrency we have them a little more often than we do
have the normal black Fridays but still I would not worry about this guys we’re
gonna go over the Bitcoin chart at the end to kind of see why the markets are
red today it makes sense we could have predicted it honestly it’s not it’s not
anything out of that’s not anything crazy it’s not any like crazy reason
this is all okay right in my opinion this is all okay so the market caps at
four hundred thirty billion dollars with Bitcoin dominance at forty two point one
percent so Bitcoin dominance again took over at the forty two percent over forty
two percent which you know we might see it stay there for a little bit it’s
certainly a lot up a lot from when it previously was like thirty three
something we had when all coins were doing pretty well and then when Bitcoin
started going down ton but today we’re gonna talk about ripple ripples sat at
91 cents now what happened to ripple the last few days and this is something I
want to touch on let’s go to seven days why not something I want to touch on
because it’s important when it comes to all form of trading stocks crypto
currencies anything so there was rumors again that crimp that ripple was going
to be added to coinbase now those rumors turned out to be false I predicted it in
the video I made about Ripple about about the news thing it was because
ripple and coin bees were gonna be on the news together now I predicted it
that that would not be how they were going to announce that type of
partnership I didn’t see it happening so I was not buying into him a lot of
people bought into it and they were just buying up rip on the price of ripples
you know skyrocketing again it went up to one one dollar and seven cents all
the way from ninety cents so that was the span of one day it went up a ton
because people expect it to be at the coin base and they wanted to hold Ripple
when you know it got added and the price went through the moon but what happened
was it wasn’t true they didn’t announce it coin base again tweeted that they
don’t have any intentions of adding cryptocurrencies right now I still think
they’re going to add some by the end of 2018 I think they’re going to have more
cryptocurrencies on there for sure then that’s something that they said they
wanted to do so I have no doubt they will they’re just saying at the moment
that is not their plan and so the price of ripple went all the way back down to
a low of actually 89 cents and now it’s fluctuating back around the 90 95 cent
range this is the type of stuff you have to watch out for because people always
say buy the rumor sell the news right so if you could get in and get out at a saw
at a certain point then you would make great profit however if you bought in
over here you know trying to ride the wave and then it came back down and you
lost money take this as a learning opportunity because it happens a lot so
you have got a lot to people it’s you don’t want how does is it wouldn’t make
sense for people to be added to coin base and them announced that on the news
you know they would announce that somewhere more cryptocurrency people are
watching the news there’s a lot of non cryptocurrency people to watch you so I
didn’t see it happening but hey now back down to where the price basically was
before was as if nothing happened now big news that is coming out is that
ripple is apparently going to be added to coins squares so obviously not the
same as coinbase not nearly as big as coin base but they are a platform where
you can buy and sell Bitcoin litecoin and aetherium ease up quickly and easily
now they don’t have a ripple written on here yet because it’s not it is official
that they’re going to be adding ripple but they are bringing in the technology
so you guys can see ripple is coming it is announced by them they’ve announced
it so it is a hundred percent confirmed they’re just working on the technology
of bringing you know to allow ripple to be there and then they’ll allow trading
with Bitcoin so that’s basically rippled not a data point base but they are added
to coin Square and another place ripples going to be added is crypto buzz now I
don’t know much about crypto buzz I just thought this was funny it’s apparently a
UK to UK website and UK exchange I think they’re very very
so they said so coinbase doesn’t want XRP weed crypto buzz are working long
hours to get phase one launched as soon as possible for you guys who don’t know
we are launching with XR peace so they’re gonna launch with XRP they’re
working hard to get it launched it’s not out yet I don’t believe if you go to
their Twitter and you go over here to their website let’s take a look yeah
so the pre-registration is now open but the website itself it’s not very it’s
not it’s not out yet so it is very very new but again cool let’s see that ripple
is going to be added on more exchanges just not the big one that everyone has
been waiting for and now Tron iswell Tron back down to four cents
we’re all waiting we’re all waiting for the end of March there’s not much to say
we’re all waiting for the end of March what I wanted to cover the width Tron is
the constant partnership so not only as Justin Sun now hit 400,000 followers
that’s crazy the man’s got a lot of followers 400 1000 followers now but he
announced obviously before that they had a strategic strategic partnership with
chip do and they also announced they have a partnership with um with big
guild so big deal is a blockchain game platform and trip io is an online travel
market basically they deal with online travel market through blockchain
technology so that’s two more partnerships for when you have to
understand these partnerships right now don’t mean anything when Tron releases
the beta when the test that comes out main net all that when all that comes
out then these partnerships could play a huge role so all these partnerships you
ask why isn’t the price moving with all the partnerships because then the
partnerships don’t mean anything just yet as that’s my opinion on it they
don’t mean anything just yet so we are waiting to see what they could mean when
the beta comes out that’s my opinion on white Iran has been trading so sideways
the last who knows how long last like month everyone’s been asking me like
with all this news with all the exchanges being added and whatnot why
isn’t the price increasing because of the beta isn’t
obvious that’s how important the end of March is for Tron 4 you know it’s huge
for that now lastly maneras wanted to cover because I
got a lot of questions asked after the previous time that I said Manero has
been holding very very strong in this whole this whole period and honestly it
has Manero is a solid pickup it’s already up wanting to test its all-time
highs it’s at 360 its all-time highs less than a hundred dollars away it went
to a low of 189 so I guess you know it did go down a significant amount but it
went up so much more it’s up so much more than the other crypto currencies
are up and you can see it’s always in the green anyways like it’s ridiculous
the last few weeks months it’s always been in the green like like every crypto
currency had it had the big correction not you know it went down a ton more
than half but Wow like it to be fair only went down like a little over half a
lot of other crypto currencies went down a third or fourth or price and it’s
already all the way back here at 361 so I think long-term Manero might be a
great play for the fact that it is a privacy coin I am a fan of privacy coins
going forward and it’s been holding its price very very strong now lastly let’s
take a look at what’s been going on in the in the Bitcoin chart right here the
technical analysis we did I built a new ascending tunnel right here for us that
we had been trading in between now if we break below that I talked about it
yesterday’s video I thought if we’ve almost the day before I don’t remember
but I thought if we broke people if we couldn’t if we test the 12,000 and it
didn’t work we could go back down to 10,500 now we’re at 10,000 691 so I
think that was a pretty accurate prediction a few guys asked me hopefully
bitcoin is preparing for another swing up here to test it again not too sure I
guess we are going to see what happens in the coming days but if it breaks
below here then we can definitely see it trading but between a range of like 9500
all the way up to 12,000 so a might fluctuate through there for a little bit
we’ll see hopefully for not too long now guys sorry I talked so long but I’m
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