Market Watch – free lecture from Basic Cryptocurrency trading course

Dear traders, I continue now with the market watch that we have on Meta Trader. Simply, on the market watch you have all the assets that you can trade with the broker that you have chosen. And if you see just a few you can right click and select show all and then all of the assets available from this broker will appear here. Normally, on the market watch, on the top we see the currencies and we have the most traded currencies. If you go down lower, you will see here is the gold versus the American Dollar. Then you have the crude oil and then you have some indexes normally like the German DAX index, FTSE. And here are the indexes coming from the U.S. So simply, these indexes, they represent many companies. And then you have more Forex currencies here and then normally we have some stocks. And you have commodities. And then on the bottom you have the cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are just developing, guys, cryptocurrencies will be more popular with the brokers. This gives us the opportunity to trade immediately, to execute the trades immediately and not to wait as we need to do with the exchanges. I really hope with the time all trading methods exchanges, and brokers and simply everything should be easier and faster. So, at the current moment the CFD trading, as I have explained already, is one of the ways that you can actually execute the trade immediately. So, what you have in the market watch are the assets and you can see we have 2 prices. One is the Bid price and one is the Ask price. I will explain it very simply here, guys. The Ask price is the price we paid to the broker when we want to buy the assets. For example, if we want to buy the Ethereum right now, we will pay $1229.20 and if we have bought already the Ethereum and we want to close the position, we will sell it back on the Bid price at 1222.40 or 30 at the current moment. So, when we buy, we buy at Ask price and we close the position on the Bid price. And the very same thing on the opposite direction, if I want to sell the Ethereum now, I will sell it on the Bid price, on the cheaper price. And after that when I close the position, I will close it on the Ask price and the difference is from where the broker benefits and it’s called spread and I will continue straight away with the spread in the next lecture. Cheers, guys.

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