Market EXPLOSION – SEC Postpones Bitcoin ETF – Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News

hey guys breaking news SEC just announced they want to postpone decision on CBOE and Van Dyke's Bitcoin ETF this is not a no this is not a denial they are simply asking for a more input that's right so rather than just deny it completely like the nine others they did earlier this month now they are asking for more time because they want to hear others actually comment and talk about it and actually propose why they think it should be approved this is tremendously good for the market guys tremendously good it means that the SEC is willing to listen and they are on the verge of saying yes this is what I've been saying all along I've been saying good things are happening I think this Bitcoin ETM has a really good shot of being approved now they have up to 180 days to decide however this decision could come much sooner than that it could come right after back comes out in November we don't know but overall this is very positive and this is why the market is reacting the market is now at two hundred and twelve billion dollars we have jumped up roughly ten billion dollars and worked heading higher you can see across the board almost everything is in green what really stands out is football guys I've been talking about Ribble for the last few days ripple is now up astounding 41% will this continue I've talked about the flipping this morning they were seven billion away from me 13 this morning now they are only four billion up is the flip go happen tonight or tomorrow we'll have to see overall everything else is in the green even ether a mess up you got euros up 10% stellar which I love is up 15% Cardinal up 14% and overall the market is heading up in a big big way so just want to break that to you guys this is definitely very very positive this is not a no this is not a denial and this is what we've been waiting for all right hit the like subscribe to the channel guys and I'll see you tomorrow 10:30 a.m. Central Standard Time for my live session take care bye bye

37 thoughts on “Market EXPLOSION – SEC Postpones Bitcoin ETF – Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News”

  1. They totally over Pumped 3 or 4 Times. since 6100.
    They can not create fomo Any more.
    It will be come difficult to hold 6k if they earnings from Manipulation shrink.
    I watched live for days, not one organic up, no demand.

  2. Im getting pretty tired of all these Electroneum shills. If you are going to shill something try a non scam project like ZelCash ..

  3. This is a message I sent to YOUTUBE please share, and express your opinions on the matter.
    I believe that you are intentionally increasing ADS, and AD lengths to push people towards purchasing your premium version.

    This will do more harm than good. There are more alternatives being created everyday, and you are going to force a lot of your social capacity to your competitors. I know it seems right now that there are no competitors in your space, but they will come.

  4. The SEC needs to shit of get off the pot… They are useless… This ETF has insurance… Can't hide behind we want protections when they have insurance!! The SEC has no clue… They couldn't regulate themselves out of a paper bag!

  5. Good man George – thanks for your interpretation of the news as it could have been seen negatively… great few days in Crypto and especially Ripple XRP just 'wow'.

  6. As far as I can tell, the decision hasn't been delayed. All they did was request more comments from relevant parties.

  7. I think BTC days are numbered. It will be around a long time as it has a famous name. However, it has no real life use
    case and it will gradually fade away from the top spot as Crypto to fiat pairing becomes wide spread for other coins. XRP is about to change this space and take the lead. It is actually XRP that has caused this little bull run and once X-Rapid is live, XRP will dominate the market.

    What has speeded up the death of BTC are the Whales. They have manipulated and crashed the market too much. There is a line that should not be crossed and the bulls crossed it. Therefore, the market is ready for a new leader, once with real life use case and one that will have a constant daily demand (not relaying on bulls to give us the demand). Soon the people that are investing in BTC just for speculation that it will go to 1 million USD will be the fools. The smart investers will be balls deep in Cardano, EOS and XRP. I have been saying this since Cardano was 2 cents last year, EOS as 50 cents and XRP was 20 cents.

  8. Every week the same lies so that the market goes up and down. the traders win so that the bitcoin always in the range of 6000-7500 dollars remains. The stupid are the buyers who have tricked at over $ 18,000, claiming Bitcoin continues to rise. The traders made huge profits as he fell.
    The youtuber claimed the bitcoin is going up over $ 30,000 and higher but it fell further, such announcements serve to possibly sell higher prices for all the fakenews to drive the stupid ones into the market. Yesterday I read the Bitcoin drops below or to $ 1000 and then this supposed big news fake nothing else.
    What happened to goldman sachs the bitcoin drops nearly $ 1,200 at $ 7,500 then the message goldman sachs is no longer interested in etf and down then the message that was a fakenews what made the market nothing should have actually gone up again.

  9. Fakenews should push the Bitcoin so that it rises next week then comes the news no ETF planned the market falls and the Shorttrader make money again all manipulation.

  10. Is this the same genius SEC that let Madoff screw the market for 50 billion ….I just keep laughing at we have to wait for those incompetent airheads

  11. screw the Bitcoin controlling the market with all of it's manipulation…make room for XRP to get this market cap rocking!!!

  12. The SEC is deferring the decision for further research and comments:

  13. What the Hell does this matter to working people? Is this even accessible for people who aren’t monied up. Just another way for the monopolists to move all the assets their way.

  14. i saw the official statement…nowhere does it say delayed nor denied!!! it said they have until (UNTIL) September 30…get the facts right before anyone makes statements wrongly….people spreading FUD…glad to see our market isn't falling for misleading information…HODL!!! its coming!!!

  15. You're doing a bit of fake news here, albeit probably unintentionally. They haven't delayed anything yet. They just said they want more comments. They're saying this AHEAD of time so that they don't have to delay it on the actual judgement date, which is the 30th.

  16. I love this guy.. finally someone on our level who doesn't claim to know it all but probably knows more than all of them.. always keeping us up-to-date on everything

  17. The official document simply states that they are now officially discussing the ETF…and the decision to approve/deny/delay will come by Sept 30th…its ONLY an announcement that official deliberations have begun and a request for more public input…it is not delayed (yet) or approved (yet) or denied (yet)…

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