31 thoughts on “Market Cycle Near Completion – What's Next For Crypto?”

  1. I totally agree with people who come here and say not all account managers are scammers. Some of these offers are true. But trade yourself instead because when there is so much crowd with a thing like this, anyone can be tempted to steal or be frightened to lose. What sounds false to me is when people say they make unrealistic figures in a day or week. I think 80% of my investments weekly is decent enough to be true. Well, some of us are so greedy forgetting that all that glitters isn't gold, that's why we end up in the wrong hands. Well I will recommend a strategy I use that has been so helpful to anyone in need of help, contact MR MICHEAL via email. [email protected] .com? he's the brain behind this amazing trading strategy.?

  2. There are a lot of other factors at play here. Putting the cheat sheet against BTC chart does not mean anything at this time. Both the video maker and the audience seems to be novice here. Be careful guys.

  3. quinten i follow u since a year now i think and u r my favorite crypto youtuber by far ! im always happy about ur vids <3 keep going on bro ur the best ! 😀

  4. I gave up waiting for the bull market, joined this pump group last weekend and made over 1k in 60 seconds on NAV coin! Next pump 11 hours from now 😉 https://discord.gg/zu5Entk

  5. Make a video on Byteball? Fees are proportional to storage used on ledger (1 byte in storage costs 1 byte in transaction fees)

  6. You're level headedness and optimistic outlook has definitely helped to prevent me from panic selling and losing out. I'm keeping a close eye on things at the moment as you say to hopefully recoup the beating I've taken since investing last December. Keep it up dude ?

  7. Having these things in mind, the bearmarket shouldnt worry you. In fact it gives you a last chance to get your alts cheap. Or maybe Im just chill because I dont look at the price every hour 🙂 🙂

  8. Personally I prefer slower but more stable growth in capitalisation than fast but completely speculative. I'm also in favor of "the value investing" over "trading".

  9. I like this cheet sheet as well _ you're right, after the next bullrun this would be helpful. But for now I believe what Mr. novogratz and Mr. BINANCE says : big money is comin' soon, the bullrun is very near 😀

  10. Hi Quinten, I wonder where did you find that graphic that give you the average price for BTC ? Could you please tell me where to find it or link? The best!

  11. I hope that you are right. But I saw many people saying that bitcoin didn't touch it's bottom yet. Some are saying that 4500$ it's real bottom but who knows?? 🙂

  12. I think personally we have last drop before bull run and off we go. That's why I keep some $$ for discount prices!

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