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of coins that you guys have been asking me what I think about them I’m gonna
cover a few of them over here including tron cardinal stellar I get these
questions a ton at the end of the video obviously we’re gonna go over the
overall market cap predictions technical analysis where I see the market heading
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further ado let’s jump right into the news articles today the first one is the
US Congress divided on crypto so from regulation is a wet blanket to crypto is
a croc so you you guys know we talked about this before right they had a
meeting talking about I SEOs talking about kryptos talk about blockchain
development in the US and that was on March 14 so that was two days ago they
basically had this meeting and they cover a lot of different things and
overall we saw a lot of the US are not happy they’re scared they don’t know
what to do when it comes to cryptocurrency when there was so great
what happened was that coin base actually called them out for being for
harming innovation which i think is 100 percent correct
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let you guys know but anyways coinbase called them out called the UFO people at
the meeting out saying that they were harming innovation which is so true
because the US you know I mentioned sorry the u.s. is such a big country is
such a leading country in so many aspects you cannot have you know points
where you’re scared of technology and the reason
scared of is because they don’t want to lose control they see what’s happening
they don’t want to lose control rather than learn it and adopt it and you see
the smart people in the world Mark Zuckerberg wants to learn Krita bout
cryptocurrency and not just cryptocurrency but the blockchain
technology he realizes the potential it has and he’s seeing the changes it’s due
it’s you know the impact it’s having and so he wants to find a way to incorporate
that into Facebook whatever way maybe we’re gonna see what happens we’re
seeing a lot of companies a lot of really smart people do the same thing
now the issue is the people that are at these meetings the politicians and all
that are old people they’re old money they’re not the type of people that want
innovation or understand or care to learn that is the biggest issue I think
we’re gonna have in order to in the in gaining mass adoption I think one of the
biggest issues we’re gonna have is the people at the top right now that can
impose regulations they can do that they are the their old money but anyways this
right here following that just to show you guys so money 2020 Singapore central
bank confirms international blockchain payment plans so this is an example of a
country you see Japan’s doing great at this a lot of other other countries are
doing great and Singapore is also now their central bank confirms an
international block chain payment plan and that isn’t that that is adoption
right there that is seeing an issue that is seeing how the technology can help
fix something we do already in a certain way you see the technology being able to
help it and so you learn it and you see how you can you know use it in to better
everyone’s lives not just one or two individual but the whole country the
well you know how smooth everything moves and that’s what block she can
honestly help with and that’s why I say to people yes we know there are people
that say we could be in a bearish market for two years that might be possible but
the technology is gonna be there so in two years time if that’s when we have
mass adoption then you’ll still get filthy rich from holding pit coin right
now we’re holding certain crypto currencies right now anyways again
there’s a Warner to show you guys the difference that we’re seeing now with
some countries we’re seeing the countries that are actually ahead stand
out and be it like this is something I’ve said a while I’ve always said the
u.s. is behind on a lot of things no matter how much people say that the US
has you know so they’re leading in this they’re leading in that they are so
behind and I’ve said that cuz I’ve seen countries like Japan even Singapore and
several other countries you know it takes a take technology and you know
instantly implement it into some into a good use where people can you know we
can see it make an a very valuable impact so that’s just kind of how I’m
seeing things I’m seeing the u.s. fall behind let’s see what happens hopefully
they have a change of heart hopefully they understand it rather than you know
not understanding the technology and just bashing it hopefully they actually
understand take the time out to learn about it anyway let’s talk about the
crypto currency markets because I know you guys are interested in this we have
basically a three hundred forty billion dollar market cap with bitcoin dominance
continuously increasing now at forty two point six percent yes can tell it’s
basically bitcoins had one of the less worst weeks I guess a lot of other
cryptocurrency have a much worse week including a stellar 20% down neo ninety
nineteen basically twenty percent down so now again it’s still so this could be
a good moment to pick up some of your favorite all coins so again link to
finance down below you guys can go and pick up any of these crypto currencies
all the top crypto currencies are all there as well as several small ones but
at the end of the video we’re gonna go over the technical analysis of this and
you know where I see the market heading so a lot of people are trying to predict
where the markets heading and they should be buying right now if they
should wait and I’m gonna kind of give you guys my thoughts on this at the end
of the video so stay tuned for that let’s go over some of the crypto
currencies you guys have asked me for so stellar stellar is a is one a lot of
people have been asking my opinion on my prediction for it
I think stellar will not continue to fall too much longer I think we have
solid support line built right here which we’re basically at right now could
could it fall some more it definitely could but just from like the small
technical analysis I did before during this video it looks like it’s
about to reach some pretty decent levels that I don’t see it falling too far
below now again guys I’m not a financial advisor this is not financial advice
this is just my opinion I’m just kind of giving it to you guys I think we might
see a little bit of a correction here now obviously it depends on the overall
market as well if the market is bearish Stellar’s not gonna shoot up to the moon
it’s just not gonna happen but as long as the market recovers I think stellar
will not fall too far below at this point it is um at a pretty pretty low
level at a pretty big support line so that’s kind of what my thoughts on that
um litecoin another fan favorite if we just
look here like coin still has some room to fall I think I wouldn’t pick up any
until M if you were going long I wouldn’t mind
cuz at $160 it’s very under price we see it we saw it at $240 not too long ago
right here $230 we’ve seen we’ve seen like one have it’s great run so I
wouldn’t I also wouldn’t wait I would recommend maybe dollar cost averaging
you’re way down because like coin is one of those coins that really can explode
if there’s if there’s any form of news it can explore it and it usually does
have some of the bigger movements which again like we saw right here some great
movement from $160 all the way up to 230 pretty much in just a few days so I
wouldn’t wait too long maybe dollar-cost average your way down a card on o card
on Oh still has a little ways to fall as well I believe so it’s at 18 cents
currently I think we could probably see it go all the way down here to maybe 11
12 cents if if the market allows it to obviously if we enter bearish a bullish
market we’re not gonna probably see it hit those levels but there is no real
support line bill over here maybe a tiny bit over here at the pool at kind of
where we are right now to 20 cent mark however it seems we have already dipped
a little below that so we’ll see it could either bounce up from here or
we’ll see it go all the way down to 11 12 cents because that would be the next
support line and lastly Tron a lot of you guys are asking me about Tron
because I know a lot of you guys like Tron and
basically it’s add to billions on market it’s at three cents I’ve always said I
don’t think Charlie will drop much below three cents at all and if it does
obviously even like you see it right here it’s at two nine five so two point
nine five cents I don’t see it being a consistent drop below three cents the
only thing I think could lead to it doing that would be if the beta or the
test net sucks if the beta sucks or if it’s not released if it’s postponed
which doesn’t seem like it’s gonna happen so I don’t see tron dropping too
far below the point it’s at right now it’s kind of been moving sideways which
I think it will until leading up to all the events are coming at the end of
March which is coming up so if you guys think Shawn’s going to kind is going to
start you know making a decent move upwards and the days that lead to the
event launches and all then now might be a good time to pick up some tron at
these low prices that you know at the steady prices that is at right now
because who knows what can happen what it launches again everything is
contingent on the market doing well or at least the market being strong if
we’re in a strong market we’re gonna have less of an issue if we are you know
if everything is falling then Tron’s not gonna go up 50 or a hundred percent just
because it’s a beta launch that is not enough to unfortunately if the whole
markets down it’s not going to be enough to propel it so that’s just kind of
something to keep in mind and I wanted to see is to show you guys that Justin
son has to count down for the test net launch twenty days as opposed it six
days ago so now it’s roughly fourteen days two weeks until the tron test net
launch yeah basically the all the break down into
how many seconds and everything so excited let’s see what happens you guys
can see Drake in the comments here let’s go Drake’s excited obviously Drake’s
excited for Tron if that didn’t happen though that would be a big for Tron they
got drink anyways let’s take a look at the technical analysis again we’re doing
Bitcoin two US dollars because the market tends to follow Bitcoin you guys
know the drill is explained that for all you newcomers here we have the
resistance support which we’ve been staying still
we’re inside here so no move outside of there and this resistance support
channel that we built that told you guys yesterday I told you guys yesterday we
did fall below it and the candle I I call it breaking out if we had a red
candle below this however this candle looks this is a sign of a potential
bullish you know running again we’ve seen that today here in the green and
we’re now climbing making our way back into the channel so these two um this
this resistance and this support line the two diagonal ones are gonna
intersect here so we’re gonna see it maybe it will follow it through here
before breakout maybe this is the moment where we break out still a lot to see
you guys see all the supports we’ve drawn before I said it’s possible to
drop to here if we break this support looking like we kind of reversed up from
it bounced away from it I’m starting to move upward so that’s good now again the
key resistance level for Bitcoin right now is at the eleven thousand eight
hundred to $12,000 um that’s where the resistance is at right that’s what the
main resistance that we have to break I believe that we’ve tried already twice
and have had no luck with so hopefully we can get back up there and test that
again am I saying we’re in a bull market I’m
not saying we’re in a bull market not quite yet at least but am i saying this
is a good sign stepping away from the bearish market I think it is definitely
a good sign and hopefully we start seeing you know a few more green days
and a lot of people have been panicking seeing a lot of red but guys hopefully
this gave you guys a little vote of confidence
don’t forget dollar cost averaging it’s key do not wait to buy a Bitcoin
obviously I’m not financial but I’ll tell you guys what to do so give me you
guys my opinion do not wait you know saying oh bitcoins here but maybe maybe
it’ll drop here but maybe it’ll go up here you know your best bet is to buy
some here and if it drops here you buy some more here so that your average is
somewhere over here and then when it goes up you make even more profit it’s
about thinking the long-term game that’s why even when I know I bought my Bitcoin
first I like $1,000 a little over $1,000 and I bought it again at $3 at $3,000
why because I saw the I thought long-term and I was like yes if I buy it
now my daughter cause average will be higher but if I see the value increasing
tremendously in the future then it would make a lot of sense for me to keep
stacking up and to keep buying more and more bags of bit of cryptocurrency at
that time was Bitcoin now it’s a lot of others like n cash I picked up some more
n cash even though it pumped up already from the price that I originally got it
at I got at 2 cents I got it a little bit more at 2.8 cents and that’s just
because in the long term I’m looking at one dollar that’s my key indicator I
like my vision for 2018 the m20 is one dollar so I don’t care if I get it at
two cents or three cents as long as I got more to prepare for when it runs to
one dollar that’s kind of how I’m looking at things and that’s how I’ve
been preaching to you guys I know it’s important to get in at good prices um
but if you’re thinking long term it’s more important to get in than it is to
get in at the cheapest price this month for example that’s kind of my thoughts
on it let me know what you guys think down below guys as always make sure to
leave a comment something related to the video in order to enter a chance to win
the giveaway this weekend so stay tuned for that as well also go check out the
Facebook group to vote on your coin you guys want me to review on Sunday but
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every time we release a new video guys thank you so much for watching I’ll see
you guys tomorrow for another video


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