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last piece of information before we go ahead to the big news is that hash Blair
has decreased their prices for their contracts it is now very very cheapest
1.2 dollars I think per Tara has about I don’t exactly remember it not Tara hash
that wouldn’t make sense per Giga hash for tanki guys I don’t remember but it’s
instead of what it used to be what it was 2.2 now then it went to 1.8 now to
1.2 with the 10% off discount so I’m gonna leave a link to them down below
and you guys can go pick up some hash flare mining power
definitely worth getting some cryptocurrency mining going on right now
because even though it might not look as profitable as it used to if the parade
you get it now at these cheap prices and Bitcoin price you know 10x is in the
next three years and you hold on to that cryptocurrency you’ve made a pretty
solid investment overall so keep that in mind anyways let’s get started talking
about the market and guys I apologize for the long intro I just had a lot of
announcement I had to get through so I try to do it as fast as possible thank
you for all of you who stuck with me all the way to here but guys mount GOx
cell-to-cell again a Bitcoin to being read until September basically what this
article is saying don’t want to bore you guys too much quick read through it
Mount GOG still has 1.5 billion dollars worth a Bitcoin and they are planning on
selling it off they’re going to seek permission from the court to do so in
that meeting is scheduled on the 18th of September of this year so that’s a lot
of people that’s a lot of bad information I guess a lot of people know
what’s been going on Mount Gotham my Mount GOx has been in the news for the
crypto news for some days now his being the reason why the prices have been
plummeting because you guys you guys know yeah I’ve talked about it before on
this channel you guys don’t know check it out one of the previous videos but
mal Cox has been selling and that is what’s been driving the price of Bitcoin
and cryptocurrency down over the last few you know weeks / month since the you
know the peak we had right here on December 16 / 17 that’s basically what’s
been driving the price down so then they still have some more and people are
scared that when September hits and they sell all of that it’s going to cause a
crash in the market again and it will certainly cause a dick
it will certainly cause a dip if they do sell that is inevitable I guess but the
good thing is if they do sell that would make that would mean less people are
holding a large chunk so that’s not going to be a 1.5 billion dollar wallet
anymore there’s going to be several you know maybe tens of thousands of dollar
wallets instead of this big big wallet so that’s a good thing that helps em in
Bitcoin being are decentralized which is something we
all agree that we like and that is what cryptocurrency stands for so this is
overall a good thing but people are scared that’s going to put a cloud over
the market and we’re gonna see a bearish market over the next few months and I’m
gonna explain to that – you guys why that is possible but I personally don’t
think so I’m gonna be explaining that at the end of this video and we go over
some technical analysis anyways the second reason why the price are falling
today is because we were now it’s I think it’s officially happy my already
ended at the time making this video I haven’t seen any updates yet but
basically the first u.s. congressional hearing to address icos
and you guys know I wish I could get into more I SEOs living in the u.s. it’s
very difficult that I can’t but they do provide some great opportunities to make
a lot of money getting in very early at the early early early stages of
investing and then you can watch your you know as long as you pick a good one
the price does increase over time you guys can make a hundred maybe even a
thousand X on your money think about this
atheria ico when it launched yes aetherium had ICO when it launched a
very long time back it was 31 cents aetherium has hit an all-time high of
like 1200 $1400 so think of the return on your investment think about the money
you made you could have made had you invest it in that ICO and it turned out
to be a huge ICO like aetherium so I I like that they’re having a hearing about
it I hope that they allow everyone in the u.s. to invest in AI seals because
the end of day it’s your money no no the risk you should know the risk you should
do your research and at the other day if you want to invest in it then it’s your
money you should have all rights to invest in it that’s my opinion on the
matter now another piece of information that came out is that Google is planning
on banning all cryptocurrency related ads starting June of 2018 so that’s in a
few months you guys know Facebook banned crypto ads and trust me I’ve tested this
this did actually happen I tried running a cryptocurrency
just to see if it was already blocked and it did not get approved so I’m
assuming that block is already in place and Google is now following suit they
are officially banning crypto related ad so that’s gonna mean a lot less ICO ads
everywhere a lot less mining ads everywhere we’re just gonna help people
just save people from a lot of scams a lot of scans do this you can see but
unfortunately it does mean some good ads are also going to get blocked so
unfortunately the smaller majority of the scams are going to ruin the game for
everybody in the cryptocurrency space and I don’t think this is going to last
very long once we have regulations and everyone has more faith in
cryptocurrency people understand that people know what it is people are
accepting and we’re starting to gain more adoption
I think these blocks both from Google and Facebook are going to go away
because it would make no sense for us to not allow those type of ads it is simply
an ad um people shouldn’t invest just from seeing an ad they should definitely
do their own research anyway so again this did put a cloud over cryptocurrency
as well and that is why today we are seeing the market we’re currently on
three hundred thirty five billion dollar market cap with Bitcoin dominance at
forty two point one percent guys everything is in the red it is just a
sea of read-only coin not basically not on the red one of the only big decent
coin I’m not in the red for the week is a nem nem because you guys know I’ve
covered it before they’ve returned the money from the exchange that got hacked
and nem was stolen that exchange is refunding people their mem so that did
gain some confidence and boost the price up a little bit but you guys to see it
didn’t last long because in the daily it’s also down a good amount but this
does provide good opportunities to pick up some of your favorite all coins coins
like Power Ledger rank 72 could definitely make a nice little push
moving into the billion dollar market cap maybe I’m not saying anything but
the problem the power ledger does have a lot of potential it is one of the coins
I am bullish on with coins like substratum as well Bobby we power
though so guys don’t forget enough financial advisor though I’m just saying
when I’m looking at when I’m picking up more of including me at $71 that is a
steal right now at this price but guys technical analysis time where are we at
in the technical analysis so just looking at it we are still holding a
pretty solid between these two so the support and the resistance and the
support line that we drew right here up this channel so that’s pretty cool
see us hold their two very major support lines right here pretty close that
Bitcoin is kind of touching on so this is going to be the point where we see if
we can bounce back up and try and make a push or if it’s going to break below it
to which we could definitely enter a another you know series of red days and
it’s hard to tell now with all the fun and all the news going on including the
amount dogs think it’s coming out in September it’s happening in September so
why don’t we let now be now and let’s September be September and in an ideal
world people wouldn’t be scared of them selling off because that that would
cause a decrease in the price of course but in the long term it would be a good
move unfortunately that’s not the way a lot of new investors are seeing it and
that’s just not the way a lot of people are looking at it but there is a ways up
to 12,000 again for us to test this resistance mark hopefully hopefully we
can reverse right here bounce back up start moving upwards only time will tell
so we’ll see you tomorrow is update where we are guys so hopefully you guys
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guys tomorrow for another video


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    **DISCLAIMER**: I am not a financial advisor nor am I giving financial advice. I am sharing my biased opinion based off speculation. You should not take my opinion as financial advice. You should always do your research before making any investment. You should also understand the risks of investing. This is all speculative based investing.

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    Also Patrick, was there any evidence that Mt Gox was responsible for what was taken out of their exchange? Maybe they’re trying to sell stolen cryptocurrency? Your thoughts?

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  22. You cannot simply say Mt Gox caused the crash. They have been selling since late September from what I have read meaning that they sold all through the bullish period and the end of last year as well as through the bearish period of this year. It's such a small percentage of the total supply of Bitcoins and it doesn't tie in with the market for the majority of the time that it was happening.

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