Market Crash 2018, Time to Buy Bitcoin? Propaganda on the Blockchain- Cryptocurrency News

Oh God Oh No Oh God Oh the Nasdaq is down 12% Oh oh it's the end of everything it's the Armageddon oh why why is this happened oh oh oh oh bitcoins down 12% oh baby this is the moment I'm waiting for yes yes yes bye-bye bye oh yeah Bitcoin though exploring all of the latest from the crypto world and beyond top stories of the day our ongoing fears in the stock markets a good thing for Bitcoin idec's gives users a big surprise and Chinese propaganda hits the blockchain and let's just get into it guys stock markets are having a terrible month with the Nasdaq S&P 500 in Dow Jones all experiencing their worst month since 2008 and global markets are following suit as fears of the deepening trade war between China and the USA heat up or perhaps we may even look to the Federal Reserve raising interest rates as a factor but question I want to answer is this is buying Bitcoin a good idea in times of economic uncertainty well curiously during the tough times on the global stock markets Bitcoin has been relatively chill well for Bitcoin anyway but an interesting thing is that whilst ah have plummeted gold has risen in price during the last month as investors move into perceived safer options Bitcoin has a good chance of performing well during a meltdown of these more traditional markets since we have seen a huge increase in services catering to big-money investors especially in terms of Custody financial instruments like Bitcoin futures OTC services and regulation the increased normalization of Bitcoin as an asset class could work in the favor of bitcoins price moving forward however to any stock traders out there who are freaked out by the Nasdaq's 12% drop you may not be able to handle Bitcoin because it does this kind of crap all the time Freddie would be investors out there it is also relevant to keep in mind that the global stock markets are massive and very mature and while lots of opportunity exists in stocks it is nothing compared to the potential of the crypto currency markets with the entire industries market cap in terms of assets that is not in companies linked to the industries such as coinbase being around 200 billion dollars nigel green of de vere group is calling for a 5,000 percent increase in the crypto markets to 20 trillion dollars over the next 10 years which sounds rather bullish to me there are so many new assets being created all the time that may have massive value moving in to that future although he does state that the influence of Bitcoin will lessen over time as other assets become stronger market players currently we see the dominance of Bitcoin at nearly 54% of the total value of the entire crypto market in the coming years this could drop substantially but even if Bitcoin is only 20% of a 20 trillion dollar industry that's basically the investment opportunity of the century and to put that in perspective Bitcoin would still be less than the total market cap of gold at that point I would love to know what you think will troubles in the stock markets be a good or a bad thing for Bitcoin Bitcoin rat do you have an opinion on this topic again Japan has given formal approval to its cryptocurrency industry to self-regulate the move will allow the Japan virtual currency exchange Association to ensure that exchanges are following legal requirements and to punish those who are misbehaving with a spokesman for the Japanese financial services agency saying it is a very fast-moving industry it is better for experts to make rules in a timely manner instead of bureaucrats doing so this is a positive move by the Japanese authorities let us hope that the industry does everything it can to maintain that dress that has been given to them by the Japanese government and to not break the rules or abuse their power now Chinese citizens can receive their official government propaganda on the blockchain the venture capital division of the Communist Party of China is getting on the block chain train by signing up their official news paper to a strategic partnership with a block chain laboratory a hilarious story considering the story that I covered in my last news video discussing the Chinese government's desire to censor the blockchain and particularly what is published there idec's has announced that New York state IP addresses will be blocked from using their services just a quick reminder VPNs are your friend everyone this announcement of course led to the outrage of many users and enthusiasts of the platform questioning why is this decentralized exchange blocking people from accessing it the first point New York you're ridiculous sort it out what are you doing you're so buying the times when it comes to regulating these businesses second point we need to take into account what actually is decentralization because we often think of it as a black-and-white issue but in reality it is a shades of grey issue idec's is decentralized in regards to you being in control of your private keys at all times is obviously not decentralized in terms of who runs the website and their business model third point there are lots of Dex's out there so if you don't like what idec's is doing or you live in New York then go and check out the competition I for one will continue to use idec's as it is a premier place for getting early access to projects before they hit larger exchanges but I am no fan of this move from the idec's team lasties holders have got a surprise as the token lockup program has been cancelled in the token will now be returned to investors the move was taken to make alas dose compliant as possible with regulations and to avoid future price fluctuations during unlock periods this saw an immediate plunge in the price of elasto stuffer a lot from the on-going market conditions while the short term effect will be a bitter pill for many ela holders to swallow the long term effects of this decision should indeed be positive the team at we power is proving the power of their renewable energy platform in Estonia releasing the test results of their nationwide energy tokenization program we power with their local partner Ellering have converted a year's worth of data onto the blockchain turning 26,000 hours and 24 terawatt hours of production and consumption data into nearly 40 billion Smart Energy tokens Estonia is totally up to date with smart meters thus providing itself as a perfect testing ground now the challenge will be to roll out blockchain solutions to countries and regions with less infrastructure but so far as test cases are concerned this is certainly a very positive step forward for the relationship between renewable energy and blockchain if you are in Brooklyn then you can enjoy a special treat as a selection of rare peppe's will be displayed for public enjoyment the Pepe meme has become one of the many darlings of the cryptocurrency community and hosting an exhibition of the digital art pieces is yet another fascinating crossover of the art world and digital collectables thank you so much for watching today's episode let me know your opinion on any the stories down below in the comments section thumbs up the video subscribe to the channel and hit the bell to stay up to date with what's happening in crypto come and join the conversation with me over on Twitter long live the blockchain at D south to next time

35 thoughts on “Market Crash 2018, Time to Buy Bitcoin? Propaganda on the Blockchain- Cryptocurrency News”

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  2. Ha, ha,….Great intro again Lark!!
    I remember Andreas announcing only couple of years ago,,with pride, that the market has reached two billion…and it sounded Big at the time, remember? How much we have grown since is amazing!….against the odds 🙂

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    get one at the price $154.00
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  5. Forget DEX's. COSS is the future. Api comes Monday. USA fiat deposits start In November. They are building this exchange to comply with current and future regulations. This project is the most transparent of any out there right now giving us biweekly medium updates.

  6. They shouldn't be freaked out… it is the month before elections…. of course it is all going haywire ! Remember George Soros said he would use the economy to hurt Trump… don't play their game, get out of the line of fire !

  7. Hey Larkster, Are you aware the origin of pepe was a political one during last US election?

  8. Sorry but feedback time. I have always appreciated your views. The pantomine of school yard theatre has made me leave. Feedback not hate

  9. No matter what happens to the market, cryptos will survive!
    Bitcoin was born because of 2008 ..!
    It will be totally full an pessimistic to dare to beleive 1 second that BTC will collapse when market will totally crash .
    How such a genius visionnaire like Satoshi could have missed the basic of his genius idea..!
    Never forget one very important point !
    Satoshi has a wallet with 1 million BTC, never he, she or they will touch it !!!
    You know why, because, it will be like giving the keys to still your car…
    What’s the point to destroy what has created the base of the base.
    Wallstreet and other will never see 1 single BTC from this wallet because, for sure Satoshi has destroyed it for ever, the minute all these BTC were on the Blockchain .
    In an other word, no matter what will cost BTC, there is always a bottom that BTC can’ t go o et because Satoshi set it up !
    Add after the minimum price to create 1 BTC in the cheapest locations and the difficulty, add all these super powerful whales which will never give up their supremacy in cryptos, then you have most of your answers …
    BTC can collapse but compare to stocks, until all the usable BTC are running, the price will increase .
    There are few Picasso’s painting or Van Gogh, still the prices are continuing to rise … Just try to imagine now, they were digital and many of them got lost for ever …
    That’s exactly what’s going on with BTC and since BTC is the king and cryptos, the good one are always following, you can easily what will happen sooner or later.
    Soon, cryptos will be unavoidable and used everywhere and they will be digital gold for everyone .

  10. Hi Crypto Lark… can you tell something about It is your duty…for whole crypto industry and community and adoption… P.S. please 🙂 ( check their whitepaper )

  11. I don't think bitcoin will have even a majority share in 10 years when crypto has trillions..  Because i feel a "flippening' will happen where something else that rivals it will dramatically climb so rapid that people will panic out of bitcoin and want to be a part of that rise.. that a good majority will move over from bitcoin into that other coin/token… whatever it is.
    I'm not a big fan of ripple, but have you seen how fast that thing can jump from just a little hype?  the way it's market cap practically doubled over night at the beginning of 2018.. i couldn't believe it.  something like that could dive right past bitcoin.

    Just picture how much is invested in bitcoin now and what if that volume suddenly emptied out into some other coin..

    I can easily see bitcoin suddenly losing 1/3rd of it's market cap in a week by people that dump it in favor of the next thing.. Fear of losing out will get them.

  12. lol  funny intro. but bitcoin will fall with the stock market. there is just a delay. Small bumps won't be all that noticeable but if there is a major crash you will see it plummet.

    All things volatile do.  the reason gold is pumped into is because it is stable.  Nobody dumps volatility in favor of volatility.  No, people flock to something that is locked.. as stable as a rock. 
    Think about it.. if a bunch of stock investors flock to bitcoin, the price is going to jack up..  and then a bunch of people that bought in earlier will sell off on them right after. 
    SO those stock investors, (at least the smart ones) are not going to trade volatility for volatility.  Because they will fear that this thing called bitcoin.. that isn't tied to anything of tangible value, will fall like a house of cards.  Whether it actually will or not is another story but they will still fear that it will.
    These stock investors Might throw money into some stable-coins instead of banks though..  now THAT is useful.. because stable coins retain value in a decentralized way and the government keeps their prying eyes out of it and the owner of them retains control.  Better than putting their money back into a savings account.Another possibility of where they may put money is some highly discounted coins that are at 90% losses because it's hard to pass up a good deal and they are so low they have no where to go but up… 

    So just severely depressed alt coins or stable coins will be the only crypto things that will see any real action.

  13. Gold has risen but not substantially. I think it will rise more if the stock markets continue to correct.

    It's possible that major stock market corrections especially in Asia will put downward pressure on bitcoin.

  14. A drop of 12% in the stock market is a lot. If you consider that your yearly gains are about 6%.
    Compared to crypto ……only 1000% are good profits 😉

    Lark it is time to talk about It is an great project without an ICO or premine.
    And get the new Brave browser folks …. so fast and bat integration 🙂

  15. I can't wait to see what the crypto space looks like in two years from now… it's like waiting for Christmas to come all year long as a kid… it's hard to wait but you know when it arrives it's going to be great.

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