91 thoughts on “Mark Zuckerberg Testifies On Facebook Cryptocurrency | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC”

  1. All loyal citizens of the United States should boycott Facebook starting today. I stopped using FB when Zuckerberg testified in 2017, and have only been on the site when directed there by mistake.


  3. I dumped Fakebook in Sept of 2016 after I was bombarded with fake political propaganda… That and I was fed up seeing pictures of what my 'friends' had for lunch…

  4. Libra is a con. Concurrency will cost you 10% and when you sell it it will cost you another 10%. And Facebook wants to be a currency exchange for Libra. It is a con.

  5. Facebook cares about profits, not facts. It's stupid and unrealistic for Facebook to expect people to do their own fact checking.

  6. I would love to put my fist in his stupid face. How long does he think that the world will swallow his “innocence” look?

  7. The sorriest part about trying to watch Mark Zuckerberg try to convince people he can be trusted with your money, is the fact that he already blew it when trusted with providing a collaborationist's tool that was free of political bias and advertising. Facebook has opened up a HUGE volume of information to the russian intelligence agencies for free, and without remorse — Zuckerberg's removal of his own terms of service so he can run false information as a public service annoucement on behalf of Mr. Trump, is not something you should overlook either. This man has the term "you've been Zuckerberged" for a reason. Mark can not be trusted with anything of value, he's a proven sellout.

  8. Why don't we the world simply launch a FB replacement that's a purely altruistic tool of the people that doesn't create any billionaires or sell our data for profit at our expense???

  9. “Let me clarify, Facebook does not fact check…” says it all. Let 2016 repeat…
    Society ill continues whilst FB profits from peddling lies and propaganda

  10. Zukerberg would not allow proven propaganda – PROVEN- in the Canadian election- proven lies – influencing the ELECTION this MONTH!
    Guess what will happen in 2020.
    Not ready? They are an integral part of the TAPERING with democracy.

  11. The Russians couldn't have gotten Trump elected without Fox News or the main TV channels that run the PAC-funded attack ads all day long. The media, all of them, don't want to regulate because there's too much money to be made. Repeal Citizens United if you want to fix this.

  12. LIAR, LIAR, caught red handed… "YES" we do, (then a few seconds later) "NO" we do not ???
    He will be the only one who can track LIBRA holders and ALSO hide his $$$ $$$ $$$s from the taxman!
    The level of greed is reaching unimaginable heights

  13. Too bad someone didn't punch his rotten Facebook Face, and throw the lying sack of crap, monopolizing billionaire out on his ugly head.

  14. If you go on Facebook right now to any trump page you will see straight up propaganda post after post from made up news sources. People don't even read the articles. They just see the headline, believe it's real then share it. If you click on the articles the sites have no story and agree just full of ads and they are fishing links for your information. I'll see a article that has 15k likes, shared 10k times then other people share it and it just cycles around. It should be illegal. All propaganda should be illegal. I believe in freedom of speech but you shouldn't be able to push out lies with the intent to purposely brain wash people.

  15. Good info. from a Demand Progress email on just how dangerous FB is:

    Mark Zuckerberg is out of control. This is a man who once called Facebook “more like a government than a traditional company.”1 I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise that Zuckerberg — and Facebook — are interfering in our democracy again.

    In just the past few weeks, Zuckerberg’s done his best to pick the winner of the 2020 elections.

    After privately meeting with Trump, he changed Facebook policies to let Trump run ads with lies.2 He’s encouraged his staff to criticize 2020 candidates who are calling for a check on Facebook’s corporate empire and met with a number of other right-wing leaders.3

    You might have heard about all of this. But did you know that Zuckerberg has something even more terrifying in the works? It’s called Libra, and it’s a digital currency he would control. Experts say Libra is a huge threat to democracy4 and could take down the entire global economy.5

    Today, Zuckerberg testified to Congress about his reckless Facebook Libra digital currency plan, which will take control over money away from our democracy and concentrate it in his own hands and the hands of a few private corporations.

    Some Congress members like Rep. Maxine Waters slammed Zuckerberg in today's hearing.

    Rep. Waters said: “Perhaps you believe that you’re above the law, and it appears that… you are willing to step over anyone, including your competitors, women, people of color, your own users, and even our democracy to get what you want… In fact, you have opened up a serious discussion about whether Facebook should be broken up.”

    Already corporations like Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, and eBay have fled Zuckerberg’s Libra project.6

    But Zuckerberg still wants to launch Libra as soon as 2020. Libra will trample competitors, consumers and entire countries.7 We can’t let Congress allow it to move forward.

    Zuckerberg desperately wants Libra to happen. It’s key to his future plans. Want to stop Facebook and rein in its power? Then we have to stop Libra.

    Tell Congress to block Facebook’s dark money proposal, Libra, before it takes over our financial system and damages our democracy.

  16. This impeachment inquiry is a great opportunity for Americans to learn about “fake news.” You can find out, through just about any alternative media source, exactly how many provable facts are being kept from you. Enjoy ??‍♂️

  17. I get the publishing aspect, but there's still suppose to be truth in advertisement, and Facebook is trying to get around it for money!

  18. You publish lies and distort democracy, but can't show a nipple? It's about money not free speech. You're a creep Suckerberg.

  19. wanna talk about hypocrisy??
    Did you know Hunter Biden being a board member of the Ukrainian gas company Burisma IS NOT ILLEGAL?? He was on the board of directors from 2014 till this year, waaaaaay past Joe Biden's tenor as VP. Secondly Hunter Biden never held a White House position like what Ivanka and Jared are currently doing – and profitting off it WHILE her dad is the potUS. Hypocrisy hypocrisy hypocrisy.

    Oh by the way, guess how much money Don Jnr made this year using his daddy's position to secure government land for real estate deals? Over $100 million dollars! Which is 166 times MORE than the annual amount made by Hunter by being a board member of Burisma ($600k vs $100,000,000). Hypocrisy hypocrisy hypocrisy.

    When Western governments pressed Ukraine’s new leaders to investigate Burisma, they found no known evidence that any of the investigations ever involved Hunter Biden. Ukraine’s former prosecutor general, Yuriy Lutsenko, told Bloomberg News in May this year that there was NO evidence of wrongdoing by the Bidens.

    Joe Biden, as the Obama administration’s appointed person on Ukraine, pressed successfully for the ouster of the corrupt Viktor Shokin as Ukraine’s prosecutor general in 2016. 

    Why did Biden pressure Ukraine to kick the corrupt Shokin out?

    Because US leaders (which had BIPARTISAN SUPPORT) plus all US European and Western allies, plus the International Monetary Fund, plus the World Bank and many Ukrainian citizens KNEW Shokin was corrupt AF! Shokin wasn't aggressive about corruption, he used investigations to bribe and blackmail people! This is well known, you can Google it or ask Ukrainians. All the Western allies, the US and the 2 giant international banks said they will provide aid to help Ukraine fight off Russia's invasion, but it was important that Shokin be removed to reduce corruption and illegal spending by him.

    In May 2019, Bloomberg News reported that prosecutors in Ukraine had shelved the investigation into Zlochevsky by 2015, meaning Hunter Biden didn’t stand to benefit from the prosecutor’s ouster. Vitaliy Kasko, who pursued the case against Burisma’s owner as deputy prosecutor and is now first deputy prosecutor in the new government, told Bloomberg News that there had been no U.S. pressure to close that case. Former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko also told Bloomberg News that Biden never asked him to close any cases. Oops! OOOPS! So Joe Biden, forcing the ousting of Shokin would actually HURT Burisma!!! Lolololol which would hurt Hunter Biden! Gee, maybe because Joe and Obama DID THE RIGHT THING??? You know when presidents were respected by world leaders for doing the right thing. Even the Republicans were supportive of Shokin's removal FFS!

    Whereas you now see tRump trying to milk world leaders and taxpayers by forcing them to stay at his golf resort for the G7.

    Where did all these BS allegations about the Bidens come from?

    The rumor that Hunter Biden and his father could be complicit in Ukrainian corruption was first aired in a 2018 conspiracy theory book by Peter Schweizer, who is an editor at Breitbart News and part of GAI, a nonprofit group founded by former Trump political adviser Steve Bannon (mainly to spread misinformation). The group’s board chairwoman is Rebekah Mercer, a prominent Trump supporter. But even Schweizer’s book doesn’t allege that any laws were broken. Lolololol.

    You have been had, hoodwinked by a story concocted by Bannon and Schweizer.

  20. This trump reality show bulkshit doesent work to run a country.
    He is destroying USA credibility around the world.
    And for all you America first trumpets listen.
    We need other countries to stand with us to be strong. America cannot stand alone and survive.

  21. They send Maxine Waters out to attack this guy , that's like going grizzly bear hunting with a broken butter knife! Maxine Waters is the biggest insult to American Life, life. She's f**** brain-dead look where her district is and look where she lives she scum and should be eradicated from the face of this Earth.

  22. I never want zuckerberg crap he accepted $1million a week from the trump campaign to run ads on Facebook I’m glad I shut my account off long ago.

  23. I’m never accepting zuckerberg crap plans he accepted $1 million a week from the trump campaign to run ads on Facebook he is as dirty as trump.

  24. I want to believe that people are smart enough to discern the validity of pop-up ads on their Facebook. I know I can't lose 20 pounds in 4 days or that my skin can look like a 20-year-old's. Why would people not use that same logic when faced with political ads? Oh, wait. Some people believe what tRump says. Yes, make someone smarter be responsible for stupid people's gullibility.

  25. Look to the history of farcebook. An ugly guy gets spurned by a girl on a uni campus so decides to rate all the girls on campus. Other sexists males think what a great idea so extend the rating to other university campuses. In a politically correct world would we condone such a website?

  26. 0:36
    Zuckerberg "Facebook is about putting power in people's hands" LOL have you ever tried to contact Facebook Customer Service? It does NOT exist.

  27. Facebook is practically an open border for both real information and misinformation to flow, and the disruptive effect of misinformation poses a danger that threatens to far outclass benefits of informational flow. This form of service, social media, was never able to be studied and evaluated with regards to what models of practice would be ethical in the first place before it was implemented. It's about time we gave that some real thought and tried modulating the allowances of the social media system until we find something that minimizes dangers to our democracy without utterly scrapping the benefits.

    As for Libra, the only time I would ever approve of a universal currency is when the owner and regulator of said currency is the duly elected government of a united humanity. It shouldn't be a company with a board of directors not subject to accountability by the populace, instead subject to accountability by only a SINGLE nation's law in world of over 90 independent nations where this currency may spread. This is clearly no time for any of that.

  28. “Our children would never ever ever do their homework unless we force them to do it”. Sorry to hear that. I have never told my kid to do her HW, and she got in Harvard this year where Mark Zuckerberg went.

  29. Get off Facebook now! These people only understand one thing. Money. We are the product. Get off Facebook and they have no product to manipulate and sell.

  30. What's astounding is that most members of Congress don't even understand what social media IS. AOC took this guy to school but she's an exception.

  31. Mitch McConnell refuses to bring to the Senate floor a bill passed by the House requiring TRUTH in political or product advertising. REPUBLICANS support LIES, slander and conspiracies based on lies.

  32. This is about crypto currency. He already said FB is not the best choice to promote it. But he has the ball to do it. Who else has any kind of vision?

  33. I mean, I understand, but I kind of have a problem with media using their platform to opine on how they believe the tech companies need to be placed under the same regulatory conditions as them. Don't get me wrong, I don't think social media platforms should be permitted to just allow false information to seep into everyone's feed, but when I hear THIS particular argument from THIS particular industry… it's like wails of a dethroned king against the new king. I'm not particularly for the new one, but neither am I for the old one. And I'd rather they don't exploit their platform to advocate for what they see as competition to be held back.

    A restaurant doesn't get to press its views about the new fast food chain directly onto consumers. Why should any other business be able to?

  34. MSNBC Lies. CNN Lies. Politicians Lie. Now Facebook should monitor the liars????. CNN and MSNBC don't monitor lies.

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