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What’s up Cryptopeeps? It’s your girl Christelle, here to deliver your daily dose of Bitcoin news. So now we’re gonna interview Mark Vernon. He’s a bussiness owner at Tagcash. For those who don’t know, Tagcash is a digital wallet developer and platform, building blockchain solutions on Distributed Ledger Technology. So today we’re here with Mark Vernon, business owner of Tagcash. How are you, Mark? Good. Alright. So I have a question regarding Tagcash. So what differentiates Tagcash from other companies that provides digital wallet services as well here in the Philippines? Well either you- digital wallets like GCash and PayMaya, they’re just just pesos. Other wallets might offer a few more currencies, crypto as well, but What differentiates us is the ability to have many thousands of different types of cryptos or crypto assets. So that includes non-fungible tokens, game tokens, shares and when security tokens regulation comes out, we’ll be adding those too. And holding cryptocurrencies and money, different currencies, not just pesos. So that’s all well and good having that in a wallet but what we want to do is provide all the extra services that allow you to use it. So if you wanna lend with your- whatever assets you’ve got if you wanna raise money through crowdfund, if you wanna invest that way, if you want to do shopping or if you credit a token and you wanna use it for rewards, all those- we have lots of different use cases. And we’re building a lot more. Plus we let people plug into Tagcash blockchain and you build your own products on top of it. Oh. Okay. So it’s a fairly large ecosystem. It is, it is. It’s very diverse in terms of digital wallets and services. Yeah, and I’m all about collaboration, working with others so that includes the banks, you know, bring the banks in so we can move pesos around on the blockchain. Without and worries. We would have no transaction fees, to make it easy. Everyone can have their own QR code so you can move money around really easily. Alright. Thank you, Mark, for those very good answers. I promised it’s a very short interview. Thank you so much for taking time.

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