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Marijuana Stocks and Cryptocurrency Picks with Rich TV Live // hemp pot cannabis weed 2018 bitcoin david moadel hey everybody welcome to looking at the
markets with David Modell and rich TV live this is going to be an audio
presentation but we’re going to do some visual stuff as well you’re gonna want
to watch this whole video rich TV live in case you didn’t know is on rich TV he’s also got his own YouTube channel that is essential viewing and
listening and so I’m gonna be talking with the rich and I believe he’s got to
be streaming on his channel as well so rich how you doing my man I’m doing
great Dave how are you today oh man it’s it’s a wild day a wild week
and a wild ride kryptos I’m starting to feel good about my cryptos and
cryptocurrencies we can also talk about marijuana stocks there’s so much to talk
about so rich what’s going on in your world right now oh man I think that
there’s a lot of stuff going on right now and the marijuana stock industry is
in the red kind of right now kind of trading sideways the crypto world is
doing a lot better right now I would say I would say that that is where the
momentum is yeah I would say that everything is falling exactly into place
exactly as I had predicted I always said that the marijuana stocks were gonna
have their run in the fall and that we had a few months I don’t know if you
remember name that we had a few months then just pick up everything as low as
humanly possible and suck up these top marijuana stocks as low as humanly
possible at the lowest price as possible and there’s so many good ones that I’m
watching ok and and now is the time to do it if you want it buy marijuana
stocks but with crip now is the time to really start paying
attention to crypto because we are starting to see some explosions in the
crypto world interesting we can start with cryptos if you’d like to
right now I’ve got on my screen world coin index calm that’s one of my
favourites for checking out in addition to rich TV actually you know
what I’m gonna go over to rich TV real quick also just show
people what I’m talking about the person I’m speaking to right now is
rich from rich TV and he’s got a great website with pretty much all the
resources that you need I would say so I’m just looking at the web the website
right now the homepage you got your places where you can you know buy crypto
currencies just click on services places you can buy stocks click on stocks
cryptocurrency there it is world coin index coin market
capcom those are probably two of my favorites so if I go there and then I
click on world coin index guess what it takes me right there so I’m gonna go
there right now so I’m on world coin index dot-com right now got there from
rich TV and I’m looking at I know that you tend to look at the top 20
or even the top 10 crypto currencies as some of your favorites would that be
accurate yeah I honestly I only am looking at the best ones but there are
so many that are starting to explode and that’s what’s starting to remind me of
last year last year around the same time what happened and what started getting
my attention was that there was a lot of crypto currencies that were having
double digit triple digit explosions 10 20% 30% 40% 50% 100% in a day explosions
that’s what really got my imagination going as an investor because you don’t
really see that too often in the stock market oh yeah and especially in Canada
where they break the circuits like if it goes over 10% either up or down they
halt the stock hmm so in crypto currencies it really was
exciting because it was like wow there’s huge
volatility here and there’s an opportunity to make a lot of money but I
have done better by sticking to buying the top cryptocurrencies now the ones
that I have talked about in the ones that I have accumulated have been
specifically ripple which is my number one holding ëthere IAM which is my
second largest holding and then Bitcoin which is my third largest holding but I
also like Bitcoin cash I also like like coin and I have bought Bitcoin cash and
like coin in the past and profited from both of them so for me right now I have
a lot of other coins as well I probably have about 20 different crypto
currencies that I own not all of them in the top 20 some of them are just like a
hudge some of them I like because I like the technology some of them are just new
I cos that I’ve invested in and I’ve won on some and I’ve lost on some to be
quite honest sure where where I had the best success is by investing in the
biggest and the best in the top ten specifically maybe even the top 20 I do
own a lot of the top 20 I own I own stellar lumens I own card a No
so but there’s still others that I like a lot like I like Manero I like neo
there’s a lot that I really like and you know I like Virg I just recently bought
and then sold Virg for a profit right now within the rich TV live community
one of the tokens that everyone’s talking about
thanks to Kenny Lee is trying tron has more than doubled in the short little
you know last week here and you know we got a you know we owe a lot of it to
Kenny I mean you look at their chart it’s done very well so you know Kenny
was telling us to get into Tron you can see they’re at 3 cents on April 4th and
their chart is just exploding and they’re at almost 8 cents now yeah so
they’re up over a hundred percent in the last few weeks and our entire community
has been on top of this thanks to Kenny Lee Kenny was the one
that brought this to us Kenny Kenny he is a true ninja a true sniper in the
sense of he likes to buy low sell high invest in companies that have good
technology this is a company that is on the rise it is exploding and you know
these are the types of moves that we like to really position ourselves in
because anytime you get an opportunity to make 100 percent returns you know
that’s when you get really excited to to invest and yeah like I said you do not
see this in the stock market I don’t anticipate you will see that in a stock
market for a while the the stocks that I’m really looking at right now are the
cryptocurrency stocks we crept because cryptocurrency related stocks like
Bitcoin services for example BTS see David business is up 7% today traded
eight point eight million shares at fifteen cents I’m going to take a look
at that right now BTS see bitcoins services got shit you know I’m a cut I
remember a long time ago you mentioned to me gbtc Bitcoin investment trust that
surprises bitcoin services how would that be it’s a much lower price it’s
clearly a penny stock and US dollars sixteen cents up six and a half percent
today it’s a mover I’m looking at the chart right now so it sounds to me like
this particular stock bitcoin services BTS see what might be more speculative
and a bigger mover than say Bitcoin itself or gbtc the the Bitcoin
investment trust ETF would that be accurate to say this is a big mover uh
well you know what I like both of them i I think gbtc is obviously a bigger and a
better company than BTS II without question so if you’re looking for like a
big stock that has huge potential gbtc for me is that one okay we’ve talked
about this one before right we’ve talked about gbtc and it goes down with the
price of Bitcoin so when Bitcoin goes down to 6,000 this stock goes down to
$10 right and then when Bitcoin moves back
up to 12,000 which I’m sure it will at some point you will see this will go to
over $20 so we’ve talked about GBT a lot on the show together
yeah and it’s one that I really like and it moves a lot and you can date rate
this really really comfortably and if you can buy it at $10 and sell it 15 or
20 it is an amazing day trade yeah yeah amazing okay now if you’re in Canada
hive is another company that is a blockchain based company and if you’re
into mining this is the company that has relationships with Genesis mining so
there’s huge potential for hive HIV ii on the tsx venture got it got it on the
screen right now hive blockchain technologies and that’s
on the that’s on the tsx there looks like or the Toronto Stock Exchange HIV e
and that dollar 58 is in Canadian dollars it looks like so if you have a
broker in the United States which is where I am you’re gonna have to find a
broker that allows you to trade this unless unless they have a you know some
of these stocks have an equivalent and I’ll look it up right now have an
equivalent stock in United States on you know maybe the OTC markets that’s
actually have a special pic for you guys you do oh okay you know what I like to
do I like to dig and I’m always digging and digging and digging and digging and
digging so another one is BTC s that’s at 8 cents that’s not the special pic
but there’s BTS C and there’s BTC s and that one’s at 8 cents and it’s traded
2.8 million shares for anybody that likes penny stocks these are some of the
ones that I watch I’m not suggesting that anybody buys any of these remember
rich TV live and David Modell are not licensed advisors
they’re strictly for education and entertainment purposes guys always do
your own due diligence always do your research but I like stocks that are
liquid this trades me shares a day 2.8 million shares at eight
sets be TCS if Bitcoin moves expect that BTC s will move and if Bitcoin moves
expect that BTS si will move at fifteen cents up five percent on the day and
gbtc up four point two percent at announce around sixteen dollars traded
2.2 million shares lots of liquidity for a company that is nine point nine
percent Bitcoin investment trust of Bitcoin right this is why I love gbtc
they’re the biggest of all these stocks I’m gonna talk about now this is the
special pick here is the US symbol n PP TF Neptune – technologies Nancy Peter
Peter Terry Frank got it I got it up on the screen and PPT F and as I mentioned
before some of these are available on the over-the-counter markets in the
United States this would be would be an example this is new to me
Neptune – taking what I like to do here on rich TV live is I like to bring you
guys the winners first and this is a winner that I got and I’m gonna give it
the I have to give the credit where I got it from from national inflation
Association are you familiar with the national inflation Association David no
national inflation Association sounds like you know I’m not a huge fan of
inflation as a consumer so I I don’t know if I would join that association
but you can tell me about it if you want to yeah they’re there they’re a
investment group and they put out a alert on this company okay
essentially their symbol in Canada is – da SH on the TSX Venture okay they
apparently are associated to – got it the crypto currency got it got it okay
okay so oh I think this has huge potential and what the national
inflation association is saying is that – is going to explode because dashes
transactions are actually cheaper than Bitcoin
so another cryptocurrency that I want to put on your guy
watchlist on your alert right now is – okay – it’s a huge player it has huge
potential and this apparently is a company that is in some way shape or
form associated or affiliated to – okay is currently trading at four hundred and
ninety one dollars yeah okay Kareem here okay and if you look at their chart over
the last year you will see that they have gone they were as low as nine
eighty nine dollars on May 8 2017 yep got it right here
yep they’re currently trading at over 400 and they’ve been as high as $1,200
yeah well on December 18 now that’s a time when many of these Kryptos these
crypto currencies peaked they perhaps they all peaked together but this this
was huge now it is down as the crypto currencies all tend to be down commodity
sorry it’s been as high as fourteen hundred and seventy four dollars on
December 21st oh my goodness oh my goodness okay and it’s certainly at 491
yeah so what they’re predicting and they’ve been right before they these
guys are very good okay they’re predicting that – is going to be the
next big crypto currency hmm well it’s it’s already pretty big it’s number I
believe it was number 25 according to world coin index in terms of market cap
it’s well known I mean I’ve been following if it goes back up to 1,400
like it was it’ll be probably in the top 5
yeah well yeah as tends to happen I remember when Ripple wasn’t even in the
top 10 or I don’t even think it was in top 20 and then ripple went up so much
so quickly it was in the it was in the top 5 there for a little while
so the – could be the next ripple could be the next I don’t know could be the
next the next big thing according to the what was the national inflation
Association I’m gonna have to learn more about them and at her pics that’s very
interesting have you heard of Gerard Adams Gerard
Adams huh I liked it Burke he’s from New York he he has a channel on YouTube as
well but yet he’s he’s he’s one of the founders of the national inflation
Association so they they they are smart guys they know a lot about the industry
and they do get paid and it was a paid advertisement so keep that in mind
always when you’re doing your due diligence so it was a paid advertisement
it wasn’t just an advertisement they’re putting out based on their goodness of
their heart however they have been correct before and I have seen – do
better so because I do like – myself I’m going to be watching them very carefully
and I’m gonna be watching the stocks that are associated – – and the
cryptocurrency and the stocks that are associated what they’re saying are n PP
TF Neptune – Technologies Corp so at 28 cents I mean who knows you know this
might be a sleeper and just remember where you guys saw it first though yeah
because I like to break the news first Dave people will try to take you know
the credit but I want to break this first before anyone else tries to take
credit for it yeah but before I take credit for it I
have to tell you where I heard it first right right cuz I heard it from them and
it wouldn’t be fair to them if I tried to take credit for this and it explodes
because I did not just you know do this research you come up with this theory
myself clear huh absolutely yeah no I appreciate your giving due credit to the
you know to the institution that did their due diligence but I think it’s
perfectly okay to say hey I got this tip from you know whether it’s from Kenny
Lee or from the national inflation association and to pass it on but still
what you’re doing is you’re providing it to the YouTube audience
that may never have heard of this and you know I I certainly was not aware of
Neptune – technologies this particular stock there’s so many stocks out there I
haven’t heard of all them and we’re learning about new ones and you’re
hearing it maybe not first but first in the youtubes first probably on rich TV
life and on his youtube channel and by the way if you’re watching my channel
right now looking at the markets feel free to go on the go to the description
below this video and click on rich TV live and also on Rich’s youtube channel
the links will be right there and of course like rich said you know we’re not
investment advisors we’re not licensed or register to do that so you have to
make your own decisions we’re not telling you to buy these we’re pointing
these out to you so you can make your own decisions and we’re we’re hoping
that you’ll make in rich TV Live and looking at the markets part of your
essential research tools because that’s what we are
so Neptune – technologies I’m gonna check that out I’m looking at the chart
right now actually it’s definitely well let’s see in the past month it’s been
going up that’s a good sign so I think it’s got some potential there I’m gonna
check it out for sure now does Neptune – technologies so that
it’s going to go up and down with – is it going to mirror the price action of –
do you think you know what I don’t know I I’m trying to figure that out myself
obviously this was an alert by national inflation Association they were paid
obviously for their for their recommendation right so you always have
to keep that in mind yeah but just based on their chart I think it’s a company
based on the chart that if you believe that charts have a tendency to go back
to where they came from based on momentum and based on historical charts
and based on trends I believe there’s a very good likelihood that we will see –
go back to $1000 hmm maybe even higher more maybe as high as 2000 Wow
just based on their chart yeah and and and that’s just based on historical
charts cuz they have a tendency to go to their highs and go to their low lows and
that’s market makers make money and that’s just my own historical back
and historical analysis based on my my history training I’ve seen it I’ve seen
the game that the market makers play and in these two industries in the
cryptocurrencies and the marijuana stock industries specifically that I follow
cannabis industries they are very explosive so when they do explode the
top assets not the ones that are speculative but the top assets like –
you know and in the marijuana sector like canopy growth corp aurora cannabis
you know in the cryptocurrency sector Bitcoin theory of like coin ripple
Bitcoin cash all the big names that we talk about they typically will explode
and and if you are positioned in the right ones at the right time you can do
extremely well yeah yeah and that’s the idea it’s so tempting to buy when
something is very very high and unfortunately you know I I know people
who invested in Bitcoin when it was you know nineteen thousand something or
fifteen thousand something thirteen thousand something and it is
disappointing but we are seeing something of a recovery in the
cryptocurrencies because they do tend to move together
although rich does have pics that he likes better perhaps than others but you
know is this recovery that we’ve seen the last couple weeks is that a glimmer
of hope or or I mean what what do you say to people who got in at the wrong
time to any of these cryptocurrencies I just say huddle yeah III say hot
honestly like I honestly think that this just looking at the chart this is
trending up all the indicators like right now the stochastics are pointing
down but the MACD is kind of has been pushing up and is kind of pointing
straight and the indicators on the Bollinger Bands are pointing up so my my
gut feeling is that the cryptocurrencies are going to go through an epic run here
over the next few months and if you position yourself in the best
assets assets like – you can do extremely well yeah so I am positioned
in ripple I am position in aetherium I’m positioned in Bitcoin I am
positioned in a lot of the talk crypto currencies and I have a lot of
speculative ones gotcha just want to move I’m gonna show
my screen quickly again rich TV if people want to purchase – and other
assets I know that – is not available yet on let’s say a coin base or anything
you know something like that but I know that you have a cryptocurrency tab on
your website that I’m showing right now on my screen and it’s got cool coin
banants coins Square local bitcoins coin mama if people just want to click on one
of those they can find many ways to buy to buy – so I think it’s pretty cool
all right very good very good and anything else before we move on perhaps
to the world of stocks and are there any other plays in the cryptocurrency world
that we’re looking at right now I just I’m just really excited I mean like if
you look at the top 10 everything is in the green right now David yeah yeah I
mean how could you not be excited about crypto currencies right now yeah you
know I I’m really excited about crypto currencies I have taken my focus away
from stocks I’ve I’ve I’ve put a lot of effort and emphasis in the beginning of
the year to find the best stocks I now know what they are
I’ve invested in a lot of them I will continue to but I’m going to be using
the next 4 to 5 months to really focus my my research my emphasis on crypto
currencies right now guys because I really believe that the stocks are gonna
go through a downward period right now where there’s gonna be less emphasis on
them strictly because we’re going into the summer time and in Canada
specifically for marijuana stocks there that everybody is outside everybody’s
enjoying the summer time and nobody focuses as much on the markets so the
markets will slow down as far as liquidity and volume it doesn’t matter
what the news is and based on historical patterns in the fall the the meta
medical marijuana stocks cannabis stocks explode so that’s what I’m going to be
preparing for and that will be in the fall so I will be looking to buy right
now right now I’m buying that is my focus with marijuana stocks now if you
go to the marijuana index on rich TV live under stocks it’s the second it’s
the second tab under trade yeah yeah I really want to teach people how to use
this resource it’s a really good resource
okay got it and I built rich TV live as a resource kind of like how how I’ve
been you know investing and how I like what resources I use when I’m looking at
stocks and cryptocurrencies so everything is there in one place so I
don’t have to go and search it’s all there in one spot right all the top
resources that I use this is the number one resource I use for stocks so you can
go and see the North American index and see that today the market is down just
slightly a little bit yeah major right nothing scary in United States it’s up
slightly slightly and you know you can see it’s up slightly and in Canada it’s
down 1% nothing to be worried about right right and it shows the top gainers
of the day right all across North America
it shows the top losers across North America and it shows the most active so
I really like this resource and it has this is all absolutely free and it has
the index news all the relevant news of the day is here so you can see all the
top news for all the top companies right here a one-stop shop so this is what I
like to use for cannabis news and marijuana news this is the marijuana
index marijuana index calm you could touch you could type it into your
browser or you could just go to rich TV live and click on stocks there it is
along with all the other resources pretty cool
it’s interesting the most active no surprise here what’s the most active one
according to marijuana index calm Aurora one they when that rich has been talking
about for a very long time I see some very familiar names on there
namaste technologies I see cannabis Wheaton on there can it be growth F Riya
all these are many of these riches called as some of his favorites and his
predictions have done quite well top losers I’m curious you’ve got haiku
on there oh dear down 7% today that’s not the one that I just love yeah
I’m they go down it’s just a blessing in disguise David huh interesting that’s a
great attitude actually I’m looking at I’m looking at isol right now okay have
you heard of is so Deol yeah it’s actually the third most active one today
according to marijuana and XCOM I’m gonna click on it yeah I just recently
bought this company I I love this company well I should be happy today
today it’s up five percent my goodness yeah but it I’m not even I don’t even
look at this at these prices this to me is a ten bagger with my eyes closed
really this is is a company that is planning to be claims to be the largest
CBD company in the world and being someone who really loves CBDs
cannabinoids and believes in the medicinal uses of
cannabinoids and CBDs and someone who uses cannabinoids somebody who currently
is working with a company that manufactures and whole sales and sells
cannabinoids them I love this industry and I don’t know if you know this David
but if you go to rich TV live you can actually go and order CBDs right now so
we are all about it it’s the future of medicine it’s helping people with
epilepsy seizures people with mental illness people with physical illness
athletes with injuries people with injuries and issues with their eyesight
it’s helping people in so many ways it’s helping people even within our own
community people like Kenny Lee have used it to fight ken
sir and it’s just a miracle drug essentially that is used utilizing and
one thing a lot of people don’t understand is CBDs can come with THC or
without THC okay okay now if if you have no THC that means there is no
hallucinogen in the cannabinoids which means there’s no drugs there’s not
there’s nothing that anybody can consider a drug right okay so I so do
they have CBDs that are almost 100% pure meaning 99.5 percent THC no THC okay
99.5% no THC the company that I work with also manufactures and produces and
distributes 99.5 percent no THC so this is the future of medicine they also
manufacture produce CBDs with THC for people who want that because some people
like the effects and the Hallucigenia FEX of the THC so you have that option
sure okay interesting interesting so you can you can buy the one that gets you a
little feeling a little good a little high or or you can you can dispense with
that and just get the non psychoactive one your choice both are available and
both of these options involve potential health benefits possibly again I’m not a
medical expert you know we cannot tell you you know we cannot make promises but
it sounds like for those out there watching this who believe in the power
the healing possible healing powers of cannabis this you know these products
have a lot of potential and you know we personally know people who are
benefiting from this I I get I’ve gotten quite a few emails from people you know
I coach people I help people set up trading plans investing plans
if anybody wants to contact me it’s David Modell at but yeah and
and I’ve gotten emails many of them from people who not only invest in marijuana
stocks but they really believe in the technology in the potential healing
powers it’s perhaps unfortunate that in the United States the the government
does not always recognize this I I’m guessing that in Canada where you are
the the attitude is probably a little different maybe a little bit more
progressive would that be the right word well yeah we’re going to be legalizing
recreational use so you will be able to legally have 30 ounces of marijuana on
you at all times and you will be able to grow four plants in your backyard so I
mean it’s really the world is changing here in Canada the landscape of
everything and CDs especially the ones that have don’t that don’t have THC in
it that are 99.5 percent THC free that they call it it’s already legal because
there’s no THC in it anyways right right so it’s ridiculous that they don’t
consider it legal in America and I I heard there’s rumblings that Jeff
Sessions is starting to change his – yeah I’ve heard that as well
he’s starting to ease up a little bit stir and relax a little bit
Attorney General will talk referring to United States Attorney General Jeff
Sessions who in the past has made very anti marijuana industry statements
directly and indirectly lately seems to be relaxing a little bit on that so for
those of us who you know believe the technology in the United States that
could be a good sign that perhaps we’ll be able to have more access to what
we’re looking for in that industry now if we do believe in the industry we’re
saying perhaps that is o/l trading on the toronto stock exchange in Canada it
would that be one way to play your belief in the technology by by going
along isol and is now the time to do it I think so I you know yeah I could go
lower you know definitely it’s the galore but I just don’t think long-term
that it’s going to stay at these prices I believe it’s a good company and I
believe that long term it only has upside I just see so much potential for
isol the CBD industry is so big it’s so explosive and it’s is OLF in America
David so got it solf in America and isol in Canada just
has so much potential so explosive the industry is so big like I said the
markets are controlled by market makers I have no idea where the price is gonna
go short-term but long-term do I think it’s gonna stay under $1 no do I own
shares in this company yes do I believe it could go to $10 one day absolutely
hmm Wow that that would be quite a I you know I I love these exclusive pics from
rich way you know and I get to put them on here I’m looking at the markets as
well so I get to benefit and my audience gets to benefit from that as well I
think that’s really cool you know I just don’t hear about and there I’m putting
up on the screen the American version on the OTC markets is OLF 65 cents
affordable for just about anybody all right that’s and the Canadian one is
82 cents in Canadian dollars so you know people come to me all the time saying I
have a small account what can I invest in or what can I trade and because not
everybody can afford Amazon at you know over what was it $1600 per share just
for one share now of course you could buy options and option spreads and
things like that but for those who don’t have options permission or would rather
just trade stocks this is a very affordable one so I am and you’re
hearing it here first from rich rich TV Live cool-cool any other as I look
through the big movers today according to marijuana index com
let’s see wait what are some of the other big movers that that you’re
looking at right now I want to show you the ones that I’ve been buying okay so
take a look at my M nutriceuticals Inc my mmm
in America and my M on the cns X in Canada got it I’ve got my MMF a dollar
34 United States and in Canada it is my M I believe yep well let’s see what that
has and that’s a dollar 71 in Canadian dollars all right I’m gonna look at the
1-year chart and the one-month chart today it is down somewhat but you know
what I like about rich is that he doesn’t freak out about one-day price
action he’s looking more long-term he’s looking toward the future yeah I don’t
care about the price Dave I like I said I don’t focus on the price I focus on
the technology this company is going to be a monster another company that has
huge production capacity is got over a million square feet of growing capacity
is that a dollar I just bought chairs in them I own them
I believe in them and I think they’re another company that’s going to ten
bucks Dave and like I said I’m not here to give you the pics that everybody else
talks about cuz I already I already gave you guys those pics last year yeah and
those already went up ten times I’m giving you guys the pics now that
nobody’s talking about that I’m fine because these are the next wingers these
are the next wave of 10x winners and yeah maybe they won’t go up ten times
maybe they’ll go up two times maybe they’ve up five times maybe they’ll go
up eight times yeah maybe maybe the about 50 times Dave but what I’m looking
for are those companies that have that growth potential that I think are still
early stage but our licensed producers from Health Canada right that’s huge
that’s hugely important we’re looking for licensed producers we’re looking for
companies that already have permission from the government whether it’s the can
you know usually going to be in this case the Canadian government to to
produce the product otherwise it’s more speculative when they have that license
in hand and we can view it that’s you know that makes me feel a lot better
about and it’s so easy as you just alluded
it’s easy now to say oh yeah it canopy growth well sure yeah
but rich called that last year when not so many people were talking about it
it’s easy now to say áfreeá Arora Organa Graham emerald emblem all those it’s
easy to call those now how about what about the ones that are going to be the
next canopy growth Corp the next áfreeá the next Aurora and so on and so forth
that’s much harder to do and are these all necessarily going to be ten baggers
of course not some of them are going to go up some of
them are going to go down but if you you know put small positions you position
yourself properly you could get those two three five even ten baggers and so
the time to get in you don’t want to be the last person to get it and put it
that way very cool my am nutraceuticals I like it
what else we got anything else oh I got one more for you David and this is
another one that I bought and I love this one too th CX th day well it’s got
to be in there oh yeah the hydro pocket carry corporation another monster there
it is hydroponic Harry Corp that is in Canada I don’t know if there’s an
Americanized version of this I could try to look it up hydropathy Kerry Corp
hypothec area is one of those fancy words I believe it means pharmacist
let’s see THC X four dollars and eight cents Canadian they’re a beast
Dave they’re beasts they’re beasts yeah Oh II don’t I don’t know if there’s an
American version of that I’m gonna look it up right now they are a complete and
utter beast I love them I think they have so much potential and I own them
and based on the news that they just became one of the largest producers in
Quebec they’re building an enormous facility in Quebec and I just think they
have so much potential Dave I just I love this company everything about them
they are going to be trading at $10 it’s not even
a matter of if it’s just a matter of when oh my god it’s another one that I
just had to have laughs I own it so you know for me it’s like you know how
people collect things like to collect baseball cards I clicks I select stocks
so people collect cars I collect stocks and crypto currencies
Wow you know yeah who collects you know different things you know integers from
me I just become like a fan of these companies and I collect them and I
honestly don’t concern myself with the price and that when the goes up that’s
when I really enjoy myself and I really I get to really celebrate in it happens
David very cool very cool and and if you’re gonna collect anything you might
as well collect something that goes up in value rather than something that goes
down in value so you know it’s a lot of people might collect things that
deteriorate in value but if you’re if you listen to Rich’s picks you may end
up with something that could even double or more in value I don’t see an American
version of this but I do see the Canadian version and I haven’t heard you
this bullish about something in a law in a little while so when you polish not
because of the price I want to make very clear I don’t care about the price I’m
bullish because of the company okay so when people get sometimes they get
confused they’re like all rich really like yeah I bought it I own it I’m
excited about it I wouldn’t have bought it if I wasn’t excited about it could it
go back down of course it could you know anything can I mean look at the chart it
was at a dollar 25 on July 20th 2017 so could it go back down of course it can
it’s up 400% right but remember you know long-term will this be a winner I
believe a company that has a million square foot facility growing legal
cannabis from Health Canada will go up in price yes so this is what my theory
is this is why I’m investing right now in most of the companies that are under
$5 I’m not buying the big license producers that Canobie growth Corp
that are at $27 right now because I just don’t see I just don’t see them going to
200 but I think there’s a chance that you know the hydropathy Kari could go to
40 I think there’s a chance that my M nutriceuticals could go to 10 you know
that’s why I’m buying those $1 ones right now
you know that’s my theory that’s my strategy right now yeah you know yeah
you know could see my M nutraceuticals going to $17 and if I buy thousand
chairs which is $1,700 and it goes to $17 one day my you know my $1,700
investment will be worth seventeen thousand dollars right right so that’s
how I treat so I’m not I’m not concerned about if it goes to ninety cents or but
if it goes to two dollars I might sell that’s kind of how I trade you know like
if it goes up 10 20 30 percent I might sell I’m not gonna say I won’t I don’t
know yet I don’t know how I’m gonna feel but you know do I think it could go to
three dollars five dollars ten dollars yes I do I think that my M
nutriceuticals at a dollar seventy could go to three five ten dollars in the
future will I hold until it goes to that price probably not you don’t mean I’ll
probably he’s selling on the way up right right um that’s just kind of how I
trade but you know like do I think long term it could go to ten dollars yeah but
what will most likely happen either it’s gonna go up or it’s gonna get bought out
and who’s gonna buy it out the big boys like the aurora cannabis is the canopy
growth corp they’re buying out the smaller companies that’s what’s
happening got you know another big transaction that happened then I gotta
talk to you about is haiku just took over weed md are you still here with
that transaction i heard of it you probably know more about than I do
yeah well haiku just took over weed MD so weed MD has been acquired from haiku
so I’m not go over all the details because I can do
that in a video but essentially we daddy won’t be trading very soon because haiku
has taken over that symbol right that’s that company yeah so they have been
acquired and I think this is great huge news for a haiku so when I see that
they’re down 7.1% I kind of laugh a chuckle because this company’s going to
be enormous interesting yeah yeah fired a company that I wanted to buy I was
looking to buy weed MD instead I bought my M I bought THC X when I bought i sol
right just last week so weed MD was one that was on my list
and haiku is another one on my list now that haiku is taken over weed MD I’m
probably gonna buy haiku because I really like weed MD so this is what I
think is gonna happen Dave I think all the bigger ones are gonna start buying
out all the smaller ones so this is what I predict is gonna happen
and the one and as we all know when a maybe we don’t know when a smaller
company is bought out by a well-known large company it massively benefits that
small company in terms of stock price maybe not immediately but over time that
tends to happen no guarantees there are no guarantees in the stock market but
that’s what tends to happen hopefully it’ll benefit benefit both
companies and you know both the bigger one and the smaller one in a case of
haiku brands for it to be down 7% today that could be an irrational reaction in
the markets and it could correct back up very soon we shall see now enrich you
see you say you already own some haiku I don’t I don’t own I COO oh you don’t I’m
sorry that’s that’s one looking to buy I was looking to buy weed MD weed MBA
sorry I got a wrong okay okay but because weed md got acquired by haiku
renow well I want to buy haiku got it and haiku symbol is DJ a CF in America
and see you got it DJ desi there it is there
it is yep all right so that’s on the OTC markets in the United States DJ ACF
haiku brands company got it so what I’ve been doing my strategy and I know people
probably canna riches all over the place he talks about marijuana stocks stocks
for cryptocurrency so I’ve been doing that for a reason okay so when I’m doing
my marijuana stock videos and I’m talking about ISO Allen
THC X and my M H I K u I’m talking about all the new ones for this year that I
think are gonna explode so next year when you look at my video you’re gonna
go back and go hold my goodness Richard call this when it was out a dollar right
right the same way you can go back at my videos on aurora cannabis áfreeá
canopy growth corp they were all at 2 3 bucks last year and i was talking about
yeah I remember that and so I’m the exact same thing so people are like oh
man rich you’re not talking about marijuana stocks right now well what’s
there to talk about they’re all in the red yeah so what am I gonna do just keep
beating a dead horse I mean I could do that but at the end of the day the
reason why I’ve been focused on crypto currencies right now is because I want
to make money in crypto so I can buy more of the marijuana stocks yeah yeah
honestly that’s my strategy so I take the money I make in crypto and I invest
that in marijuana stocks nice and that’s what I always do and that’s what I’m
going to always do and that’s what I always I’m always gonna do so so that’s
kind of my the marijuana stocks are my baby man so for me I don’t care if I
have to wait a year two years five years ten years cuz I know one day because I’m
tracking these stocks I’m going to make a lot of money yeah like a lot like
life-changing money Dave yeah so for me and for anyone who’s watching that’s a
part of this you will also make a lot of money too because if you’re tracking the
marijuana stocks the crypto currencies and you’re tracking them every day and
you’re watching them every day and you’re accumulating them at some point
they’re going to have an explosion and you have to just be able to hold on
through the tough times which that’s easy to do yeah yeah and and and if you
hold on through the top times like a real long-term investor always is
learning how to do right and as n becomes patient that is how you become
ultimately financially free and wealthy yeah yeah yeah it reminds me of when
Warren Buffett said his favorite holding time for stocks is forever now I may not
have forever but we certainly are not looking to scalp or day trade these
necessarily and for those who are that’s totally cool and again I coach people on
day trading strategies as well but I I love to hold on to a stock and look at
the long term because that way you can look at fundamentals and their
meaningful fundamentals may not be so meaningful for scalpers people who hold
for 5-10 minutes half an hour something like that but rich is looking at the
company he does his research you know what makes you rich over time is
research research makes you rich over time if you do it properly and rich is
doing his due diligence and that’s a starting point for you watching this and
listening to this to do your own due diligence because you know don’t just
trust anybody’s word for anything you’ve got to decide for yourself what you’re
going to do with your money because nobody’s gonna care about your money as
much as you do so wow we’ve got some great picks today
just to recap – I know you like that one Bitcoin cash wait what were the other
Kryptos – Bitcoin cash Manero my favorite my top five are Bitcoin
litecoin Bitcoin cash ripple and aetherium if there really no order I
just like them all those are my five right right and you can’t change my mind
about it nobody will change my mind about it I’m stuck in my ways
those are my Fab five those are the five that I buy first right right everything
else to me is all just like games right it’s just games it’s trying to get 10x
you know but if I’m investing in hardcore crypto those are my five five
anything else is just honestly just the way
it’s not a waste it’s it’s just for game more speculative yeah yeah it’s
gamesmanship for me it’s entertainment purposes right but my babies are Bitcoin
Bitcoin cash like coin aetherium ripple right gosh yeah those are always if you
look at the top five those are always in the top seven yeah
yeah in anyone’s list like right now in world coin index Bitcoin is one
aetherium is three big coin caches for and ripple is six and litecoin is seven
right there in the top seven the only two that are not in the top seven that
are that I that I like to but are not in my top five our iOS and Tron right I say
you know an EOS and trata in my top ten you know so I would get those next right
but those five are still the first ones I want and then I’ve got others that I’m
looking at right but don’t five are the ones for me that you know I really I’m
gonna give you one pick okay one crypto and I’m looking at okay
okay guys remember I’ll give you one more pick before we leave don’t buy this
just because I’m talking about it okay please but this is fun that I own I’ve
been secretly buying it people within my community know and this is for different
reasons but red coin RDD is the company it’s up nine point seven two percent
today that’s at double o89 okay it’s a penny token but I like it
okay it’s on bit tracks it’s on crypto piya it’s on yo bit I like this company
for a few different reasons a I like the initials the symbol are DD
are those our initials okay that’s alright that’s the bat I like it right
off the bat red coin I like the name okay when you go to the website there
are social media platform David and what they do is they give you the ability to
tip for sharing social content in social media platforms okay love the concept
yeah a very similar concept to the rich TV live platform so I like it I like the
concept I like the technology behind it they
have a lot of coins out there they got billions of coins but it’s a double o89
it’s been as high as two cents I own a lot of this David
this is the type of coin that just for game for entertainment purposes I’m
accumulating I’m not gonna let II and it’s been as high as just under three
cents yeah just right hook that double O eight night that is cheap yeah that’s
what I mean this is I’ve been accumulating this one now remember they
got a lot of coins out there they got 28 billion coins so from that perspective
it’s extremely dangerous okay at any time they could dump the coins so be
careful with this one but just for entertainment purposes you know you know
I’m buying myself some and if this goes up to ten cents one day great yeah yeah
very happy that would be a huge jump from less than four it’s almost a penny
less than a penny – Wow if it goes up – heck even a nickel that
would be quite impressive and it’s okay to have part of one’s portfolio as I
call it the playground okay that’s the part where you have fun maybe 5% of your
portfolio up to ten at most but usually five is recommended 5% your portfolio
just for lotto plays as they call them and this could be one of them this could
be you know buy some red coin and you’re in the playground part of your portfolio
and just watch it go wherever it goes and because it’s a small part of your
investment account you don’t worry about where it goes and hey if it goes up if
it’s a ten bagger awesome so I like it red coin I like the concept behind it –
very cool very cool Wow man a lot a lot of very specific
picks from rich and rich TV live so I you know I’m gonna refer people to well
first of all you got to get on whatsapp and join just type in rich TV live and
whatsapp and join that group going over of course – rich TV and click
on the links below in my video to subscribe to Rich’s channel very cool
any parting thoughts for my audience mr. rich just you know what guys I’m super
happy that Kryptos are doing as predicted I said that they would start
to climb the climbing I was always telling you guys
to be patient and if you’ve been patient you’re winning right now but don’t be
afraid to take your profits like I just sold some Bitcoin and etherium I’m not
afraid to admit it and I’m gonna continue to I am investing to profit
don’t be afraid just getting in low is extremely important but getting out high
is also extremely important those are the two keys to investing okay
why do you invest to make money don’t ever be afraid to sell yeah okay make
sense that makes member remember guys don’t buy something just cuz you heard
it here okay we talked about a lot of pigs I don’t want to hear anybody say oh
I went down and I heard it on rich TV live guys when I’m buying stuff I’m
buying it and I don’t care what the prices I’m gonna be I’m gonna tell you
guys it’s the thousand times I don’t look at the price I look at the company
I buy companies I don’t buy prices and long-term I almost always win because
what I invest in good companies I almost always win the only time I’ve lost is
when I’ve lost in good and invested in bad companies and and I know that with
my investment strategy which is the exact same investing strategy that has
been created by and developed by Warren Buffett the best investor of all time is
invest in good companies long-term companies on the sp500 always go up
historically over time over time right that’s invest companies that you see are
gonna last 20 years right right ask yourself will Bitcoin Bitcoin cash
aetherium litecoin and ripple be here in 20 years will canopy growth corp aurora
cannabis áfreeá hmm j etf will these companies be here in 20 years ask
yourself that question and invest with caution but when you make an investment
for me it’s kind of like I’m a collector right I’m here to this long term so if I
gotta wait a minute great if I gotta wait a year great I
don’t care when do I sell whenever I see a profit
yeah that’s the best ad excuse me that’s the best attitude to have it’s not just
buy low but it’s also sell high you have to know when to take your profits that’s
huge so Wow rich great great picks today some that I haven’t heard of or have
heard of but just didn’t know much about and now I’m gonna start doing my own
research on those head on over to rich TV and you know if you want
some it just some ideas from me you can head over to looking at the markets with
David Modell my email address is David Modell moa de L at rich I
don’t know if you’ve got your theme music cued up I’m a big fan of your
theme music I love it I like to dance to it guys you’re not winning you’re not
watching and remember go to David Modell he is always looking at the markets it’s
always a pleasure Dave thank you for joining me once again thank you for
having me on your channel and thank you for joining us on rich TV live guys go
and subscribe smash that like button if you haven’t hit the bell for
notifications please hit that Bell for notifications so you can get our news
and updates 24 hours a day seven days a week on the most trending topics in the
universe is your boy rich and I’m out see ya peace

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  2. Thank you David and Rich I enjoyed listening to the shared information. I also heard a few things from Teeka Tiwara – Palm Research Group cryptocurrency analyst. If I can remember a few of the things he mentioned that could excite some of the cryptocurrencies 1) Puerto Rico possibly becoming capital gain tax free. Goldman Sachs possibly interested in owning Poloniex possibly so that he could create a SEC compliant trading platform possibly to increase institutional investor buying. Possible hedge funds with possibly 1 – 5% in cryptocurrency.

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