Marc Faber: Interview with Dr. Doom himself! // 2017 bitcoin cnbc latest today bloomberg thailand

Marc Faber: Interview with Dr. Doom himself! // 2017 bitcoin cnbc latest today bloomberg thailand stock market crash this week august july investing gold silver bubble china collapse doom gloom economic jim rogers david moadel welcome to looking at the markets we’re
going to get right into the dr. Marc Faber interview in a moment just want to
say first of all thank you for watching and also I want to apologize ahead of
time for the poor audio quality I know the audio quality is not good there
wasn’t really much I can do about it but I’ll still take the blame for that okay
so sorry about the audio quality but I don’t know what it is when I interviewed
Jim Rogers a couple of weeks ago but he’s in Asia and I’m in the United
States and the Skype audio quality just wasn’t that good for some reason and
then also with this interview with dr. Marc Faber again he’s in Asia and so
again somehow the audio quality maybe it’s Skype I don’t know but just the
audio audio quality is not that good it might be hard to hear sometimes but I
think you’ll get the idea anyway I’m really lucky very fortunate to have had
the opportunity to speak with dr. doom himself dr. Marc Faber okay and a couple
of interesting observations and then we’ll get started with the interview is
that first of all I asked you’ll see that I asked dr. Faber whether he agrees
with Jim Rogers about because Jim Rogers stated the opinion that the next
economic downturn in the United States would be the worst one we’ve ever seen
in our lifetimes and I asked dr. doom dr. Mark Weber about that and he
actually disagrees with that because I seen such bad economic downturns in his
lifetime that he doesn’t imagine the next one in the United States could
possibly be worse than that or is likely to be worse than that at least also
another interesting point when I asked dr. Faber about crypto currencies which
have gone up a lot maybe I should not be surprised since he is known as Doctor
Doom but he dr. Faber you know expressed the opinion to me
that he believed that when you know cryptocurrency is
finally do go down in a significant way that it’s going to be really bad alright
so I thought that was pretty interesting because you know compare that compare
that to Jim Rogers who seems a little bit more optimistic perhaps about crypto
currencies in the future but I’ll let you decide okay now I want to let them
speak for themselves you know I want to speak for anybody so thank you for
turning for tuning in and again sorry about the audio quality it was the best
I could do please enjoy the end of the interview thank you so much thanks a lot
I know your time is valuable so I’ll get right to the point I recently spoke with
a number of individuals such as Greg men or Reno and you know a lot of people are
saying that you know these markets the US equities are we have not had a
correction of 10 percent or more in a year and a half and we’ve not had a
really meaningful pullback since 2009 is this sustainable and and what is the end
scenario here well it’s really not sustainable this is
in the u.s. within the market that has been eternity Bureau got individual
shares they had taken a lot of stocks are actually now already 20 30 percent
from the highs or lots of stocks are no higher than they were years ago in 2015
so it hasn’t been a market will increase top has gone up but the index dsm-v
that rate has been very strong no question about this at the quest
more than 50% of shares are below the 50-day moving average and they are only
about 60% of shares that are above the 200-day moving average in other words a
lot of share participating and Roger will get the correction at some point
more likely will get the bear market at some point meaning that you haven’t
acquired on for the 20% yeah and for example Jim Rogers recently
told me that when this does happen this bear market it’s going to be the worst
one we’ve seen in our lifetime would you agree with that sir
speaking of quite bad I’m sure you realize that the US dollar has been
getting pounded this year so far it just seems never-ending do you
believe that the US dollar is going to be worthless I sure wanted to talk about gloom boom
doom calm that is the website that people should or must visit you offer
the gloom boom and doom reports now if people are to subscribe to the report
what kind of commentary will they see and will they get specific market
recommendations well maybe they have reports that gets
printed and sent out by mail because very large financial institutions and
quick little seek people’s concerns very much the strategies because we also have
specific recommendations and strategies this also has geopolitical
considerations and macroeconomic consideration other report the monthly
website report which may be more Heuer listeners is a more market-oriented
newsletter because the views are the same that the other reporter can say the
movement news report PI X I said the other report selling the basic
strategies and recommendations are similar or the same the website report
is the more timely oriented Rico are you as excited the period in situations
on the long side right understood are you as excited about crypto currencies
as many of my listeners are you know it seems like young people have really
caught on to Bitcoin and altcoins but I think it’s something that anybody who
wants to who is interested in decentralized a decentralized
alternative to the US dollar can get into what is your outlook on crypto
currencies please I don’t think that people really mind
cryptocurrencies because they want an alternative to the US dollar
I said divine trick the fear exists for the purpose of speculating in the last
six months to one year it’s been the only game in town
the chief huge returns for every Tom Dick and Harry instantly it will also
end badly some people think highly of they believe
that say bitcoins can go to hundreds of thousand dollars others they can go for
a million dollars I don’t know I have written several
times I don’t know what the value of peat forests eventually will be I think
it may still go up some work exactly what the value eventually would be I
don’t know because you could create endless numbers of cryptocurrencies
maybe one cryptocurrency the supply is limited you can create other
cryptocurrencies and if I look at say American companies that dominate say
certain sectors in the US then I’m saying China there other congressmen
dominated the space you know three years right and I would
certainly never ask you to be a top caller in crypto currencies the markets
or anywhere else so I wanted to ask a slightly personal question are you
currently a stacker or collector of physical precious metals and why
I have acquired physical precious metals since the mid eighties hi everyone
some that continue divine a directly every month some and occasionally when I
think that finding is good an increase in my position so I have very large
holdings of physical gold and some physical silver as well as platinum but
it’s not the question that I’m now long gold and I wasn’t long ago the week ago
i believer that you should hold some physical gold and whether you should
hide today or sweep it I don’t know I don’t care about these things that is
what we own some physical precious metals the way I have real estate behind
and sell the real estate today my iron ore on Sally
I rolled it well as antiquity position I hold usually for a few years similar
composition which I also love all per-view sure there’s one thing that I
don’t see people asking you about but it is on your website and I think it’s
great it’s called the child’s dream charity a Swiss registered and
tax-exempt to charity organization as well as a Thai charity foundation could
you tell us a little bit about that and what if people want to contribute to the
child’s dream charity well just outside him very impoverished area
another one another charity he became extremely wealthy because his father has
performed so well at this now affiliate all along he gives he actually goes with
his family Tim Krul organization that builds stoves
in Honduras one of the problems in very poor areas is that they just haven’t
hired inside the house and then the house becomes dirty full of smoke when
they built this nose the smoke can escape so these are the station I
supported a non-political click on go and then people have decent world for
that and servers and they don’t want to improve the world and so we have NGOs
with cherry sure and all of your contributions are appreciated if anybody
wants to contribute they can go to Gloom Boom doom calm there is a link from your
website to wwl stream org or go to in contact info at child stream org and
then finally a question that I’d love to ask people right now the Dow the US Dow
Jones Industrial Average is at twenty one thousand seven hundred and fifty
three what’s going to come first in your opinion Dow ten thousand or Dow forty
thousand well you know down 10,000 would be a 50%
drop zone that despite the severe growth then you just look at the picture of
Jackson Hole the meeting of central bank and related grounds look at Draghi
Yellin brother these are monitoring there’s a roughness
of printing money overnight in the dark anymore drops yeah we can count on that another thing
we can count on is if you go to gloom boom doom calm you know
check out the services check out the newsletters I’m pretty smooth sometimes
right but gloom boom and doom report as well
as the monthly market commentary I’m also going to put links to your books
available all on Amazon in the description dr. Faber if there’s
anything you ever want to express publicly with no censorship you’re
welcome back anytime on looking at the markets thank you sir thank you for
watching please like comment and subscribe and I’ll see you next time

10 thoughts on “Marc Faber: Interview with Dr. Doom himself! // 2017 bitcoin cnbc latest today bloomberg thailand”

  1. Diversification is key in unpredictable world. Stocks, physical precious metals, real estate… and items that will have at least some utility in even the most basic environment. Question about precious metals; Do you have a favorite to buy regularly at current prices and hold for long term? I'm thinking probably most undervalued is silver. Found a site with very unique silver coins that come out different ones regularly. Your thoughts? Thanks.

  2. The us stock market will go down to Zero %.. the dollar will vanish. Blood on the streets. Heads of governments will disappear. New movie coming out soon.

  3. Has anyone here checked out the stocks EnviroLeach and Mineworks Incorporated? Both cutting edge in the mining world they are spin off's of Iberian mining inc.. I believe over the next few years know matter what happens to our stock market they will both do amazing!

  4. Can anyone lead me down a path or guide me in the right direction. I know our system is bound to fall apart but I want to see if there is any research I could follow to try and convince my family to invest in solid assets and protect themselves. Im extremely busy lately otherwise I would watch videos a lot more. thanks

  5. Another great interview! Above all else Mr. Faber is a realist. He knows like some of us who follow financial markets closely, this is not going to end well.

  6. The westerners only know blockchain, really shallow. It is only just a very large ledger to keep track of virtual tokens. That is the reason why it is kept to 30m bitcoins due to the limitation of information exchange thru the internet. Yes it cannot be hack but it can be stolen or lost thru inappropriate safe keeping. It is not a currency only a token with perceived value. Definition of currency, it must be issue by government central bank and must be legal tender, i.e guarantee by issuer. Crypto does not have any of those values. All currencies are fiat, just a claim cheque with no real value and it is not consider money. Gold, Platinum and Silver are real money as a store value and unit of account. All cryptos can be traced once the banking is used for transaction thru exchange bureau, banks i.e credit and debit card system as all will have records of buyer or sellers exchanging back to fiat currencies into their bank accounts. All electronic ledgers can be traced, only cash cannot be traced. Crypto lesson 101.

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