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Whats up, guys? How are you all doing? For Today’s Video I’m going to put to the test this manual coin sorter It gets annoying when you fill up a lot of change I usually use quarters in my car because if you have all this five cents and ten cents it just too much especially when you have to pay for a parking lot. You’re going to be putting the five cents at a time a long time. It takes too long. This is why I always bring only quarters with me because if i need to pay for parking lot with coins it’s just quick. Pop. Pop. Pop. you put like eight coins in there and you have two hours of parking space. Especially pennies pennies like pretty useless. So i’m going to try to seperate them with this manual coin sorter. Let’s see if it actually going to do super fast and good. Looks like a little bit of assembly required Just the handle Reveiwed by channel “butterflies” Boom. and that’s where the handle is going to go in. There is actually a description down here. Turn the handle clockwise to sort coins. If coin jam, gently turn the handle 180 degrees counter-clockwise. to release the jam. Caution turning the handle more than 180 degrees counter-wise may cause a permanent jam or damage to the machine. We’re not going to force it too hard Thats what she said ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) So i guess you can close it or open it. We’re going to keep it open just to see what it looks like. I’m going to fill it up all the way to the top and then Let’s see what happens. Oh wow! Look at that! the coins are just pouring in and getting sorted So cool! Wow, this is actually pretty satisfying! this one right here let’s push them up and they’re going to lay down, or don’t even push them up. looks like no problem *Coins clanging* Kind of pretty slow. Oh, pennies are filled up to the top. So, let’s take this out we’re going to set it right here a stack leave it alone a stack. Oh, it might fall so. probably just break it in half Very cool. I love how this thing catching all the coins that if they fall out with overkill no big deal. *Coins clanging* So i can really hold. Spin it hard. Let’s see what happens. There you go. Now, now it’s pouring in. *Coins clanging* You see what happens when there is overkill? *Coins clanging* So as you can see, all the overspill you can just lift it up and put back in into here. No big deal. And just sort it again. So, Pretty cool, i like that a lot. Woah. Coin roll it, whatever you like and then *Coins clanging* Kind of getting jammed pretty often To coin roll them, you just put the coin roll paper inside there and it’s going to coin roll them really fast except i can hear some coins still stuck in there i wonder i guess you can just shake them out from there and they’re going to come out That’s kind of weird. but as you can see kind of cheaply made. This door falls out really easily. Which is kind of annoying. Also, it jams pretty often which is really annoying and you got to crank it the other way. and sometimes if you crank it the other way too many times, from this slot all the type of coins will start to fall out. So you will have to take the quarters out and separate them with your hands. So, that’s annoying as well So, yeah, overall i don’t know I’m probably only going to give this five out of ten because there is some problems with that. And the other problem is once you keep spinning it hopefully all the coins go through it but, a lot of coins get stuck inside there so you actually have to shake them out like it’s a coin bank. So, super weird i thought i wanted to put to the test this manual, cheap, coin sorter, but you know what? You get what you pay for. For the price, It’s pretty good, it does what it suppose to do but you might have some problem with it. One more time, I’m going to only put a handful and it’s still pretty satisfying to use *Coins clanging* Look at all the coins are pouring You see, it jumps a little bit you turn back one eighty and then go it again everytime i stop, you see like this time, it jams and i got to go back a little bit and then keep going So, right here kind of getting jammed a lot And now we seperated all the coins but, I can still hear some coins inside there but they would not come out. which is kind of annoying that’s for sure. So let’s say i got all the quarters because that’s what i want. Now put it back in here. Got to empty this thing out. O.K. Let’s try to put some more coins in there. O.K. it’s working good right now especially in the beginning oh, jam. Just go back a little bit and keep going. That didn’t sound good. You hear it is getting jammed pretty bad. Great, I’m going to take out all the coins. Oh, you see there is another coin just came out. O.K. now i finally took off all the coins So, second time it didn’t do as bad Honestly, this could have been an amazing idea. When you come home you drop all your change up in here, and you keep doing it and after like, a month, of all the change filling up to the top You need a change for some reason You can just spin this and it seperates it all and let’s say you only want quarters and you take them out and the rest maybe you take them to a coin star machine and get yourself some gift cards so that way they don’t charge the percentage for your coin change. Definitely great idea, i just wish the quality was a little bit better. Well guys, that’s pretty much it, let me know in comments below what do you think about this coin sorter. and of course, don’t forget to thumbs up this video, subscribe, and i’ll see you next time. And yet once again, this door does not stay shut It just keeps falling open.

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  1. Because of my dirty mind i heard him say p*nis instead of pennies well atleast he's improving his english

  2. хватит корчить идиота с псевдорусским,киношным голливудским акцентом

  3. Currency is complicated! Here in Australia we have 5c 10c 20c 50c $1 $2 Thats the only coins. Very simple

  4. I just sort coins from my pocket directly into open plastic rolls. Takes five seconds and I never have a backlog of coins.

  5. Its so sad to watch because in india we have coins of different size. 1 ruppee coin is equal to 2 ruppees and even smaller than 2 ruppees coin?

    Like if you agree.

  6. Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom ??

  7. Turning the handle more then 180 counter clock wise will make a permanent jam

    Turns it counter clock wise 5 times ??‍♂️

  8. ю инглишь итс бьютифул, лысая залупа три часа крутила ручку и так и не показала, как там все устроено внутри.. дебил, бля

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