Makeup Tips for Heath Ledger’s The Joker : Neck Makeup for Heath Ledger’s Joker

Alright, next we’re going to be extending
the white makeup down in to the neck. And this is going to be applied very similar to
the face and it’s an easy step to overlook, but I don’t want to stop the white makeup.
See how it’s a really strong line here? I don’t want that, I want more blotch and happen
stance. So basically we’re going to extend it down here, again blotching. There’s going
to be areas of skin which are going to show through, that’s totally fine. Now guys, not
so much to the female Joker’s out there, but guys, make sure that you’re clean shaven for
this. If you have a little bit of stubble, often times the makeup will get caught on
that, it otherwise won’t look good, it could get extra irritated. So we’re going to basically
extend the white makeup down on to the neck, and then very, very quickly, blotchy, have
hazard fashion. If you find yourself getting a little bit low on the white makeup, no problem,
go back and refill. What I, what you want to really avoid though is this really strong
line, and see how hard this is to get rid of, because even with all the makeup we’ve
put on there, it’s still kind of there. You can still see, when, when the face goes from
the top of the chin underneath the chin, this angle here is sometimes really hard to cover
up. So you can see, I’m pulling out all, you know, taking out all the punches. I really
want to have a thick couple areas of makeup here to make sure that it’s like not that
line. Again, that we’re just having more of an organic, free flowing flow to our Joker’s

80 thoughts on “Makeup Tips for Heath Ledger’s The Joker : Neck Makeup for Heath Ledger’s Joker”

  1. OMG, i was looking everwhere how to do the joker's makeup! Thank you so much. This video was great. I'm going to tell my friends and family about this. Jesus christ, this video is so god damn amazing!

  2. You stupid fanboys need to get a life, seriously. Why would you waste so much time doing something so trivial and lame?

  3. What the heck man… I don't think the Joker in the Dark Knight put that much thought into his make up. Lame anybody can make a Joker's face with out assistance. Its not about comsetics…its about sending a message. BTW all you fan boys who are drooling over Dark Knight and then goes around wearing makeup…either need to get a life or check yourself in for a few weeks at the funny farm.

  4. the guy who is talking sounds GAY but ummm heath leger or whatever his name is died what r u guyz trying to do go like scare people?

  5. haha, yah, its NOTTTT a lot… at all… jesus… The upload time alone must of taken months. I bet this is all done by a lot of ppl though on one account. You can tell.

  6. in batman the white stops at his face and his neck is his own skin colour…shit video, i could do a better job!

  7. I'm tired of everyone going crazy over the joker already. It was a kickass movie and a kickass performance, but what about Bale as Batman and Eckhart as two face? Those performances were awesome too. I guess since they're both still alive they won't get any credit.

  8. i dont like anything touching my neck, call it a phobia but even if i imagine something, anything but my shirt touching my neck i suddenly get the feeling im about to be strangled,lol a bit off topic

  9. maybe but if i do it's probably one of those ithings i do without noticing,you know like moving ur leg or tapping a pen or pencil if ur holding one…

  10. Because the joker was freaken awesome in the movie, and no bale sucked with that stupid voice. And the two face guy wasn't all that great. it had nothing to do with Heath ledgers death, at least not for me. And this is coming from someone where hates DC comics…

  11. "now guys, not so much to the female jokers out there" ….the guy modeling, with that stupid look on his face….what a joke

  12. Um….the joker doesn't really have make-up on his neck. I've seen the movie like 5 times HEATH LEDGER DOESN'T HAVE MAKE-UP ON THE NECK good golly!

    He really did a sorta good but more or so bad job on the face pant.

  13. now i know what am gonna look like in a slipknot consert i was always thinking of something fucked up but now i found it! ty 🙂

  14. lol, no offense man but it seems like u went overboard with the make up. Also, the joker doesnt have any white make up below his jaw, especially not untill his neck

  15. erm..y'know that heath never actually had makeup on his neck it was jus his face & ears….it looks really amazing though..

  16. to be honest, i've found the MOST accurate way to apply Joker makeup is part fingerpainting and part brush work, with alot of smudging to get the right look. and there's no need to apply anything to the neck, there's no white down there. Joker's makeup is very messy, so have fun with it, get messy fingers! check out my video to see the results of my experimentation

  17. thats looks GREAT
    i wish i saw this before i was the Joker for Halloween…i was wondering why my makeup looked soooo stupid
    the only thing is, the laugh lines seem to be a little too much…idky but for some reason they dont seem to be right

  18. ok number 1 heaths makeup stops at his chin it doesnt go all the way down his fuckin neck. 2 guys u did a terrible job he looks like a drug addict. check outspongemages joker vids theyre 10 times better

  19. Ha,ha! You called him moron! Why? I mean, that Joker makup doesn't look so good, but he tried, He,he! And True! Heath Ledger's Joker didn't have any makeup on his neck. It's just that he is making it tooooooooooooo sloppy! and The Heath Ledger's makeup isn't that much!

  20. if you dont have the proper idea of what the joker looks like..or have the a proper scar aplication…it will fail..

  21. the guy doing this make up has not idea whats he doing. Jokers Make-up wasn't on his nick, the red lips werent a giant blotch on each cheek, the white uses more than one thin layer and thats not the right kind of make-up. You need heavier make up than that.

  22. you guys should put forth some effort into this video…sure you don't have the prosthesis you need but, that is no excuse to make a great make up design into such a disaster…

  23. @xSJDxx Not really, was just wasting time before work lol. By all means say he sucks at make up, he's shit, etc but 'go die'?

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