Makeup Tips for Heath Ledger’s The Joker : Makeup for Heath Ledger’s Joker: Supplies

Before we get started making our Joker makeup
we have to get our necessary supplies together. So this is important to do before you start
the makeup process. Otherwise it gets messy. First we’re going to start off with some brushes.
Brushes are going to be for your nice fine detail work as you put your Joker makeup on.
I recommend having a nice fine tip brush as well as a thicker brush, too. Again to have
like the fine detail in some of like the wider areas of the face. In addition get a good
big sponge. I like the sponge to be able to put makeup across wide swaths of the face.
Your white makeup, some of your black makeup around the eyes and etc. This is going to
save a lot of time. You’re not going to be using brushes throughout the entire face.
Next we need to move on to the makeup colors that we have. First off black makeup. This
is going to go in and around the eye area. That gaunt kind of almost ghoulish quality
that the Joker has. Next we’re going to have white makeup. White makeup is your friend.
It’s the most important makeup. Because we’re going to be applying it all over the face.
This is the big base paint on which everything is going to go. We’re going to have these
splotchy looking kind of gaunt and creepy. Last but not least on makeup colors is red.
Red for that crazy smile the Joker has. That maniacal grin. We need to have red makeup
to apply this with. Now in addition to makeup colors also have a glass of water which can
be used to kind of thin the makeup out in certain areas because it’s going to be a very
uneven look to our Joker. It’s not uniform, it’s not neat, it’s not pretty. Also we’re
going to be having some paper towels to make sure that we keep ourself clean and also if
we make any mistakes we can quickly wipe them off.

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