Makeup Tips for Heath Ledger’s The Joker : Laugh Lines Makeup for Heath Ledger’s Joker

Next we’re going to do a effect as what we
did up in the forehead except now down in the laugh line. Now smile big and wide. You’re
going to see these natural laugh lines that you have, we’re going to add some black discoloration
to them. So again we’re going to start like very similar to the forehead where we’re going
to kind of go in these natural grooves of the face. If you find yourself running out
of black makeup go grab some more. Start in here at the nose and kind of come down through
the red. It’s fine if you discolor it. No problemo at all. There’s usually about two
or three of these. Now these are going to be nice even lines at first but then we’re
going to blotch it. Oh yeah. These guys are not going to stay nice and neat. What this
is going to do is it’s going to give your joker more of a perpetual smile. It’s going
to look really creepy. It’s going to add some extra black smudging to the red too. It’ll
help if you didn’t get the good smudging earlier on the red you’re definitely going to have
it now because it’s kind of resulting more of like a purple bruise shade. Extend this
even up into the eyes because the laugh lines will start almost up in the eyes. What we’re
going to do is after we’ve done this once, do this probably like maybe two or three lines
and that’s enough. You don’t want to overdo it, and then repeat this step on the other
side of the face.

37 thoughts on “Makeup Tips for Heath Ledger’s The Joker : Laugh Lines Makeup for Heath Ledger’s Joker”

  1. He messed up with this step he was right on the money with every single other step but messed up here and with the lines in general by making them so wide

  2. This make up sucks, get a real job i did better make than you and im not even really too professional..its not hair it just takes time..

  3. This tutorial is good if your 4-year-old son cries that he wanna be the joker for halloween and you wanna get him painted in 5 minutes.

    If you want it to look professional, I suggest you check out spongemage's video (watch?v=zt56VDZlO4k). He actually know what he's doing.

  4. ok in the description it says:
    "Laugh lines across Joker's smile in dark makeup will replicate Heath Ledger's look."
    that does not replicate Heath Ledgers look at all.

  5. wow… this just… wow.. there are NO WORDS for how FAIL this is…. AND… IT JUST KEEPS GETTING WORSE AS THE VIDEO GOES ON!!! -____-

  6. I like how in these vids he says that you want the joker to look like a zombie. LOL. Wut? Zombie Joker? LOL no.

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